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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 10 Ending Explained: June is a Wanted in Canada

Before its fifth season premiere, The Handmaid’s Tale has been renewed for a sixth and final season. This means that the end of the season is not an end, but rather can be interpreted as the beginning of the end. Episode ten, ironically titled “Sure,” massively escalates all of the series’ major subplots and teases much more of what’s to come. Commander Lawrence prepares to marry the recently widowed Naomi Putnam, Commander Blaine stresses June’s safety, Janine weighs her options, and June’s family faces new goals. It’s an emotional and compelling ending that cements the series’ place in television history.

June is a Wanted in Canada

Safe opens with June receiving a package in the mail, which of course contains a bulletproof vest. June is a wanted woman in Canada,  and Gilead and protesters are lining up to shoot her. Adding to this dangerous situation, June is booked to appear at another funeral service and doesn’t like her chances. Tuello visits her to update her on the shooter’s situation. He has been arrested and his credentials are being examined to determine if he has any ties to Gilead. Tuello is just as devastated as June after attending nineteen funerals in just five days. Both feel responsible for this catastrophe, but try to move on. June says goodbye to Tuello, who leaves quickly. Outside, June surveys her surroundings and feels an intense wave of paranoia sweeping over her. A car follows her and then abruptly runs her over. June falls to the ground and then the vehicle comes back towards her and runs over her outstretched arm. Crippled by the blow, June struggles to escape the driver’s subsequent attack, though Luke is present to stop the man from killing. his wife. He attacks the driver who has a gun. Luke knocks the man unconscious and then rushes to his wife’s aid.

At the hospital, June is taken away on a stretcher, but the police take Luke away for further questioning. Back in sunny Gilead, Nick questions Commander Lawrence about the Toronto attacks. Concerned for June’s safety, Nick believes she has been targeted. Lawrence doesn’t confirm or deny Nick’s concerns but leaves enough ambiguity to raise Nick’s suspicions. He later meets up with Tuello to visit June at the hospital. The commander is still in love with June and is very concerned for her safety. In exchange for the visit, Nick signs a contract with Tuello, who is now in full partnership with his secret government. He urges Tuello to protect June and admits that she deserves better than he does. Nick doesn’t see himself as a good man, although Trello points out that June disagrees.

Major Lawrence and Naomi Putnam’s Wedding 

Janine and the other maids prepare for Major Lawrence and Naomi Putnam’s wedding and give every inch of the house a thorough cleaning. Janine starts singing along with the other maids. Lydia, who has been very gentle with Janine lately, did not punish her for this misdeed but advised her to sing hymns in the future. Lydia suggests that Naomi assign Janine to her new home. Naomi is appalled at the idea, but Lydia persuades her. Lydia wants the best for Janine and thinks she would appreciate living in the same house as her birth daughter Angela. Janine is initially against it but is also convinced that she should reconsider it. It’s the wedding day and Naomi makes her demands on Janine. She can try out the summer at his house while Angela is away at her grandparents’. If she’s impressed, she can stay, but she must address Angela as Naomi’s daughter. Janine plays the submissive servant, although news of June’s attack completely changes Janine’s mind. that they are not friends and that he hates Naomi. June is being discharged from the hospital and is supposed to rest.

He hears Luke talking to Rita and Moira downstairs. The man who ran June over died from Luke’s attack. Rita warns that police will now pursue Luke for killing a Canadian on Canadian soil. You must flee. June is concerned that they waited too long last time, so they must act quickly this time. The family quickly packs up and books flights abroad. However, Tuello arrives just in time to prevent her from traveling to the airport. He was alerted to Luke’s imminent arrest, they must take a train to Vancouver instead. From there you can take a boat to Hawaii. Swarms of armed men stand guard on every corner of the train station. It’s an exciting sequence as Luke and June join the long lines heading for the last train out of Canada. Luke urges June to get on the train with Nichole first to avoid suspicion, he will follow her later. June makes it to the train but overhears the police questioning the passengers about Luke’s whereabouts. She calls her husband to warn him, but Luke already knows. He accepted his fate even if June didn’t. In an emotional final conversation, June asks Luke to try boarding the train, but Luke doesn’t even consider it. He says a sincere goodbye and then attracts the attention of the police. Luke was arrested as soon as the train finally pulled away. June looks out the window.

Nick crashes the party 

On the night of the wedding, Nick crashes the party and punches Lawrence in the face, insisting that the Commander was involved in the June attack. Lawrence claims it wasn’t his decision, but Nick has now blown his cover. For this misstep, he is arrested. Back at the maids’ quarters, Lydia is a mess. He can’t understand why Janine gambles away his big chance. Lydia hopes that Janine will fix the situation and ask for forgiveness from Naomi, but she refuses. The eyes step in and arrest Janine. Lydia wants to know who authorized this arrest and they reply that Commander Lawrence gave the order. Nick is visited in prison by his wife Rose. She can’t believe  Nick tied her up the whole time. He apologizes but admits he’s still in love with June. He tried to let go of her, but he just couldn’t. Rose claims he ruined everything and she doesn’t want to be with him anymore even though they are married and have a child on the way. It seems that the two people who love June ended up in prison to protect her.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 10 ends with June walking down the aisles of the train looking for a seat. Nichole is upset, but June manages to calm her down by telling her about an adventure in Hawaii. Hear another baby cry. and walked towards the sound. Here Serena and her baby Noah greet them. They exchange compliments and Serena asks for a diaper. June smiles at Serena as the train pulls out of the station. This is a fitting end to Serena and June’s season arc. The two fought for a long time, but in the end, they kind of admired each other. They seem to appreciate your collective determination and maternal instinct. Will you work together now or in the future?

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