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The Good Doctor Season 6 Episode 4 Ending Explained: Dr. Murphy Foresee the Situation

The Good Doctor has a brand new episode on Monday 24th October 2022 and we have a synopsis of The Good Doctor below. In tonight’s episode of The Good Doctor Season 6, Episode 4 is called “Shrapnel”, according to ABC’s synopsis, “the team operates  a military reenactor whose attempt at authenticity has created an explosive situation that even Dr. Shaun Murphy could foresee.”In the meantime, Dr. Jordan Allen and Dr. Daniel Pérez in a race against time to find a missing foot.

Dr. Murphy Foresee the Situation

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Tonight’s episode of The Good Doctor starts with Shaun, he can’t sleep so he’s reading. Lea gets up and Shaun remembers meeting Aaron for pancakes. Audrey gets ready for her day, she goes to the elevator and runs into the man who was helping her in the garage the other day. She apologizes for making a mess in the garage last week. He says he was happy to help. Alex says goodbye to a one-night stand. The guy didn’t know she was married. Shaun is sitting in the cafeteria waiting for Aaron who is there and sees him but turns around and says he has a problem at the clinic and you have to quit. 

Then Shaun gets a text and goes to the emergency room. Danica and Asher are treating a man when Shaun walks in and agrees to Danica’s diagnosis. Alex and Morgan are in the ER and the usual fights and disagreements between them. how they treat a patient whose foot was amputated in. The patient’s name is Andy, he believes he had stitches, he didn’t know his foot was amputated and they are looking for him in the lake. Alex is hopeful, he believes they will find him. Danica and Asher are looking at pictures of the patient they treated, there is an aneurysm and they need to take him to the operating room.

Dr. Jordan Allen and Dr. Daniel Pérez in a race against time to find a missing foot

Image Credit: ABC

Shaun is in Alex’s office moving the lights because he says they are in the wrong place. Alex tells her to talk to him first before the next time he starts rearranging the furniture. Lea goes to  Aaron and asks how his breakfast is. with Shawn. She says she’s worried about him, and Audrey interrupts her. Aaron says if Shaun has a problem with Audrey,  he needs to take care of it. In Surgery, Danica, Asher, and Shaun are operating on  Danica and Asher’s patient when something inside him explodes. They manage to stabilize it. When he wakes up, Shaun tells him they need more testing and he’s lucky. There was an explosion on the operating table. Shaun goes to  Marcus and tells him that he and Alex can’t make it work by sharing the same office. Marcus tells him there is no money for another office to try.

Daniel and Jordan wait by the river for the team to find the foot. Danica and Asher look at the results of some tests on their patient and realize they need to amputate his arm. They break the news to Shaun, and he urges her to keep looking for a fix for nerve damage. Marcus tells Aaron that Shaun wants his own office and wonders why he didn’t go to Audrey’s instead. Alex’s patient has active bleeding in the residual limb, he needs to stop the bleeding. Alex is still trying to save his patient’s foot, they haven’t found the foot yet and a decision must be made. He tells the nurse to take him to the operating room, he has no choice. Jordan gets the call, they bring the patient into the OR, and that’s when the foot is found. Danica and Asher strategize for their patient, he keeps asking her questions about his life and why he joined the Navy, and she is upset. Shaun comes in, he’s found a new solution, they don’t have to amputate Man’s arm.

Final Thoughts

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Shaun finds a storage room that has room to walk in and out of the office with Alex. Marcus agrees for now and Shaun is excited. Andy is operated on, and Alex tries to save his foot. Aaron goes to Shaun and tells him that self-isolating is not a good idea. Aaron says he canceled breakfast because he’s mad at him. They start talking about Audrey’s surgery, Shaun says he made the right decision, and she saved her life. Aaron yells at him and tells him he’s a man and has to take responsibility. Shaun tells him he’s being mean and doesn’t want him in his office. Shaun saved his patient’s arm, he tells him he successfully repaired his shoulder. Asher tells him that with a lot of rehabs, he should have full use of his arm again.

Alex is with his patient Andy and tells him he should be fine after six months of therapy. Danica and Asher are in the dressing room, he tells her he’s sorry for offending her, he grew up very sheltered, and he was ignorant and sane. She says she tore her anterior cruciate ligament, her dream was to play soccer. She acted for a military school, then she was sent to Afghanistan. Jordan and Daniel are by the water, he leans in and kisses her. He then says he’s sorry he can’t and leaves. Audrey is in the parking lot, and her new boyfriend is there she invites him to have lunch with her, and he says yes. At Audrey’s apartment, he is a marketing manager and at one point invites her to dinner at a nearby restaurant. Alex sees Morgan’s profile on a dating app in his kitchen. Shaun lies in bed and says he’s thinking about work.

He saved his patient’s arm and he should be happy. He wasn’t lying, he was thinking about his patient and suddenly he gets up and tells Lea that he has to go. He goes to Aaron’s apartment and tells him that he found out how to cure Audrey’s paralysis.

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