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The Crown Season 5 Ending Explained: What was the relationship between Tony Blair and the Royal Family?

The Season 5 finale of The Crown kicks off the final season of the award-winning royal drama. After retracing the events of the early 1990s, the show concludes in 1997, a pivotal year for the monarchy. And the final episode seems to indicate there won’t be a time skip when The Crown season 6 arrives. To make sense of the ending, we dug deep into the key moments that lined up and the questions that remain unanswered. Also, some new characters have been added. introduced in the season finale. To help you keep track of who’s who, we’ve got a full breakdown below. But as you can imagine, from now on we’re entering heavy spoiler territory regarding The Crown’s season 5 finale. So if you’re still watching the series on Netflix, be sure to bookmark this page for later.

What is the system?

The  Crown season 5 finale, Decommissioned, begins with Dodi Fayed (Khalid Abdalla) trying to convince his father Mohamed Al-Fayed (Salim Daw) to help him buy a home in Malibu, Los Angeles to support. He wants to move in with his girlfriend Kelly Fisher (Erin Richards) and take her to London to meet him. Their royal meeting doesn’t go as planned as Mohamed Dodi lectures on his future and is unfazed by his plans to buy. a house in Los Angeles. The conversation begins later between Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) and Al-Fayed after attending the ballet. Diana admits she’s been feeling very sad lately and plans to leave the country while Prince Charles (Dominic West) plans a big party with Camilla Parker Bowles (Olivia Williams). He has been denied security clearance to take Prince Harry and Prince William to the United States, but Al-Fayed suggests meeting them in St Tropez. Elsewhere, questions are being raised about the future of the monarchy, thanks to a live television debate over whether it should continue. Prince Charles is particularly concerned about the results and mentions them on the Queen’s (Imelda Staunton) birthday.

The celebration brings her entire family together, including Princess Margaret (Lesley Manville) and Prince Philip (Jonathan Pryce) to talk about it. When it is decided that Prince Charles will be the royal representative when Hong Kong leaves British rule, he sees another chance to share his thoughts with the new prime minister. Tony Blair (Bertie Carvel) was elected in a landslide election, beating current John Major (John Major), who is stepping down this episode. Queen has a failed first meeting with him, during which he refuses to reverse the decision to dismantle the Royal Yacht Britannia. Meanwhile, Prince Charles has much more success when they meet in Hong Kong. The Prince of Wales shares his hopes for the modernization of the monarchy and his desire to marry Camilla in the future. Blair seems to be taking everything very well and on the plane, home tells his wife Cherie Blair (Lydia Leonard)  how surprising and clever she found the future king. The Queen receives word of a meeting between Prince Charles and the Prime Minister, leading to very frank talks. She accuses her son of keeping his affair with Camilla in the public eye, while Prince Charles argues that he should be allowed to marry the woman he loves. She also berates him for having private meetings with Blair as that is his role as sovereign. The pair argue about the future of the monarchy and where they stand on it. The season concludes with Princess Diana preparing for her holiday in St Tropez as we get our first glimpse of Al-Fayed’s yacht as Dodi Fisher proposes marriage. In contrast, the Queen is shown walking through the halls of the Royal Yacht Britannia as she prepares for a goodbye. The final shots reflect the first episode, which also largely took place in Britannia.

Why is Princess Diana’s St. Tropez holiday significant?

Season 5 of The Crown concludes with Princess Diana preparing to take her sons Prince William and Prince Harry to St Tropez for a holiday arranged by Al-Fayed. In the summer of 1997, Diana took her children to her villa and it was here that she became closest to Dodi. He stayed at the villa several times during the summer. the Mediterranean.

They sailed from southern France to Sardinia before flying to Paris. The Princess of Wales and Dodi and their chauffeur Henri Paul died in a car accident on August 31, 1997, after leaving the Ritz Hotel in Paris last season.

What was the relationship between Tony Blair and the Royal Family? 

The season finale reveals that new Prime Minister Tony Blair and Prince Charles had a private meeting about reforming the monarchy. Blair has since denied that the meeting took place, and his spokesman said in a statement to The Daily Telegraph: “It should come as no surprise that this is complete and utter nonsense. The actual relationship between the two men was unknown. Prince Charles wrote memos to Prime Ministers during his tenure, including several to Blair. These memos, dubbed the Black Spider memos, were released in 2015 as part of a freedom of information request.

However, the Prince of Wales wrote them in a private capacity and dealt with issues such as planning, global warming, and agriculture rather than the future of the monarchy. Not much is known about the Queen’s relationship with Blair. The former prime minister has spoken about their first meeting in the past. He said his first words to me in: ‘My first Prime Minister was Winston [Churchill], and that was before you were born. ‘ So she had this extraordinary control over the story.

Final Thoughts 

So far, Netflix has not confirmed any of the events that will be covered in Season 6 of The Crown. However, based on the footage, it is clear that the series will continue in 1997 with Princess Diana’s final weeks. Debicki was photographed filming on a yacht with the actors who play Dodi and Al-Fayed on the show (opens in a new tab). The series will also cover the first meeting between Prince William and Kate Middleton as actors have been cast for both roles. This happened in 2001 when the Prince of Wales went to the University of St.

Andreas. In their first on-screen roles, Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy will play kings. Elsewhere, various other events during this time are likely depicted. The Queen’s Golden Jubilee was in 2002 and she lost both her sister, Princess Margaret and her mother, Queen Elizabeth, later that year. It is currently unclear where the series will end, but it is not currently expected to continue. According to The Sun (opens in a new tab), some reports suggest it could end with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ wedding in 2005. However, we likely won’t know what exact events will be covered until later, near the season. 6 Release Date.

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