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The Challenge: All Stars Season 3 Episode 9 Ending Explained


The Challenge: All Stars Season 3 Episode 9: Ending Explained, Review, and Recap.

I in no way notion we’d see pole struggle in The Challenge: All-Stars 3. For one thing, those gamers are a long time older than the ultimate time they wrestled for that little pole! On the other hand, the maximum of the eliminations had a few forms of puzzle equalizer.

But so near the finals, we have got visible the go back of that mythical removal, and in go back we are getting huge removal matchups. Could we be any luckier? Let’s recap! After the surprise of leaving ultimate week, Derrick is pleased his no 1 boy Mark continues to be withinside the residence as it proves  Derrick can retain to compete in The Challenge till he’s 60 years antique.

They’re additionally the handiest four-super mega-celebrity guys in this game. The destiny seems vivid for the antique boys! Meanwhile, Nia is feeling down after dropping Jordan, so she trusts Nehemiah to assist her to discover a new cause with the aid of using gambling for herself on this game. It’s accurate advice, however, is it enough?

The Flight Pattern

Before we even know what this week’s challenge is, TJ drops a bombshell by revealing that during the party on last week’s episode, Veronica fell down the stairs and actually seriously injured her. She broke her big toe and is therefore medically unable to continue.

Oh! So much for all the politics, he’s been playing in the treehouse all season, so close to the finals and one drunken stumble was all it took to end his game. That’s brutal. TJ apologizes while she cries, and he’s basically begging her to come back in the future. I really hope we don’t see Queen V for the last time because she’s proven once again that she has what it takes. to control this whole game.


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“Well, that sucks! But we still have the challenge to overcome,” says TJ.Nice transition! This week’s challenge is played in rounds, with one male and one female participant per round, as players lean out of a helicopter to look down and memorize a color pattern floating on the water below. Once the helicopter reaches the drop zone, players drop into the water, swim to the puzzle station, and recreate the pattern.

Whoever solves the puzzle the fastest wins and forms authority. But wait, there’s more! Since Veronica had a star, the women also compete for the star to be won. Mark and KellyAnne go first and she falls well ahead of Mark, but Mark makes it to her post and finishes her puzzle first. However, both are enthusiastic about their performances.

Derrick and Kailah are next, with Derrick finishing first while Kailah struggles to remember the correct colors. Wes and Jonna are next, and Jonna is a long way from her puzzle station. Wes finishes before Jonna reaches her post, but is confident that she got the whole puzzle right, which surprises Wes, meaning he doesn’t feel as confident as she does. Nia and Brad are next, and Nia freaks out before the helicopter does start.

Brad goes to great lengths to convince her and convinces her to try. Nia takes a while to look out, says she can’t, and officially quits. Did you at least get on the helicopter? But so close to the final, disqualification is a big mistake that could cost him everything. Meanwhile, Brad smashes the swim portion of the challenge, but everyone on shore can tell, even from afar, that they got the puzzle wrong. Nehemiah is the latter and explains that he intentionally didn’t win any challenges this season.

Sooooooooooo, Nehemiah. In another part of the house, Derrick meets up with Mark and Brad to talk about the same thing. And Mark is trying to talk Derrick into the same plan Wes came up with! Wow, I didn’t think this would happen. Wes has a lot of strategic thinking to ponder, so he heads into the video chat room to have a “business call” with an “intellectual mercenary.” Who is he calling? JOHNNY FREAKING BANANAS.


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That alliance-turned-rivalry-turned-friendship still endures! earlier in eliminations). As Wes explains all this, Bananas stands up to reveal that he was pantless throughout the call and shows off his bright red banana hammock. I don’t know what’s more shocking: seeing Banana’s buttocks in a red thong while she doesn’t bend over even once or twice, or seeing Wes get Banana’s opinion here if we all know what he’s about to do at the time.

The next day, Kailah and Jonna talk about KellyAnne while she quietly does yoga by the pool. It is not necessary. be evil! Jonna tells Kailah that KellyAnne reached out to her about volunteering for the elimination, and Kailah says she doesn’t care if Jonna sends her either. So basically Jonna now has permission from all three women to take her in. These stars are making everyone nervous because almost everyone is now looking to retire.


Mark tells Jonna that Derrick wants in, but Jonna wants to kick Wes out to lower his ego a bit and “shut him up”. And Jonna tells Mark how all three women want to leave. They make their decision: Kailah and Derrick. T

hat means two Treehouse members enter the arena shortly after another member is medically disqualified. It’s a bad week for this alliance. And Wes is mad that he didn’t get what he wanted, so he sulks. Now Wes and Nehemiah must prepare to face Derrick because they have no idea who he will choose.


Upon getting into the area, all and sundry sees an unmarried pole withinside the center of the area with not anything else. “Is that a pole? Is that the rattling pole combat?” Kailah says in a panic. Meanwhile, Wes is getting warmer and warmer understanding that  Derrick has been pronouncing for years that he desires a pole battle rematch after losing to him in The Duel. So now could be the precise time to call  Wes and get it done. happen. Derrick says he has a purpose of “kicking his ass” this night so perhaps we are able to get the rematch!


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It’s the satisfactory women’s matchup we should have gotten. This can be protracted combat them. Derrick says that even as he’d like to kick Wes’s butt in pole battle, he wishes to reflect on consideration what is satisfactory for him to win and what is satisfactory for his own circle of relatives and take the less complicated option, so he chooses Nehemiah. It is a smart desire for him.

However, it is very boring. What a disappointment! Wes is even greater irritated and continues pronouncing, “Fuck it. He will don’t have any own circle of relatives to go back to.”Fuck it”, over and over to Nehemiah. This is going to be good.

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