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Stranger Things Season 5: The writing process begins, Premier Date Discussion


For everyone who’s excited for Stranger Things 5, let’s just say we’re one step closer today: the writers’ room is now open! In a new Twitter post (see below), the writers’ Twitter account confirmed that today is the first day of planning the final episodes. This is a process that will likely take some time, mainly because there are so many different stories to be addressed here. The Season 4 finale left some major cliffhangers, with the fate of Max long to drive people insane. So, can we judge the release date based on whether the writers are back at work? We would love to if that were possible.

The big problem is that we are still too early in the process. With production starting for Season 5 early next year, we’re still hoping for a 2024 premiere. This is a long-running series, and more than that, it is one too that requires a lot of post-production. Nothing on this show is easy as there is a lot of ambition behind almost everything we see.

The only thing we trust is simply this: we’re going to see a season as big and ambitious as anything we’ve seen on Netflix before. The fourth season was ridiculously expensive, but the entire audience proved that it was worth all the money and then some. Don’t be surprised if there are more super long episodes to come! We also know that a spin-off is in the works, but very little is known about it so far.

Stranger Things Season 5 writing begins in August

“We had all the scripts before we started filming so we could see everything as a whole,” said Matt Duffer. “And we sketched all five. This was due to the six-month hiatus we had due to the pandemic. We usually don’t have that much time. Follow us as we go once we’re halfway through the season. And for the first time, we could see it worldwide, not only the fourth season but also the fifth.”

The creators used their time wisely to hopefully ensure fans a landing at the end of the series. When Season 4 was shelved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had a lot of time to plan the writing of Season 5 of Stranger Things. This planning refined what was to come.

As the writing of Stranger Things Season 5 begins, the release model has been talked about. This season was split, with the last two episodes coming out weeks after the first season. This was similar to the last season of Ozark. Though there have been talks of switching to weekly episode releases, Netflix has dropped it because it plans to stick with its current model of releasing an entire season or in two batches. While you wait for Stranger Things season 5, you can watch the first four seasons on Netflix.

The Duffers also shared that they will begin writing the fifth and final season in early August. Of course, since the writing process will take a few months, Stranger Things Season 5 will likely begin filming sometime next year. Due to the series’ lengthy post-production requirements, we’re hoping to be back in the world of Hawkins and the Upside Down by 2025.

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