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Slumberland Netflix Ending Explained: Jason Momoa as Flip, Marlow Barkley as Nemo.

Slumberland: Ending Explained.

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Slumberland, the latest fantasy film on Netflix, tells the story of a  girl named Nemo who lives with Peter, her father, in a lighthouse on a remote island. On the day of a terrible storm, Peter is asked to come to the sea to rescue a ship in distress. He leaves Nemo alone and goes on his mission, but unfortunately, he doesn’t return. Later, the authorities call Nemo’s home and tell him the bad news: his father has died. She is then sent to Phillip, her father’s brother, who lives in the big city. Life for Nemo is very different now, not only because he has to go to school for the first time, but because life with Phillip is not the same as living with his father. He doesn’t have the same adventurous spirit, and since he regularly mentions his doorknob business, his conversations are rarely interesting. Nemo misses his father very much and assumes he will never see him again.

Miraculously comes to life and enters the magical world of Slumberland, the place we all seem to go to when we start dreaming. For Nemo, however, this isn’t just a place in his subconscious. She discovers that the world she has entered is real, and after encountering a renegade outlaw named Flip, she discovers a way to reunite with her father. So does Nemo find his father? together? Let’s take a closer look at the movie.

Who is Flip?

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Nemo’s father always told him stories about his friend Flip and the adventures they had together. Nemo assumed Flip was a fictional character and a product of his father’s dreams, but when he enters Slumberland and the dream version of the lighthouse she grew up with, she discovers he’s real when she finds him doing how rummaging through his deceased father’s belongings. We learn that Flip chose to stay in the dream world after falling into it three decades earlier. Since then, the 

Office of Unconscious Activities (BOSA), the agents who run Slumberland, have been trying to hunt him down to prevent him from invading other people’s dreams. We’ll learn Flip’s true identity later, but for now, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is Flip’s connection to his father, who he still remembers, and the information he has that could help Nemo get back to him.

How can Nemo be reunited with her father?

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To see his father again, Flip tells Nemo that he must find one of the beads that can bestow the wearer with a dream of their choice. The location is on the dream map of Slumberland that Nemo eventually finds. She discovers they are in the Sea of ​​Nightmares, making it the destination  Nemo and Flip must travel to. Nemo’s dream is obviously to see his father again, but we learn that Flip also has a reason to search for the pearls. wake up and Remember who he was in the waking world. Therefore, both have very good reasons to embark on a journey that turns out to be very dangerous.

Does Nemo find the pearls?

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To get to the Sea of ​​Nightmares, Nemo and Flip must follow a path through different dreams. One dream takes place in a truck being driven by a boy through a city of tall panes of glass, and in another dream,  Nemo and Flip participate in a ballroom sequence populated by butterfly people. Your journey is made more difficult as Agent Green, a BOSA agent, hunts down Flip before he crosses any more borders. Since Nemo is with Flip, she also becomes an issue from Green’s Mission. Nemo is also being hunted by a giant squid, a sea monster she previously learned about through her father’s stories. We later learn that the creature following her is a representation of the pain that won’t let her go. She. After several adventures together, Agent Green catches up with her, and Flip is imprisoned. During his captivity, Nemo returns to the waking world where he spends time with his uncle. Phillip and Peter together, she realizes that the ‘flip’ her father spoke of in his stories was Phillip.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who sees the connection between the two names. The reason  Phillip lost his sense of adventure is that that side of him is still trapped in the dream world. Realizing this, Nemo knows that Flip/Phillip needs the beads as much as they do. Returning to Slumberland, Nemo rescues Flip from captivity. They continue their journey and reach the sea, but when Nemo reveals his true identity to Flip, he decides he doesn’t want to wake up and be the boring person  Phillip has become in Nemo then continues his journey to the pearls alone, but is stopped when his school teacher wakes him up and discovers that he is sleeping in the basement.

Back at her uncle’s house, they argue and Phillip and Nemo run away. He manages to get hold of a boat with which he wants to go to his old home, the lighthouse. Unfortunately, he is knocked unconscious along the way and she faints. In the real world, your life is in danger because you slide into the sea. In the dream world, he finds the dream version of his father’s old boat in the Sea of ​​Nightmares and, he finds the pearls. As she finds her, the squid arrives, but before it devours her whole, Flip comes to her rescue.

Does Nemo survive the ocean?

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Flip manages to save Nemo in Slumberland, but he gets sick. That’s because his real self falls into the sea. Luckily, Phillip called the Coast Guard and went across the ocean with them to find Nemo. Back in Slumberland, Nemo uses the pearl he found, but instead of asking to see his father, he uses his one wish to save Flip. suddenly springs into action. When the lifeboat discovers Nemo’s body in the water, Phillip jumps in and saves her.

Does Nemo find her father?


Nemo has drained the pearl’s power and returned Flip to Phillip, allowing his uncle to regain the sense of adventure he lost many years ago. This is great news for Phillip, but it seems that Nemo cannot find his father. Thankfully, all hope is not lost for Nemo. Agent Green challenges him to squeeze his surprisingly agile pig, and when Nemo does so, a bead falls from the pig’s mouth. She uses this to make her wish, and after doing so, she is given a chance to be with her father at the Lighthouse. 

They spend the day enjoying each other’s company. Before breaking up, he asks her to take care of his brother and asks her to go on adventures in the real world. When Nemo wakes up, he recognizes life. She needs to move on without her father and now she feels able to do so after spending her final moments with him that he has now been drilled into both of them.

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