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Sight Unseen Season 2 : Murder in the Shadows

Sight Unseen Season 2

In the thrilling Sight Unseen Season 2, Tess’ assistant Sunny becomes a murder suspect, unraveling a web of mystery and intrigue. Will the truth be revealed in a potential Season 2?

In the season finale of Sight Unseen, Tess’ trusted visual assistant, Sunny, unexpectedly finds herself under suspicion of murder. Sunny, whose real name is Sunita Sharma, is revealed to have been a fugitive, accused of killing a man named Rigby Daniels years earlier. The relationship between Sunny and Rigby was complex; they were in love, but Rigby was also her married professor. Despite the evidence pointing towards Sunny, Tess refused to believe she was guilty of murder.

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The Plot Thickens: Sight Unseen Season 2

As Tess and Sunny delved deeper into the mystery, the situation became even more complicated. The man who claimed to have seen Sunny leaving Rigby’s home covered in blood appeared at her apartment, but it wasn’t for a friendly visit. Luckily, Sunny’s new boyfriend, Kye, managed to distract the intruder long enough for Sunny to grab a gun and defend herself. The plot took another twist when Sunny found her attacker’s phone in her apartment, containing only one contact — Bennett, the police superintendent. This discovery left viewers questioning Bennett’s involvement in the case.

Awaiting Sight Unseen Season 2:

The many questions raised in the finale, such as Bennett’s role in the mystery, will remain unanswered unless Sight Unseen, a co-production between The CW and Canadian broadcaster CTV, is renewed for a second season. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of a potential continuation. In the meantime, viewers are encouraged to rate the finale and the entire first season in the polls below, and share their thoughts on all things Sight Unseen in the comments.

Stay tuned for updates on the renewal status and join the discussion to see if Tess and Sunny will return to unravel more mysteries.

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