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Sicario 3: Updates and Everything We Know So Far

Sicario 3

Sicario, a standout crime thriller of the 2010s, teased a third Season, but why hasn’t Sicario 3 materialized yet?

The original Sicario, released in 2015, depicted a task force’s covert mission against a Mexican drug cartel, led by CIA agent Matt Graver and enigmatic hitman Alejandro Gillick. Its 2018 sequel, Sicario: Day of the Soldado, reunited Matt and Alejandro, setting the stage for a potential Sicario 3.

While Sicario received critical acclaim and positive audience response, its sequel, despite being well-received, didn’t quite match its predecessor’s success. Nevertheless, news of Sicario 3 emerged, with screenwriter Taylor Sheridan returning for the project. However, the film’s production has yet to materialize.

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Recent Updates on Sicario 3

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Producers Aim to Reunite Original Cast: 

Despite setbacks caused by the Hollywood strikes in 2023, producers Molly Smith and Trent Luckinbill announced plans to bring back stars like Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt, and Benicio del Toro for Sicario: Capos. However, progress on casting has been slow since the resolution of the strikes.

Emily Blunt’s Response: 

While rumors circulated about Sicario 3, Emily Blunt expressed uncertainty, stating that there’s been no concrete information regarding her involvement in the project.

Confirmation and Development Status: 

Producer Trent Luckinbill confirmed Sicario 3’s existence, revealing that a screenplay by Taylor Sheridan has been completed. However, the film appears to be stuck in development hell, with no release date in sight.

Potential Cast and Storyline: 

Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin are expected to reprise their roles, with Elijah Rodriguez possibly returning as well. The storyline for Sicario: Capos may revolve around Matt and Alejandro confronting the leaders of the Mexican drug cartel, while facing internal conflicts within the CIA.

Despite Sicario 3’s confirmation and anticipation among fans, the film’s production remains uncertain, leaving audiences eager for further updates on its development.

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