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Samaritan: Ending Explained

At Ready Steady Cut, we call Samaritan “a promising start for a potential streaming franchise. This story is about Samaritan, a heroic vigilante who was killed by his brother Nemesis years ago, and the town is never the same. Sam Clearly (Javon Walton), a thirteen-year-old boy obsessed with the mystery of the superhero Samaritan, still exists. Like Elvis, Sam believes he has a good life somewhere in the big city. Living with his single mother, Tiffany (In the Height’s Dasha Polanco), he struggles to make ends meet.

She works so hard, she has to take the bus to work, that she has little or no idea what her son is doing. You become one of those true crime detectives on the internet and research where your hero may have gone. Sam thinks she found him while taking out the garbage one day: an elderly, weather-beaten man whose chiseled body looks like it’s made of granite, although he always wears a hoodie. His name is Joe and he lives in the Cleary building.

The last time we saw Samaritan was 25 years ago when he was fighting his twin brother and villain Nemesis. Samaritan died in the fire but his body was never recovered.

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But Sam still has to help pay the bills. He and his friend Jace (Abraham Clinkscales) sell copper wire they pull from run-down buildings. Even the most dangerous kind of work, like a distraction for the little ones. Time Hood, pray (Moises Arias). Sam pretends to be injured so they steal scratch boxes from the counter. (Turns out they’re full of fries, making Sam a target.)

From there he meets a real psycho named Cyrus (Pilou Asbaek). Wanting to be the new nemesis, he steals her gun locked in a local police station. Soon, Cyrus takes Sam under his wing, angering Reza, who attacks him. Luckily, Joe is there, and when the punk tries to stab him, he grabs the sharp blade in his hand and leaves fingerprints on the unbreakable thief.

Samaritan Movie Ending Explained

Sam has his head in the clouds investigating conspiracy theories about where Samaritan might have gone if he survived. That’s where Stallone’s Joe comes in. A gray, weather-beaten construction worker walks awkwardly. He steals a scrapbook from his apartment, but Joe explains he was just a fan. When Joe convinces us and Sam that he’s not the right man, he gets hit by a car with Reza in the front seat.

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Joe appears to be dead, but he wakes up, putting all the broken pieces back together and overheating. So, he has to take a bath with ice water and eat ice cream because he’s half a machine. Cyrus kidnaps Sam so he can bring Samaritan to him. As Joe visits his hideout at the factory, fifty armed men and women surround Joe from an elevated position after beating up a dozen of them.

Cyrus approaches him and pays the old man for his hero, Nemesis, using the cocked hammer. However, Joe reveals that he is not a Samaritan. In fact, it is Nemesis. He tried to save his brother years ago but fell to his death and Nemesis was left with his helmet. Joe saves Sam.

The boy then tells the news that Samaritan defeated the gang that was terrorizing the town. This gives people hope now.

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