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Rick and Morty Season 6 Finale Ending Explained.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Finale: Ending Explained.

Every episode of “Rick and Morty” gets better every week. Season 6 began with a portal gun malfunction and now, after a whirlwind of intergalactic and national troubles, Rick is back with a repaired portal index. That’s not the only thing at stake in Episode 6, however; From the title “JuRicksic Mort” you can already deduce a lot about what will happen in this craziest episode. Yes, Episode 6 isn’t about the normal aliens that Rick and Morty are fed up with, but this time some very clever dinosaurs are here to rule the world. With that in mind, let’s see how Rick would eliminate dinosaurs with an intellect comparable to his own.

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Why Did The Dinosaurs Come Back To Earth?

Rick and Morty” Season 6 Episode 6 begins with Rick relaxing at home while reporters scratch their heads to find out about this mysterious rift in space. Morty discovered that Rick almost fixed the portal gun, but it still had a few bugs. However, Morty is relieved to be done with the portal journey, but his teacher, Mr. Goldenfold, still has nightmares about the previous alien invasions. At that very moment, a strange UFO starts to appear in the sky and travel around the world world. Egypt has advanced with his army to defend against future invasions, but when the spaceship door opens, a jeweled helmeted dinosaur stands in front of them and uses telekinetic power to make their weapons disappear. Egypt withdraws because it sees the absurdity of fighting the dinosaurs. After a non-violent invasion, the dinosaurs arrived at UNICEF headquarters with many questions. First, they want to know where their ancestors are.

When the US President makes it clear that they are extinct, the dinosaurs cunningly reveal their intentions. They viewed human history by producing gunpowder and Marvel movies and decided to take command of the world from now on. They instruct people to concentrate. more on how to make the ‘Antman’ spin-off while they take care of the rest of the world. The President of the United States agrees to his request, but fundamentally he is not ready to give up his power.

When the dinosaurs take over, corruption will disappear from the earth. Since no more money is needed to survive, there is no longer a job. Leaders are currently chasing flies as the crowds have no complaints. As usual, Beth and the other Smiths are upset about the changes. According to Rick, everyone has become Jerry now because they have nothing to do. Meanwhile, Jerry finished and published the writings he had been working on for so long. Rick, on the other hand, is happy with what the dinosaurs are doing to the world. The President calls him in an emergency, but  Rick can’t take care of Molly; rather, he wants the dinosaurs to return to his planet.

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How Did Rick Drive The Dinosaurs Away?

The ancestors of dinosaurs left Earth before a meteorite hit the planet. When they came back and wanted to conquer the world, no matter how naturally enriched the environment, the President couldn’t take it. So he urges Rick to evict them, but Rick only has one condition. In exchange for hosting the Oscars, he promises this. With the President left with no choice, Rick gets to work immediately. Bring Morty straight to the dinosaurs. A very intelligent person, he regards them as his own, but the dinosaurs are a bit condescending. Of course, there’s a reason because when Rick wants to send them to another dimension, the dinosaurs reveal that they have more advanced technology to have a better portal weapon. Even as they are launched to bridge the intergalactic rift, Rick’s inferiority complex kicks in.

Even though Morty has already cracked the “smart girl” joke (from 1993’s “Jurassic Park”), the dinosaurs give them a booklet and take them home via a travel portal. Rick is angry about this, but when Morty shows him the brochure, he discovers that dinosaurs lived on other planets too. In an attempt to emulate Laura Dern from Jurassic Park, Rick and Morty soon set out to explore other planets where dinosaurs had disappeared, just like Earth. Rick and Morty have found dinosaur skeletons in museums on other planets, but due to the lack of intellect of certain aliens, they cannot correctly arrange the skeletons and have wrong beliefs about dinosaurs. Some said dinosaurs used to skateboard and others said they used to sing. Rick even discovers a rock fragment from the meteorite, which helps him understand what exactly wiped out the dinosaurs. Meanwhile, at a large gathering, the dinosaurs gather to chat with the humans while promoting Jerry’s book without even mentioning the author. However, Jerry is furious, but before he can protest, Rick appears in front of everyone and unmasks Dinosaur

Most serious defect. He claims that the dinosaurs became extinct on all planets they inhabited due to meteorite impacts. It’s just because the Meteor has a unique dislike for the dinosaur species and would follow it wherever it goes and wipe it out. So before it’s too late, this meteor shower will return to Earth if the dinosaurs haven’t gone yet. Normal people get scared and want to know how to get out of dinosaurs. However, when asked in numerous interviews, TV shows, and podcasts, the dinosaurs are unable to comment, forcing them to leave the world. The world returns to its previous state where crime, pollution, and corruption are back at 100%. The President is so happy to be back in his old position that this time he’s sinking into Molly. On his terms, Rick is hosting the Academy Awards. Even if he behaves drunk on stage and breaks the microphone, as is well known, everything is written.

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Did The Meteor Destroy The Dinosaurs Again?

Not all issues have been resolved. Summer informs Rick that there are dinosaurs on Mars that are still begging for attention. They want to take the meteorite and kill themselves, but Rick won’t let them act so selflessly. So Rick travels to Mars. The dinosaurs discover Rick, who agrees to die next to them,  amid their offering. The dinosaurs use their telekinetic abilities to destroy the meteor, believing that if they did, Rick would get the same attention they did. Rick shouldn’t be too happy though, as the dinosaurs are also going through the interplanetary rift to do him a favor. Even though the dinosaurs did what Rick was supposed to do, he’s not happy about it. But fortunately, his portal gun was repaired.

Then return home immediately to break the news to Morty. Of course, Morty loves it, but Rick keeps creating portals to mess with him. In the post-credits scene, the dinosaurs are finally skating for real, which means the planet’s inhabitants weren’t wrong in their assumptions. “Rick and Morty” Season 6 Episode 6 brings us all the uplifting humor along with a wacky story. Finally, our hopes are quadrupled when Rick repairs his portal cannon at the end of the episode, hinting that more adventures, spooky characters, and social commentary are to come in the time of Rick and Morty. We hope to get a taste of more portal travel in the upcoming episodes.

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