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Rebelde Season 3 Release Date Cast Plot Renewed


Rebelde Season 3: Everything you need to know about, renewed or canceled, cast, plot, and release date

A standalone sequel to the 2004 Mexican telenovela Rebelde, Netflix’s Mexican young stranger displays Rebelde facilities across the Elite Way School and follows the lives of the scholars who attend it. The Spanish-language collection evolves thru diverse conflicts among the participants of the band Sin Name as they are attempting to set themselves up as new voices in the current track scene.

The display, which in the beginning premiered on January 5, 2022, additionally focuses heavily at the relationships among students. Upon its release, the display acquired favorable critiques from critics. and audiences alike, especially acclaimed for its exciting storytelling, youth-orientated drama, and performances with the aid of using the lead actors.

With the display’s second season finishing with numerous lovely and unresolved developments, fanatics must be excited about the possibilities for season three. Well, that is what we realize about it!

Rebelde Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of Rebelde premiered on Netflix on July 27, 2022. The second season includes 8 episodes, each lasting 34 to forty-seven minutes. Regarding Season three, let’s see what we know. Netflix hasn’t formally given the inexperienced mild yet. Rebelde’ for Season three or made an announcement at the destiny of the series.


Image Credit: Netflix

However, Leonardo de Lozanne, who plays Marcelo Colucci, introduced to GQ Mexico in January 2022 that the 1/3 season had been “authorized,” with filming scheduled for the season. Launching in summer time season 2022.

Given the fulfillment of comparable Netflix young stranger suggests like Elite and Sex Education, it is no wonder that the streaming platform is open to the 1/3 spherical of the series. If the show’s renewal for Season three without a doubt has already been accredited and a statement is forthcoming, we will count on this cutting-edge one in no time. Q2 2023.

Rebelde Season 3 Cast

  • Azul Guaita as Jana Cohen Gandía
  • Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban
  • Franco Masini as Luka Colucci
  • Andrea Chaparro as María José/Mj
  • Jerónimo Cantillo as Dixon/Guillermo
  • Lizeth Selene as Andi Agosti
  • Alejandro Puente as Sebastián (Sebas) Langarica
  • Giovanna Grigio as Emilia
  • Saak as Okane

Rebelde Season 2 Recap

On the awards night, Chava, Esteban’s father, involves seeing Esteban perform. He is discouraged to peer his son take the call, Colucci, as opposed to staying with Torres for the concert. Meanwhile, the institution attempts to wait for the awards show, however, their passes are refused. Sebas betrayed her.

Okane receives a danger to pitch in as keen on his services to take him to awards nighttime because of his popularity. The others determine to call  Gus on Twitter, however, they see that Gus is already trending because of a video he recorded with the assistance of Sebas and approximately a few unsubstantiated rumors approximately him. Before Esteban’s appearance, Okane is given a danger to fulfill Le.


Image Credit: Netflix

He explains  Gus or even suggests the textual content messages Luka despatched to Gus earlier than he fell, making Gus the clean culprit. He calls Esteban a coward for hiding in Gus’ shadow and leaving. Esteban gets a textual content message from Jana saying “I realize who you are” earlier than he is going on stage. On stage, Esteban explains his ultimate call as Torres after which explains that Gus Bauman is an assassin and is leaving.

The institution will witness this occasion at the huge display screen out of doors of the awards rite venue. Gus panics behind the scenes and grabs Okane. He attempts to kill Okane, however, Esteban unearths out via his headphones. He rushes to keep Okane. However, while Gus insults Esteban’s father and his upbringing, he punches Gus, who falls down a flight of stairs to his death. visible handcuffed and brought away by police quickly after.

There are some mid-credit that comply with while commencement day is at EWS and Celina is the fundamental again. Sebas and Emilia and others graduate. The institution appears to be in a higher area now. Dixon and MJ are together. Luka and Okane are talking. Everything is likewise regular among Jana and Esteban.

But a person runs in to tell them that Okane is being arrested for Gus’ death. Esteban runs with Jana, however, Marcelo stops him. In a flashback, it’s discovered that Esteban traded his innocence and bail by placing Okane in the back of bars. Marcelo seems at Esteban.Marcelo says: “A Colucci continually protects his own”. Jana witnessed this and is aware that Esteban has now no longer modified at all.

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