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R.I.P.D 2 Ending Explained: R.I.P.D. Part 2 Recap & Spoiler, R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned

R.I.P.D 2: Rise of the Damned Ending Explained.

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D 2: Rise of the Damned is a  Paul Leyden film starring Jeffrey Donovan, Penelope Mitchell, and Richard Brake. The film tells the story of Sheriff Roy Pulsipher, who dies on the eve of his daughter’s wedding, only to find that ancient demon plots to take over the world. Now that he is part of the celestial organization Ra, which specializes in dealing with demons, Roy must take up arms and learn to work with a partner in this new era of his existence. 

The film is a sequel to the original 2013 film and also a prequel as it shows us how Roy became part of R. in the first place. The film attempts to duplicate the formula that has made every Marvel film successful, including the comedy bits, but the film simply lacks the resources to be a compelling visual feast, but the writing is also pretty poor. Without those two elements and terrible jokes that fail every minute, R.2: Rise of the Damned is not the best option to watch this week.

How Did Roy and Jeanne Close the Gateway to Hell?

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Upon arrival in Red Creek, the partners check into a hotel and drop Slim off. The two go to the mine where the excavation is taking place but are kidnapped by Otis’ henchmen. When Otis finds out about the two, he knows that Roy and Jeanne are R. officers. So he throws her in a cage and throws her into hell. While inside, they learn that Otis causes people to dig because the evil soul within him, according to God’s laws, is not capable of doing so alone. Persons. However, Roy still doesn’t know how Jeanne found out. At this point, it is revealed that Joan is essentially Joan of Arc, who died in 1441. As a true believer in the Bible, he knows all about God, the devil, heaven, and hell. Jeanne tells Roy that she possesses the Tears of Christ, which will erase Hell if thrown in the middle of the door. If this succeeds, the gateway closes again. However, the two don’t know how to get out of the cage.

With a little help, Slim leaves the hotel to prove he didn’t kill Roy and that he’s a good soul. So get to the mine and free the two R.agents. But at that very moment, the gate is shattered and evil souls have begun to rise from the depths of Hell. Although it is clear what the three must do, Jeanne cannot continue. She is afraid of the fire because it was so hot, but Roy encourages her to fight because it is her time. As Slim and Roy defeat the cursed spirits, one of the souls defeats Roy and is about to drive him to Hell. Jeanne arrives at just the right time and in one jump manages to shed Christ’s tears in Hellfire and kill the evil soul. The front door closes, but somehow Otis’ body is still possessed by a ghost. Otis’ body deforms and his true spirit crumbles. Jeanne recognizes him immediately as Astaroth, one-third of the evil trinity. Astaroth confronts Roy and Jeanne. The devil’s right-hand masters both without breaking a sweat. Roy takes the remaining Tears of Christ from Jeanne’s vial, puts them in his gun, and shoots Astaroth,  killing him. However,  the mystery remains as to who shot Roy in the back. Besides Slim, who killed the sheriff?

Who Kills Roycephus Pulsipher?

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Red Creek Mayor  Julius Butterfield kills Roycephus Pulsipher. When Roy takes out the bandits at  Horseshoe Station, the mayor is on a train. He mistakes Roy for a bandit and shoots him in the back. Julius Butterfield is also the owner of the hotel where Roy and Jeanne check-in. One of the clerks finds printed bills with Slim’s face on them in his drawer.

In the end, it turns out that Butterfield didn’t want to be caught for killing the mayor. So he printed 500 bills listing Slim as the killer. This proves that Slim, despite having worked with the Samuel brothers,  is innocent. in this case.

Is Slim a Good Soul or a Bad Soul?

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Slim is a gray soul who turns into a good guy by the end of the film. In the film, Slim has a nice demeanor. Though he indulges in crimes such as theft, he appears virtually harmless. When Roy and Jeanne check into the  Red Creek hotel, Slim steals Roy’s gun but doesn’t use it on him. He does it to show he’s a good soul.

Later when he saves the R.agents and even fights evil souls. After the gate is closed and Astaroth is killed, Slim becomes the new Sheriff of Red Creek. Jeanne tells him that she will pick him up when it is time to judge whether Slim is a good soul. All in all, Slim is a good soul. Initially, he is a gray character who takes part in the activities of Samuel’s bandits. However, it turns out that he has never hurt a soul. Even the hotel staff claims that he helped her. In the end, Slim practically helps Jeanne and Roy save the world; without him, there would have been hell on earth. Saving the world is reason enough for R. to absolve him of his transgressions and to consider him a good soul.

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