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Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date Cast Renewed


Queen of the South Season 6: Everything you need to know about, renewed or canceled, cast, plot, and released date.

The remaining aired season turned into season five. The season exhibits that Teresa constructed her empire in New York City. Then he moves to Europe with the ambition to achieve success so long as he would not refuse. That dream, that ambition, turned into marred with the aid of using certainly considered one among his vintage enemies withinside the CIA.

The CIA company has had those plans for Mendoza pretty a few times. The season additionally exhibits his personal life. Here she loses a few participants of her prolonged family. It belongs to the Crime & Thriller genre, however, romantics could love  Teresa locating love. Brave Teresa then denies being a CIA stooge.

She plans to faux her dying but escapes looking for a higher life. The first episode, Season 1 of The Queen of the South collection aired on  June 23, 2016; The very last episode of this season five premiered on  June 9, 2021. The sixty-two episodes had been launched on The USA Network.

Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date

After one of these lengthy times, the solution is probably devastating to all of you. The very last episode of season 5 marked the instant Teresa Mendoza and others had been remaining visible for her entertainment. Series officers have introduced that season six has been canceled, so there could be no 6th season.


Image Credit: USA Network

Yes, you heard right! I was even devastated after I heard the news. Now we are able to simplest wish that higher matters ought to happen, despite the fact that we understand it is pretty unlikely. The display is much less likely to incorporate a Season 6. Officials have introduced they may pass over all of the moments they spent on set, the memories, their characters, and more.

The administrators of the collection expressed their perspectives at the end of the display in an excellent note. So that is what they did wherein all of us might be happy. The 5th season additionally had many barriers in its production.

Production halted amid the pandemic on  March 14, 2020. That made us wait too lengthy and additionally created anxiety withinside the story. So watching for a Queen of the South trailer is a type of impossible.

Queen of the South Season 6 Cast

  • Alice Braga as in Teresa Mendoza
  • Peter Gadiot as in James Valdez
  • Veronica Falcon as in Dona Camila Vargas
  • Hemky Madera as in Pote Galvez
  • Justina Machado as in Brenda Parra
  • Gerardo Taracena as in Cesar – Batman – Guemes
  • Joaquim de Almeida as in Don Epifanio Vargas
  • Jon-Michael Ecker as in Raymundo – Guero – Davila
  • Nick Sagar as in DEA agent Alonzo Loya
  • Yancey Arias as in Alberto Cortez
  • Idalia Valles as in Isabela Vargas
  • Alfonso Herrera as in Javier Jimenez
  • David Andrews as in Judge Cecil Lafayette
  • Molly Burnett as in Kelly Anne Van Awken
  • Joseph T. Campos as in Boaz Jimenez
  • Mark Consuelos as in Teo Aljarafe
  • Rafael Amaya as in Aurelio Casillas
  • Nikki Dixon as in DEA Agent Valerie Postak
  • Michel Duval as in Enrique – Kique – Jimenez
  • Ryan O’Nan as in King George
  • Jamie Hector as in Devon Finch
  • Alimi Ballard as in Marcel Dumas
  • Chris Greene as in Bobby Leroux
  • Vera Cherny as in Oksana Volkova
  • Alejandro Barrios as in Chicho
  • Felipe Barrientos as in The Charger
  • Cory Hart as in Detective Randall Greene
  • Donald Paul as in Cedric
  • Pasha Lychnikoff as in Kostya
  • Eve Harlow as in Samara Volkova

Queen of the South Season 5 Recap

Queen of the South really received immense love from her fans. As one of the most popular series, it deserves an excellent comeback for all its fans. MA Fortin and Joshua Miller produced this highly-rated series.


Image Credit: USA Network

The story stars Alice Braga in the role of Teresa Mandoza. It shows her life as a terrible woman. She shares her connections to the drug gangs and tries to become a famous drug gang. He never fails to impress audiences by preparing himself with new twists.

The series revolves around a Mexican woman. He then describes how he accumulates wealth by building his vast drug empire. Mendoza Teresa is a Mexican woman living in Sinaloa, Mexico. Gradually, she falls madly in love with a member of a drug empire. It also shows his journey as he tries to get out of poverty.

The story takes a turn when she receives news that her boyfriend has been murdered and she is forced to flee. She escapes the border and goes to the United States. Here she lives with a man she has known for a long time. Your mission actually starts here.

She assembles a team to fight the Apothecary who’s after her. Meanwhile, she also makes an extra profit by getting rich. However, this creates more obstacles in your life, along with complications. Teresa’s journey of her own, struggling with her adversaries, preferences and stubbornness to create a drug nation has engaged and entertained audiences for the past four seasons.

Many of the scenes and story sequences shown here clearly illustrate how much money was spent on the scenarios. Coming into season four, new twists and turns away from the love angle keep fans entertained and light-hearted.

The story is based on a novel called “Telenovela” which is based on a Spanish novel of the same name. Speaking of the Queen of the South season 6 plot, nothing has been revealed by any of the sources, nor has it been officially announced.

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