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Power Book III Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date and Spoilers

Power Book III Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 3: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Promo, Plot, and Everything you need to know.

The Starz show “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” follows Kanan’s transformation from a compassionate and promising young man to a ruthless criminal and drug lord. The second season of Power Book III: Raising Kanan premiered last Sunday.

Fans are waiting for the next episode when it will be released. In this article, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 3 like the release date, countdown, spoilers, and previous episode synopsis. Let’s begin!

Power Book III Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 3

Image Credit: Starz

Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 3 will air Sunday, August 28, 2022. Streams on the Starz app at midnight ET, 11 pm CT (previous day), and 9 pm PT (previous day). the previous day). Broadcast on Starz TV every Sunday at 9 pm. m. ET, 8 pm CT and 6 pm

Power Book III Raising Kanan Season 2 Cast

  • Malcolm M Mays as in Lou-Lou
  •  Mekai Curtis as in Kanan Stark
  • Omar Epps as in Howard
  • Hailey Kilgore ss in Jukebox
  • Patina Miller as in Raquel Thomas
  • Toby Sandeman as in Symphony Bosket

Power Book III Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode Guidelines

Image Credit: Starz

  • Episode 1 – Sunday 14th August 2022
  • Episode 2 – Sunday 21st August 2022
  • Episode 3 – Sunday 28th August 2022
  • Episode 4 – Sunday 4th September 2022
  • Episode 5 – Sunday 11th September 2022
  • Episode 6 – Sunday 18th September 2022
  • Episode 7 – Sunday 25th September 2022
  • Episode 8 – Sunday 2nd October 2022
  • Episode 9 – Sunday 9th October 2022
  • Episode 10 – Sunday 16th October 2022

Where can you watch Power Book III Raising Kanan Season 2?

While Power Book III airs on Starz in the US, it airs on that channel’s equivalent in the UK: StarzPlay. You can subscribe to StarzPlay through Amazon Prime Video for an additional £5.99 per month or sign up through the Starz UK website. You can now sign up for Starz in the US.

Power Book III Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 3 Plot

Image Credit: Starz

In addition to Kanan Stark’s early years, “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” will also serve as “an expanding family drama” about the people who raised him or influenced his young existence. The television series is set in Queens, the New York borough of South Jamaica, in the 1990s. Kanan is only 15 years old when the series begins.

Still, he has experience with the drug-dealing lifestyle that characterizes 50 Cent’s character in “Power”; because Raq, his mother, is a prominent figure in the New York cocaine trade and cocaine dealer. We’ll talk about some tips from the next episode. Rak will go to great lengths to keep the family business going, or at least try to, in Power Book III: Rising Kanan Season 2 Episode 3 entitled “Sleeping Dogs”. Kanan loses his footing after unexpectedly colliding with Howard.

Raq tries to break new ground, but her plans are thwarted when an employee and other valuables are stolen, leaving her face to face with an old rival.

Lou and Crown continue to go head-to-head

Power Book III Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Raq discussed the possibility of Scrappy being a rat with Lou-Lou and Marvin. Lou knew Scrap was loyal to them and even lost her eye for them. Unsure, Raquel hired Marvin to unravel the truth. Marvin would visit Scrappy in his lab and run it like a factory. Marvin asked Scrap where he had been the night before and he lied saying he was helping a cousin in town.

Scrappy confronted Marvin after hearing that he had been passed over for a promotion to Worrell, the same enemy that put out his eye! Scrappy had been loyal to the Thomas family since he was 14, but Marvin’s only mission was to find out if he was lying about his whereabouts. Marvin followed this lead and visited Scrappy’s cousin, but she hadn’t seen him. So, he took the information to Raq and Lou but wasn’t sure if Scrappy was a snitch.

Raquel warned her brothers that otherwise, they could lose everything. Not wanting to take the next action (ie, not wanting to swing the bat and sign another Reggie Jackson for her), Lou left. Later, Marvin and Lou picked up Scrappy to show him the new spot for his promotion. He was too excited to notice her body language. He would run the new number for her.

Suddenly, Raq put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, killing Scrappy! Marvin shed a small tear as Lou walked away…

Power Book III Raising Kanan Season 2 Episode 3 Promo

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