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Orphan First Kill: Ending Explained

In 2009, film audiences were introduced to a creepy girl named Esther in the horror film Orphan. Now, 12 years later, we finally learn about Esther’s backstory in Orphan: First Kill, a prequel that hit theaters and started streaming. today on Paramount+ and digital. If you remember the twist in the first orphan film, Esther is actually not a child but a grown woman with a rare condition that prevents her body from physically aging.

Perhaps that’s why, although is a bit absurd, actress Isabelle Fuhrman, now 25, reprised her role with her head resting on a smaller body double. But Orphan: First Kill has its own storyline up its sleeve. If you were confused or just want to know what’s going on before you watch, read on for the Orphan: First Kill synopsis and the Orphan: First Kill ending, explained.

Orphan First Kill Storyline

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The year is 2007, two years before the events of Orphan, and a 31-year-old woman named Leena (Isabelle Fuhrman) is living in a mental hospital. Leena has a rare hormonal imbalance that keeps her body from aging and makes her look like a little girl. One day, Leena escapes from the hospital, killing doctors, guards, and her new art therapist.

He investigates a list of missing children and discovers a girl named Esther who she resembles. Leena deliberately positions herself to be discovered. from the authorities and tells the police that her name is Esther. We learn that the real Esther has been missing for four years. Her mother, Tricia (Julia Stiles), has given up trying to find her and wants to focus on her remaining son, a fencing master named Gunnar (Matthew Finlan). But her father Allen (Rossif Sutherland) never gave up on finding Esther.

Both parents are over the moon when the police tell them that Esther has been discovered. The official story is that she was kidnapped and held captive in Russia until Esther was able to escape. Allen is thrilled to have his daughter back, but Tricia remarks that her daughter is… weird. For example, he has an accent. He also seems to misremember many things from his past. And now she can paint extraordinarily well.

Esther (aka Leena) notices that a strange man is watching her: the police officer who was helping the family when the real Esther went missing. It’s clear the officer is after Esther. He shows up at the house one night when both parents are out and Gunnar is throwing a party instead of taking care of his sister. The officer collects evidence through fingerprints that Esther is not who she says she is. But then Esther kills the cop in cold blood… with the help of Tricia, who shows up and shoots the cop in the chest.

Orphan First Kill Twist

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Surprise: Tricia knew all along that Esther wasn’t her daughter. It turns out that the real Esther was accidentally killed by her brother when a sibling fight got too far. Tricia was determined to help Gunnar avoid the consequences of his actions., so she helped him hide Esther’s body and informed the authorities that her daughter was missing.

Tricia never told Allen, which is why he believes his daughter is really missing. Tricia tells Esther that getting her “daughter” back made Allen

happy again and that’s why she won’t let Esther go. Tricia also knows that Esther is secretly in love with her husband. The fake mother and daughter start playing psychological games with each other.

Orphan First Kill Ending Explained

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Esther attempts to kill Tricia and Gunnar at a train station while saying goodbye to Allen who is away on business. Esther manages to escape for a short time but is caught by the police. The police call Tricia and Allen. Allen decides to come. home, although Tricia insists everything is fine. Tricia decides enough is enough. She recruits Gunnar to stage Esther’s suicide. But Esther escapes before they can kill her, and she kills Gunnar with her own fencing sword.

In the ensuing chaotic fight between Esther and Tricia, the house burns down. Esther and Tricia separate. hanging from the ceiling, hanging for their lives. Allen returns to the house, climbs onto the roof, and offers his hand to save his fake wife and daughter. When Tricia yells at her husband that Esther is not who she says she is, Esther manages to grab her hand. Tricia falls to her death.

Allen hugs Esther but is concerned when his false teeth fall out, revealing the disgusting yellow teeth of a 31-year-old who has never been to a dentist. He wants to know who Esther is… so Esther pushes Allen off the roof too. Of course, the authorities know nothing about this. All they see is a poor little girl who was kidnapped and then lost her entire family in a fire. But they’re sure that someone would want to adopt this poor little orphan…creating the premise of the 2009 film Orphan. And there you have it! Now we all know the spooky origins of Esther.

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