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New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 6 Ending Explained: Guess Who’s Back?

Prior to this, in Episode 5 of New Amsterdam Season  5, Max works to rescue a nurse who has become the subject of a dangerous misconduct investigation. Reynolds helps a group of patients who are being poisoned in their building. Bloom makes a surprising confession to her sister. Warning… spoilers ahead! In the latest season of New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 6, “Give Me a Sign”, Iggy tries to find herself and try new hobbies. She still hasn’t found anyone she likes and realizes that maybe her divorce from Martin was a mistake.

Guess Who’s Back

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Lauren is still trying to reach Vanessa, but Vanessa is still ignoring her calls. Casey returns to the ER and everyone is ecstatic. Max and Elizabeth become friends outside of the hospital when they start jogging together. At one of his jogs. , they witness two pedestrians being hit by a truck, Rafael, who needs a cast, and his grandmother, Ana de la Cruz. Iggy has taken  Jael in as a patient and her parents explain that Jael can only read lips because he is deaf and has never learned sign language.

Iggy is concerned that Jael has no means of communication. Max meets attorney Callie “Get Your Crash Cash” Cruz, who, like Max, wants to make the intersection where Ana and Rafael were hit safer. City ordered the intersection repaired. The city was ordered to repair the intersection three more times and never did.

Lauren tries to text Vanessa, who still ignores her. All the nurses throw up and Lauren is left to clean up the mess. Grandma Ana has broken a vertebra and is unconscious. She left Rafael as her decision maker, he must choose between having back surgery or wearing a back brace for the rest of his life. Rafael chooses the operation for her.

A Dangerous Episode 

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Jael’s parents were told that teaching him sign language would isolate him and make it difficult for him to learn. Iggy tells them that he thinks Jael has language deprivation syndrome. To enforce the city’s order, Callie brings Max to a meeting with Curt Waldichuk, the  New York City Deputy Commissioner of Road Repair and Maintenance, who also refuses to do the job. Metal rod from a patient’s chest begins to crack. 

Elizabeth tells Rafael that her grandmother’s injuries were worse than expected, she fractured a vertebra in her spine. It’s dangerous at their age, but they can treat it. The first option is to wear a back brace for the rest of your life or undergo spinal surgery. Her grandmother is unconscious, so her healthcare proxy needs to vote, and she chooses him to make these medical decisions for her. Rafael is upset, he doesn’t know what to do.

Floyd tells him he needs to trust himself enough to make the decision. Rafael tells him to do the surgery. Jael sits alone playing with blocks, his mom and dad tell Iggy his pediatrician said he didn’t need to learn ASL,  just encourage him. Iggy asks if the therapy and exercises are working and if they can talk to him.

His mother says he has 78 words in his vocabulary, the average two-year-old has 150. Iggy says his behavior is normal, he needs his language even if they don’t understand it, and his world is shutting down.

When Casey comes in to offer her help, Lauren yells at her to leave as her phone starts ringing from Vanessa’s call. Iggy works with Jael to teach her sign language and allows her to watch Elizabeth perform operations using sign language as her sole medium. Communication. Floyd eventually answers his father’s call and discovers that Horace is having a bipolar episode. Floyd is unaware that his father is standing in the middle of a busy New York street yelling at passing vehicles.

Red tape and wrong choices 

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Attorney Callie arranges for Max to meet with the Deputy Superintendent of Freeway Maintenance for  New York City. Max tells him about the job to repaint the intersection. Callie is trying to bribe the detective and Max will do it. It has nothing to do with it and goes away. Lauren and Mark treat a patient who has had a stick stuck in his abdomen. Iggy looks straight at Jael and tries to communicate with him, everything is going great.

He takes him to an operating room that Elizabeth works in and tells him that she is deaf and successful and that he can be too. Iggy talks to Jael’s parents and tells them that there is a school but she has to live there and she will teach him sign language and help him communicate. Jael wants to go. Floyd’s father asks him for $100 and instead, Floyd takes him in for a temporary psychiatric evaluation when his father called him on his cell phone he is shot in and out of traffic on foot and could have been killed. Lauren gets a text from her sister, overhears someone else mentioning Leo’s clique, and Lauren googles it.

Rafael regrets his decision regarding his grandmother and told Floyd that he forced the decision on him and chose what he thought his grandmother would expect of him. Rafael goes in to see his grandmother. Iggy goes through a gym. room and goes in, he picks up a weight and feels something. Lauren goes where she thinks her sister could be. Callie takes the money Max paid her and buys paints and brushes. their own.

Max is frustrated that crossing is an easy, life-saving solution, but there is so much red tape that needs to be sorted out. During Ana’s spine surgery, she loses the ability to move her toes and Elizabeth learns the surgery was unsuccessful. Iggy and Jael convince Jael’s parents to enroll him in a boarding school for deaf children and they accept, even though he’s from upstate. Floyd persuades Horace to meet him at the hospital by offering him money. When Horace arrives, the police show up to temporarily place him in psychiatric custody. Horace is confused, but Floyd just wants to make sure his dad doesn’t hurt himself. message and go directly to an NA meeting. Iggy found a new passion when he discovered weightlifting. Callie gets local volunteers to join the  New Amsterdam staff and they fix the intersection themselves!

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