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NCIS Season 20 Episode 6 Ending Explained: What did they find in Otis’s Blood?

If you look closely, you can see the ghost of Abby Scuito hovering over this week’s NCIS episode. ), where his instructor notes that he still has trouble listening to his gut. While out that evening, she is too busy watching the video of her training session to see a mysterious van waiting to hijack her in the dark parking lot. .It’s not the victim’s fault, but ma’am, you work for NCIS.

You’ve seen all sorts of dangerous things. Heads up! In the big orange room, McGee (Sean Murray) complains about how slow his machines are, and amusingly, his laptop keeps stopping with a noise like a broken robot gear, which is actually not something computers do. . The slow network doesn’t stop the team from being called out for their final kill, where the team is shocked to find their fellow NCIS agent Otis Khatri dead in Lt. Mary Laredo currently on duty.

Who is Otis?

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Otis was the person who oversaw NCIS’s humanitarian response to wars and natural disasters and volunteered to look after Laredo’s beloved cat, Prince Charming, while she was away. When the team interviews Otis’ sister, she recognizes Tim as “McGeek” and says that he didn’t want to talk about work for the past week or so. They find evidence of blood at the crime scene, which was cleaned up after Prince Charming walked through it, meaning the missing cat may have blood in its DNA. her legs. So Knight (Katrina Law) searches for Prince Charming by checking the local vets to see if his microchip has been scanned, but is he searching the neighborhood? Distribute flyers?

Put tuna in Laredo’s house to lure him out of hiding? It’s like I’ve never looked for a lost pet before. Oh, and Kasie is missing too, which worries Palmer (Brian Dietzen). But Parker (Gary Cole) assures him that she asked for a personal day off, and sir, you work at NCIS. He’s seen all sorts of dangerous things. When your co-worker says it’s rare for Kasie to miss work without someone to fill her in, listen to her!

What did they find in Otis’s Blood?

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Nevertheless, Palmer discovered sky-high levels of sesame oil in Otis’ blood, and since he was terribly allergic and was careful to check ingredients before eating anything, Palmer assumes that Otis must have trusted the person who dosed him gave. Palmer goes to great lengths to process the evidence in Kasie’s absence, even bringing out the handwritten Abby’s Lab for Dummies manual in a sequence accompanied by the techno/punk soundtrack he used to record Abby’s scenes dub that’s just delicious. 

Unfortunately, Abby’s Manual isn’t user-friendly enough, and Palmer executes a command that drives all computers into a frenzy. Good thing Kasie is in the building to put things right and reveal that the fingerprints on Otis’ laptop belong to… Kasie.DUN.

She insists on being interrogated within-side the ordinary room, however, twisting, she sits down within-side the interrogator’s seat, asking McGee to account for a couple of shipments of the digital device he lately obtained from China. McGeek says they have been elements to restore up a vintage Barry Smiles robot, aka the maximum expressive speaking endures of the ’80s.

Kasie is Satisfied With the Interrogation

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This satisfied  Kasie, who announces to the interrogation room camera that her NCIS investigation into the mole is officially over. Then she explains to her stunned colleagues that a few months ago she was recruited by the State Criminal Police Office to look for the mole. among his colleagues. Even Vance (Rocky Carroll) didn’t know that. DCIS agent Eden Grayson (Amber Friendly) explains that  Kasie was cleaned up first and then sent to work. team, especially since she’s not a real agent. And it was hard for her! She tells Palmer that keeping secrets was lonely and she even used PTO to finish her job and clean up the team. Wait, did he take a PERSONAL TAG for this? You better get it back. Anyway, back to the case: Kasie finds out that Otis used the NCIS system to steal proprietary information from major oil and tech companies and gave it to him for ransom, slowing down the network.

The team finds one of the company owners who refused to pay the ransom and meets the guy on a yacht in Ibiza. He says he received a new ransom note that morning and paid it, but refuses to say where he sent it. the money. To find out who Otis was working with, NCIS needs access to that company’s server room, so they send Kasie through the vent, with the entire team helping them this time. When Kasie tries to apologize to Knight for surveillance, Jess quickly shuts her up, saying that Kasie was just doing her job. Knight is right and it’s good for her to make sure Kasie knows. As Kasie crawls through the vent, she uses comms to let the team know that she is proud of her work and feels closer to everyone now. When she arrives at the server room, Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) calls her Rambo, but she’s clearly channeling Ethan Hunt. Complications arise when a young company employee walks into the server room and Kasie, unable to find a good cover for what she is doing there, lashes out so violently that the woman asks, “Are you… fine?” 

Final Thoughts

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Despite the team assuring Kasie that they have her back, none of them help her find a good cover, but she manages on her own and yells at the woman to come out of the server room with her. spillable drink Thanks to their quick thinking, the team learns that an account in the Cayman Islands will automatically donate the millions in ransomware to charity. In fact, all of the blackmailed companies had broken a public promise to donate to various charities, thus turning Otis into a robin. Hood’s hacker.

And now we know who his killer is, thanks to Knight singing the silly Laredo cat song to lure Prince Charming home. in a cage In a lab surrounded by strangers!) But his paws spit out the killers’ DNA, which turns out to be. Agent Grayson! return the donation, but Kasie never told Grayson the detail of the case. Last week I said I love this trope, but come on the show, two weeks in a row? A fight ensues in the van and the door is thrown open to reveal that Kasie has managed to subdue Grayson, who was carrying a gun.

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