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Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area Ending Explained and When will Season 2


Money Heist Korea Joint Economic Area Recap and Ending Explained

South Korea’s enjoyment enterprise is well-known for its unique content material and specific testimonies which have captured the hearts of tens of thousands and thousands of human beings around the arena. And so, the primary factor that involves thoughts while looking at Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area is, “What went incorrect this time?”

The Korean collection, which is loosely primarily based totally on the unique Spanish collection of the identical name, follows a completely comparable premise so far, and it will become nearly onerous for visitors to observe a lot of these testimonies again. For maximum visitors who do not recognize Spanish or Korean and who depend closely on English subtitles to recognize the narration, the entirety seems identical, however yes, with one-of-a-kind faces and a barely one-of-a-kind world. So again, became it the fandom that made this show? Or only an awful studio decision?

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area lacks the entirety of the unique collection is understood for. It does not have the “bella ciao” factor, due to the fact revolutions, revolts and anarchy are the emotions that get up from a nation’s non-public struggle.

These battles cannot absolutely be copied or copied and pasted. The makers have attempted to cope with this trouble whilst incorporating the continued struggle between South Korea and North Korea.

They set the political struggle among countries in a fictional close to the future, however, does it work? Well, Season 1 simplest indicates a part of the political tensions among those governments looking to reunite the Korean peninsula, and the professor is outwardly a part of the making plans process. conspiracy underway?

Season 1 refuses to reply to that all-essential query we have got been looking for this long. Instead, in six episodes of simply beneath Neath an hour each, the narrative simply shapes the arena and characters we already realize plenty about.

What is “Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area”?


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A younger girl later called Tokyo (performed with the aid of using Jeon Jong-seo) is an unfastened chicken residing in a closed North Korean society.

He joins the military and prepares for warfare whilst hopes of the reunification of North and South Korea keep to dwindle till one day, out of the blue, squaddies obtain information that the 2 governments will set up and shortly broaden a financial union not unusual place forex that lets in human beings from each nation to shop for matters within side the unified Korean Peninsula.

Without additional ado, Tokyo leaves Pyongyang and arrives in Seoul to stay in her Korean dream. In 2025, the Common Security Zone, which become as soon as the image of the department among the 2 nations in, have become a not unusual place financial area that served as a trying-out floor for financial cooperation.

They additionally hooked up a joint Korean mint to print new banknotes for the unified Korean Peninsula. However, while Tokyo arrives in South Korea, she is scammed with the aid of using her realtor, and because of an absence of task opportunities, she begins off evolved running strange jobs.

He later witnesses the harassment of North Korean immigrants and comes to a decision to kill the vicious mortgage sharks who’re exploiting them. In return, she will become the top suspect in numerous murders.

12 months later, Tokyo loses all desire and tires of running. Away from the police, she comes to a decision to devote suicide while abruptly the professor visits her and gives her a task to thieve a big amount of cash a good way to now no longer simplest extrude her lifestyle but additionally make her a heroine. Tokyo comes to a decision to board the education. The professor forums the educate and shortly meets his crew of robbers (the equal characters from the authentic collection from season 1).

After a short creation from every thief, the professor subsequently exhibits his plan to interrupt the Korea Unified Mint within side the Joint Economic Area, in which they’ll print and thieve the brand-new bill. The six thieves subsequently make it after 5 months of training. You input the constructing at the equal day as a college class should arrive within side of the coin.

The professor deliberates the heist exactly on this day due to the fact one of the tour’s students, Anne Kim, is the daughter of US Ambassador Marshall Kim, who performs a critical function in bringing the 2 nations together. Because of this, the police can’t infiltrate the constructing, due to the fact if something occurs to Anne, it’d have a bad effect on the approaching Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Summit.

Narration is similar to the authentic collection. Inside the coin, the thieves begin printing the brand-new forex for the reason that it may not be traced whilst the professor maintains a watch on it outside South Korea’s disaster supervisor Seon Woojin falls in love with her.

The professor created a faux identity, Park Sun-ho, and runs an espresso save called “Bella Ciao” close to the coin, which Seon has been coming to for pretty a few times. Weather. She additionally has emotions for the professor, which broaden as the collection progresses, paving the manner for emotional warfare between the 2.

What became the professor’s getaway plan?


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Instead of stealing the money, the professor had deliberated to apply the machines within side the coin to print it. He advised his group that those reprinted invoices couldn’t be traced and in order that they had been unfastened to apply them.

They held the personnel hostage and maintained a very good public reputation via the media so they might purchase themselves a while to print the money. The professor did now no longer need the police to go looking the premises, which became the handiest motive for devising a complicated plan to idiot the police and pressure them to transport in circles.

And even as the police had been busy chasing the shadow, the professor ordered Moscow to dig a tunnel into the safe, which could grow to be his getaway direction from the coin. He additionally ordered his group to pressure the personnel to dig any other tunnel within side of the coin, which became a faux tunnel, to idiot the police and turn out to be stopping a manhunt.

From outdoor the coin, the professor hired lots of techniques to reveal all police movements and be capable of preventing an attack earlier than the police did. ought to put into effect it.

With Rio’s assistance, he positioned a hacking tool on Captain Cha Moohyuk’s mobileular phone, and with the assistance of the tool, he had overheard their complete communication always so they became usually one step beforehand of them. But even as Seon Woojin became blindly in love with the professor, it became Captain Cha who suspected something became incorrect with this new boy, Park Sun-ho aka Professor, and accordingly accommodated him on the stop of the season. 

Season 1 of Money Heist: Korea Joint Economic Area Ending Explanation.


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Did the Professor Plan the Unification of the Korean Peninsula? At the end of season one, Moscow finally found some dirt in the tunnel he was digging, meaning he would soon be ready for his escape. While Nairobi, which took care of printing the banknotes, only needed three days to complete the job.

The whole team speculated that if all goes according to plan they could leave the coin in another 72 hours, but outside the police had already identified three suspects, i.e., Rio, Nairobi, and Berlin. Therefore, even if they manage to escape the coin, they will have to leave the country to live a peaceful life elsewhere. Song Jung-ho, also known as Berlin, suffered from an incurable illness, probably Parkinson’s disease. and could die soon.

It could also play a big part in transforming his narcissistic character in the upcoming season. Season 1 of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area ended on a cliffhanger.

Moohyuk, suspicious of the new man in Woojin’s life, decided to visit his cafe and ended up greeting Park Sun-ho, aka the Professor. In the Korean series, a few years ago, the professor taught (economics) at a university where Seon Woojin’s husband and National Assembly member Kim Sangman met him.

He was impressed by the professor’s idea of ​​uniting the Korean Peninsula, so he hired a person named Oh Jaeyun, who informed the professor that North Korea wanted to implement an open-door policy, the first step in uniting North Korea and South Korea.

You had the means and the capital, but they needed an economic development strategy to move forward, so Oh Jaeyun asked Teacher to plan it for them. Even at this point, the professor had doubts about the whole plan, but he probably helped the government so that the Common Economic Space was born.

Maybe the professor just came up with this plan because he wanted to steal the coin from the mint later. And if the professor is such an important person who played such a crucial role in the unification of the Korean Peninsula, then both governments would have a record of his identity that Captain Cha Moohyuk could easily access.

So, the question here is does Captain Cha MoohyukDo know who the professor is? You may not know that you are the mastermind of the heist, but you may have the notion that you are the person who wrote the future of the two countries. On the other hand, the professor got carried away by his emotions and asked Seon Woojin to drop the case as it was affecting his mental health.

As Tokyo narrated the story, he explained why Woojin was so crucial to the heist’s success. However, if he leaves the special unit, the professor has no way of getting information that could jeopardize the entire robbery. However, before Woojin could take this step, he found a coin in his pocket, which Anne Kim dropped as Woojin entered the coin. The reprinted portion of the bill probably gave him a clue as to what the thieves were up to. planning all the time, and so she would do anything to stop them.

 Will there be a Money Heist Korea season 2?


Image Credit: Netflix

Season 2 of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will probably shed greater mild at the professor’s involvement in monetary reforms even as additionally exploring his emotional reference to Seon Woojin. In the series, Seon Woojin has a younger daughter whose custody continues to be in question.

Woojin had accused her husband Kim Sangman of home assault, and he might visit superb lengths to defend his photograph while he desired to run for the presidency of the United Korean Peninsula. The warfare among the 2 nations is the maximum thrilling a part of the complete Season 1.

It additionally indicates that Kim Sangman might also additionally have struck a few kinds of addresses to the North Koreans to stable his role withinside the new government, and the professor most effectively deliberates the Mint raid to attract international and North Korean interest to discover sinister conspiracies.

Unique Season 2 might be capin a position to show what is proper and what is now no longer. And remaining however now no longer least, the achievement of the raid continues to be in doubt.

If Woojin unearths that the coin is printing money, he’s going to hurricane the construction as quickly as viable. as viable, and consequently, the thieves ought to depart the premises in a hurry. So if we are speculating primarily based totally on what already came about withinside the authentic series, the heist will really be successful, albeit with a few collateral damage.

However, it is viable that the creators should make a few massive modifications in Season 2, and while that happens, the subsequent season might be an amusing trip for fanatics indeed.

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