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Manifest Season 4 Part 1 Ending Explained

The passengers of Manifesto have had a wild and miserable ride since Flight 828 landed after being missing for five and a half years, despite there being no time for them in the skies. As the series returns for the first half of its fourth and final season, set two years after Grace’s (Athena Karkanis) murder, things have never been worse. After, he stabbed Grace in the abdomen, leaving her for dead. Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) attempts to pilot the lifeboat and rescue the passengers, while Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) continues to use science to find an answer to defeat the looming doom. Date. Things fall apart from there. Complicated matters affecting the passengers wreak havoc throughout the season as Ben finds Eden and brings her home. Zeke (Matt Long) overuses his empathic skills and backslides as he struggles to control the Force. and the associated emotions. Cal (Ty Doran) discovers his cancer has returned and he is on the verge of death, well before his due date, after a visit to another passenger leaves him with a dragon tattoo on his forearm and the bound for something much bigger is. The invention of Register 828, meant to keep track of passengers, caused problems for Michaela as her failed attempts to rescue the passengers kept summoning her. Saanvi quickly and confidently replicated Major’s (Elizabeth Marvel) experiments. , leading her and the others to search for the Omega Sapphire to generate unlimited shouts and save the lifeboat from sinking. Nothing, however, shocked the passengers more than the revelation at the end of the ninth episode that his date of death is older than the passengers. The whole world is at stake if they can’t use their calls to save them. and that means using the Omega Sapphire… only it was stolen from Eagan (Ali Sohaili) after he stole it from Michaela and Saanvi in ​​the boiler room. After this apocalyptic revelation, the finale is one explosive moment after another, filled with revelations and games. -shifting lore, especially when it starts with Angelina holding the omega sapphire in her bloody hand. Let’s break it down.

Grace’s Return From the Dead and Angelina’s Plan

Desperate for a way to save Cal, Ben receives a phone call in his attic room that takes him by surprise: Grace. Grace talks to him, he’s been gone so long, and she says she knows how to save Cal’s life. He needs Ben to bring Eden to him and Ben knows exactly where to find her. Then Ben takes Eden to Grace’s tombstone, where he tells her a little bit about his real mother as Grace reappears in front of them. Grace begs Ben to let Eden go back to Angelina, the only mother he knows. Ben is too smart to fall for this trap, especially since this version of Grace has different eyes than his late wife and Eden runs at Angelina. Angelina points a gun at Ben and demands that he let her go with Eden, her guardian angel. However, the bond between Ben and Eden is underestimated. When Ben tells him to let Eden decide who she wants to go with, he is surprised when Eden screams that she wants to go with her father. As Ben leaves with Eden, Angelina shoots and almost misses him, giving Ben a chance to escape. However, since Angelina has the Omega Sapphire and is more unstable than ever, Michaela and Ben know they need to stop her and get him back. The calls lead them to Angelina’s old school, where they find her. surrounded by lava pits, praying with the omega sapphire in hand.

Michaela finds Angelina’s gun, points it at her, and tells Angelina to stop and release the hostages in the building, but Angelina officially lost it. She screams that she is an Archangel sent by God to take revenge on the world and she screams about everything that has happened and how tough she’s been since the plane returned. This angers Michaela, but she is taken by surprise and drops the gun into the lava when Angelina presents a vision of Michaela’s late friend Evie (Simoné Elizabeth Bart) to take advantage of Michaela’s guilt and fear over her role in the death of her best friend. Shortly thereafter, Angelina gets an appeal, and Ben and Michaela use the opportunity to save the innocents trapped in the building and get them out. Unfortunately, things only get worse from here.

Olive and TJ’s Grand Discovery

While everyone else is busy grappling with dire circumstances, TJ (Garrett Wareing) and Olive (Luna Blaise) curl up in the attic and try to figure out a way to save Cal leads home Papyrus depicting the Judgment Scale that helped Olive realize that drug addicts and passengers would be judged alike on the day of their death. Examining the ancient papyrus, Olive and TJ notice where the Omega Sapphire should be but isn’t. However, TJ reveals that the pigment used for the color blue in ancient times has faded over the centuries so it might be there, but she just can’t see it. They need an infrared lens to view the papyrus… and Olive happens to have a camera, one of which is hidden in her stuff. Once they have the photo, they notice that there are many areas of blue pigment. Using Olive’s incredible knowledge of mythology, she notices a pattern and joins the circles, revealing the constellation Draco the Dragon, which is Cal’s tattoo.

The 828 Registry Changes Everything

With Angelina’s control of the Omega Sapphire, her bond with each of the other passengers grows. After Ben and Eden run away from her in the graveyard, Angelina screams, as do the rest of the passengers, including those on her regular registration with registration 828. Despite interference from Jared (J. Ramirez) and Drea (Ellen Tamaki) respectively they are powerless when check-in stops all passengers, they have a rule if a passenger shows strange behavior (since calling). As the passengers are released, Jared and Drea are shocked again when the registry quickly changes their minds, detaining a passenger indefinitely and leaving their young son in Child Protective Services. When Jared asks what’s going on, a police officer tells him that all passengers are to be arrested and held for as long as the government sees fit. Later, Drea and Jared watch helplessly as the passengers are herded into a prison cell, confirming Drea’s fears that the passengers will be treated like their grandmother in World War II. At Vance’s secret lair, Saanvi and Vance are forced to destroy everything when they are ambushed by the Registry.

All your research and the samples  Saanvi took are gone. Both are arrested when the culprit behind the exposure of their secret operation and the reason for the immediate arrest of all passengers is revealed: Dr. Gupta (Mahira Kakkar). as dr Having previously learned of the Omega Sapphire’s power over passengers, Gupta felt she had no choice but to Stop all passengers after Saanvi calls them to help with their investigation as Angelina has the mystical item.

A Death Date Just for Cal

As cancer spreads and life is about to end, Cal lies curled up on a hospital bed in the living room of Zeke and Michaela’s house. Unable to do much of anything, Zeke begins to comfort Cal, just as Cal comforted Zeke in season two with Zeke’s death date on the horizon, and the others want nothing more than to do the same. However, Cal is as familiar with the callings as he is and encourages them to follow them and go out into the world, giving the idea that following the callings might lead to whatever they need to save Cal’s life. When Angelina confronts Michaela and Ben with the Omega Sapphire, Cal’s dragon tattoo begins to move and glow, much like Ben’s hand. covered in sapphire after touching the tail fin from the early days of Season 3.

Unknowingly, Cal manages to get Angelina on a call of her own where the two faces off against her charged Sapphire abilities. Angelina gets the upper hand and re-emerges her version of Grace to talk to Cal. But after years of battling cancer when he was younger, Cal recalls his mother never told him to stop fighting, and he never would now. Cal breaks free of this control Angelina has over him and grabs the Omega Sapphire in their shared calling, which shatters to pieces in both the calling and the real world. Back in reality, Cal’s condition worsens and he asks Zeke to do it. Catch them all before it’s too late. Zeke goes upstairs to find Olive and TJ but overhears the two talking about how Cal is the only person who can save the world from the prophesied apocalypse after discovering the dragon connection. After pondering for a moment, Zeke makes a life-changing decision: he will use his empathic abilities to absorb Cal’s cancer, save Cal, and effectively end his own life.

And that’s exactly what Zekes does, but not before an emotional phone call in which he reveals his love to Michaela and how much the life they’ve built together means to him. Believing that one day they will be together again, Michaela and Ben return home to Zeke, who is dying on the floor. Michaela weeps for her dying husband while Ben and Olive are filled with bittersweet joy at Cal’s miraculous survival. Before the episode goes black, Angelina, armed with the molten omega sapphire shard she grabbed before it melted in the lava, roams through Bible verses after once again surviving certain death without it to think that this is the case was sent. From God. As we zoom out, pockets of lava have opened up across the city, causing volcanic apocalypse passengers to see through their calls all season.

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