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Maggie Season 1 Ending Explained


Maggie Season 1: Ending Explained, Recap, Review, and Preview.

Hulu’s “Maggie” is a romantic comedy with a twist. The fundamental person has completely unique skills that permit him to look into destiny. While a few assume that being capable of appearance in advance makes existence easier, it simply creates greater problems. The display follows Maggie’s struggles in courting as she is aware of the destiny of any relationship from the start.

It additionally makes a specialty of her own circle of relatives and pals retaining her sane as she attempts to apprehend her powers and find out what every imaginative and prescient method, specifically on the subject of your very own destiny.

By the end of the season, Maggie has long gone thru loads of emotional upheaval, causing her to be surprised if she’s really higher off without her powers.

Just as he starts off evolving to check this sort of existence, an imaginative and prescient shakes the very foundations of his faith. If you are questioning this difficult finishing method for Maggie and her destiny, we have got were given a few solutions for you. SPOILERS AHEAD

Maggie Season 1 Recap

Maggie is a psychic who can see into people’s futures via way of means of touching her hands. She meets Ben at a celebration and whilst she reads his destiny she sees herself in it. She is amazed however additionally interested due to the fact she is now no longer visible every different from afar. in each man’s existence withinside the lengthy run.

But simply whilst the whole lot appears to be going well, she has any other imaginative and prescient wherein she sees  Ben marrying a person else. Knowing it’ll result in heartbreak, Maggie comes to a decision to interrupt up with Ben. However, destiny is a ways from her. Six weeks later, Ben and his lady friend Jessie pass in with Maggie.


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Ben would not inform Jessie about his short affair with Maggie, who additionally comes to a decision to maintain it a secret. because of his budding friendship with Jessie. As her emotions for Ben continue to hang out on her, Maggie pursues a date with Daniel, any other man she believes has a hazard of breaking apart with him. But matters take an extraordinary route and they spoil up.

Meanwhile, Maggie has extra visions of her and Ben and the destiny she noticed earlier than she broke up with him.

He’s passionate about locating out what all of it means so he may be sure. whether or not she will be able to marry Ben withinside the destiny. When he begins to evolve and wreak havoc in his existence, his mentor, Angel, comes to a decision to step in. He warns her that delving too deeply into the look for destiny won’t give up well. for her. 

Maggie gets her vision back

No reply to what occurred in her existence, Maggie constantly had one factor that she may want to constantly depend upon her visions. She’d had them on the grounds that 7th grade. They formed her persona and described who she became.

All the time that she spent together along with her social existence in tatters, she constantly had her powers fall again. It became extra than only interest for her or maybe a career.

So, while she unexpectedly stops having them, it’s miles a reason of brilliant misery for her. Before her visions absolutely disappear, she is bombarded with them. Instead of getting one or clean visions, she has a gaggle of hazy ones and he or she doesn’t realize a way to make an experience of them.


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It is a mix-up of lots of factors and earlier than she will be able to even start to apprehend what’s happening, the visions cross away.

She discovers later that the lack of her powers can be due to the fact her thoughts are suppressing something very horrific that is approximately to happen. Something she shouldn’t realize beforehand.

Soon after, Maggie realizes that her thoughts became shut down the component wherein Jessie discovers approximately her and Ben. In hindsight, it makes sense why Maggie went via the psychic block at some stage in Amy’s bachelorette party. From the instant Ben and Jessie confirmed out of doors her place, Maggie was feeling guilty.

She saved herself thinking if she must inform Jessie approximately what occurred between her and Ben. But later, she reveals it higher to now no longer inform her that due to the fact she didn’t need to change to drop her friendship and ruining Ben’s dating for no reason. Though she did not note it, Maggie couldn’t get the guilt absolutely out of her thoughts. Her tension best improved as Amy’s bachelorette got closer, which suggested that Maggie could spend a whole day in near proximity to Jessie. It was even worse after they had been positioned withinside the equal room, and after she had alcohol, the worry that she would possibly say something was given to her.

However, as soon as the key is out, the heaviness leaves her heart. Whatever guilt she felt about being liable for Ben and Jessie’s break-up disappears when she discovers that they may be engaged. Now, she has no extra secrets and techniques to maintain and there’s no guilt left for her to be troubled approximately.

This leads her psychic block to vanish and he or she receives her imaginative and prescient again.

Let’s talk about Maggie Vision

Just when the entirety appears to have calmed down, any other hurricane is unleashed for Maggie via a brand new imaginative and prescient. It takes place at Amy and Dave’s wedding ceremony reception as she sits by herself and Ben comes to test her. He offers her the coin he observed in a vintage save and tells her he does not want it anymore. This indicates that Ben has made his desire with Jessie and does not ought to depart whatever to danger anymore.


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As quickly as Maggie touches the coin, she has achieved another imaginative and prescient wherein she sees Ben yet again on his wedding ceremony day. Previously he noticed Jessie as his girlfriend, however this time he additionally sees himself.

She sees herself changed with the aid of using Jessie and vice versa. completely confused. If there has been any doubt that Ben might marry Jessie, it changed into over due to the fact they had been engaged. This ought to have been a clear indication that they’re positive to get married.

What does Maggie’s final imaginative and prescient mean? Maggie noticed the imaginative and prescient after touching the coin that was in Ben’s possession. The coin has to have absorbed her energy, her thoughts, and that is what came about to Maggie. Perhaps what he noticed wasn’t precisely imaginative and prescient but an idea. Ben’s idea.

Maybe he hasn’t definitely made up his mind yet. Maybe he is nevertheless considering Maggie, and she noticed that. Another opportunity is that Maggie’s powers have not completely returned.

Instead of seeing a clean destiny, she has visions of her chances. She sees both, one in every of that is positive to happen, however, she does not recognize which. While this could look like a downgrading of his powers, it’d virtually do him true to eliminate the understanding thing from his visions. It offers you extra freedom to do what you need and now no longer surrender on matters simply due to the fact you’ve got visible them finishing withinside the destiny.

The manner her lifestyle is going, she definitely desires it. Another twist withinside the narrative will be that her imaginative and prescient tells her to discard something her idea changed into significant to her powers. He can be telling you that destiny is changeable. beyond experiences, perhaps now, she has the electricity to alternate them.

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