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Lupin Season 3 Ending Explained: Will there be Lupin season 4?

The highly anticipated third season of the hit series Lupin took viewers on a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns. As the season reached its thrilling conclusion, fans were left with many questions. In this article, we will dive deep into the Lupin Season 3 ending and unravel the mysteries that unfolded. From Assane’s decision to fake his death to the return of his mother and the reappearance of an old enemy, there is much to unpack. So, let’s explore the intricacies of the finale and shed light on what it means for the future of the series.

Assane’s Faked Death and Final Heist


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At the beginning of Lupin Season 3, Assane Diop finds himself living in Marseilles, trying to navigate a life away from his criminal activities. However, his desire for one final heist leads him back to Paris. Assane’s plan takes an unexpected turn when his mother, Mariama, resurfaces, along with an old enemy seeking revenge.

Assane’s decision to fake his death serves as a pivotal moment in the season. It allows him to set a trap for his nemesis, Keller, who had framed Assane, manipulated him, and stole jewelry. By faking his death, Assane gains the upper hand and ultimately orchestrates Keller’s arrest. However, this decision has far-reaching consequences, as it turns Assane against his closest friends and family.

Keller’s Revenge Plot Unveiled

Keller, the new enemy introduced in Lupin Season 3, proves to be a formidable opponent for Assane. A gym owner who preys on vulnerable children, Keller sees Assane’s skills as a thief and manipulates him into robbing a high-end jewelry store. However, when the heist goes awry and Assane leaves Keller holding the gun, Keller is locked up in prison for 25 years.

During his time behind bars, Keller plots his revenge against Assane. He blames Assane for framing him for shooting a cop and stealing jewelry, viewing Assane’s actions as the ultimate betrayal. Keller’s plan includes turning Assane against his loyal friend Benjamin and threatening Assane’s mother, Mariama. Keller’s manipulation and desire for revenge drive much of the conflict in Lupin Season 3.

Why Assane’s Surrender to the Police Becomes Inevitable


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At the end of Lupin Season 2, Assane was on the run from the police. However, Claire, a character who had played a significant role in Assane’s life, advised him to turn himself in to make things right. Although Assane initially fakes his death to escape the consequences of his actions, he eventually honors his promise to Claire and decides to turn himself in.

Assane’s decision to surrender to Detective Guedira serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it allows Assane to keep his family out of the spotlight. With the media now aware of his existence, Assane wants to protect his loved ones from constant media scrutiny. Secondly, Assane has found peace and no longer feels the need to prove himself or seek revenge. He believes that turning himself in is the right thing to do, even if it means facing the consequences of his actions.

Is Mariama Truly Assane’s Biological Mother?


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Mariama’s return in Lupin Season 3 adds another layer of mystery to the storyline. Attending Assane’s funeral, Mariama is taken hostage by Manon and Keller as part of their revenge plot against Assane. However, there are several peculiarities surrounding Mariama’s involvement.

Assane identifies Mariama through a nickname and a lullaby, which only he and his late father knew. However, it’s later revealed that Mariama may have been working with Hubert Pellegrini, the man responsible for framing Assane’s father. Mariama’s escape from Keller and her knowledge of conversations that occurred in Pellegrini’s car raise questions about her true intentions. The revelation of her connection to Pellegrini hints at a deeper conspiracy that will likely be explored in Lupin Season 4.

The Return of Hubert Pellegrini


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Hubert Pellegrini, the antagonist from Lupin Season 2, resurfaces in the third season. Having admitted to framing Assane’s father, Pellegrini was sent to prison. However, it becomes evident that he may have had a hand in the events that led to Assane’s own imprisonment.

Pellegrini’s return poses a significant threat to Assane. As Assane finds himself behind bars, he must face the wrath of Pellegrini, who is undoubtedly seeking revenge. With Pellegrini likely having made connections during his time in prison, Assane’s life may become even more complicated. The wealthy man’s return suggests that Assane’s troubles are far from over and that he will need to find a way to outsmart Pellegrini once again.

Manon’s Betrayal and its Significance

Manon, a character who had remained loyal to Keller for years, experiences a significant turning point in Lupin Season 3. Assane springs her from prison, hoping that she will see the truth and act accordingly. While loyalty had been a defining characteristic for Manon, her betrayal of Keller highlights the fragility of loyalty under certain circumstances.

Manon’s decision to betray Keller showcases that anyone can be convinced to turn against someone if the reasons and price are right. This theme is mirrored in Assane’s own actions, as he betrays his loyal friend Benjamin to help his mother. The complexities of loyalty and the sacrifices made for loved ones are explored throughout the season, adding depth to the narrative.

Setting the Stage for Lupin Season 4


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The ending of Lupin Season 3 leaves the door wide open for the continuation of Assane’s story in Lupin Season 4. Assane’s imprisonment and Pellegrini’s reappearance set the stage for an even more intense and grand finale. While Assane may be behind bars, it is highly unlikely that his jail time will last forever.

In Lupin Season 4, viewers can expect Assane to devise a clever heist to escape prison and seek revenge against Pellegrini. With the pieces in place and the stakes higher than ever, the fourth season promises to bring Assane’s story to a full-circle conclusion. Assane will have to outsmart Pellegrini and protect his family from the wealthy man’s vengeful schemes.


The ending of Lupin Season 3 leaves fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Assane Diop’s thrilling journey. From faking his death to battling old enemies and discovering shocking truths about his mother, Assane’s story is filled with suspense and surprises. As the stage is set for Lupin Season 4, viewers can expect another round of high-stakes heists, intricate plots, and unexpected twists. The Lupin series continues to captivate audiences with its charismatic lead and intricate storytelling, making it a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and thrilling adventures.

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