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Lou Ending Explained: Is Lou Dead? What Is Lou’s Real Identity?

Netflix’s new action-drama flick Lou is an average film at best, with predictable plot points, no standout performances, and dialogue so typical of the genre. It follows the story of a retired woman who is helped by a young neighbor in search of her missing daughter. There is nothing new or unique to find here. A tale of bad relationships from the past is concocted and stitched together with the thrill of espionage action, but none of that ultimately makes the film worth watching.

Lou Plot Summary

The film’s protagonist, Lou, is an old woman who lives alone in her cabin near a forest on Orcas Island. Completely lonely by choice, her only companion is a loyal dog named Jax, and she is with him by her side. In addition, Lou often goes hunting, even outside of the hunting season. He also has a neighbor, a young woman named Hannah, who rents Lou’s property with her daughter Vee. After an abusive marriage, Hannah is now alone with Vee after separating from her husband Philip in and seems interested in getting to know Lou better.

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However, it is Lou who chooses to keep her distance, only approaching Hannah to remind her of the rent due, and completely ignoring Vee. arrived in the area that night, and later in the morning, Lou is seen piling items. She visits the local bank, withdraws all the money from her account, and takes it home. She is also seen digging up some papers and photos and the country of Iran and seems somehow related to Lou as some of the newspapers even write in Farsi. But Lou doesn’t want to afford anything

Never again; She burns all the papers and pictures and locks Jax in a room so he doesn’t get in her way, which is what she will do next. Leaving a letter addressed to Hannah on her desk, Lou sits quietly with his gun and prepares to shoot himself. On the other hand, Hannah and Vee share a loving bond, but the young woman is still awaiting her father’s return from a great adventure, which she believes is out since her mother told her so. Hannah had told everyone else in the neighborhood that she knew her husband Philip had died two or three years ago.

Afternoon falls and the storm sweeps across the island. Mother and daughter are about to go to bed when the power goes out in their house. Hannah goes outside to check on the situation and stumbles across a van with a dead man inside. The man turns out to be Chris, Hannah’s new lover, and he immediately grasps what’s going on. He runs to his house to find it empty and then to Lou just as the latter is preparing to commit suicide.

Get caught up in the whole plot and without realizing it, Hannah begs Lou to help her save her daughter from her vengeful husband who has returned, and Lou agrees.

Did Philip Kidnap His Own Daughter? What Is Lou’s Real Identity?

Although Lou originally wanted to go out alone, Hannah refuses to be left behind and joins her as she begins to follow Philip’s movements. A regular hunter, and also aided by the smart and trained Jax, Lou finds footprints on the ground and the two women follow them into the forest and beyond. The next morning, they arrive at a small cabin where Hannah identifies two men who used to work for her husband, but there is no sign of Vee. Lou decides to check out the place and she uses her excellent acting skills to pose as a helpless old woman who gets lost in the incessant rain, eventually knocking out the two men.

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She interrogates one of them to find out where Philip is going, then leads Hannah there. Previously, Hannah had spoken about her husband, how he used to have uncontrollable tantrums and tantrums during which he would hurt his wife terribly. Hannah would always have to deftly pull Vee out of the situation and save her from her wrath. Philip was part of the US Army Special Forces and was accused of torture and other war crimes while serving in Central America.

But a few years ago, while the authorities were still looking for him, his home was blown up and everyone believed he died in the blast. Now that Vee was missing and a postcard had been left behind with a message and a photo of Vee with Philip, Hannah was sure her husband had faked his death and was back. Hearing all of this, Lou seems to be gathering more information than he gave as if he knew something else about this whole fiasco, which the film gradually reveals. While the two women try to find the missing girl, Philip sets out with Vee through the woods, first in a small cart, to get his daughter safely.

He gives her a music player to tie her up and Vee is also happy to see her father again, but initially finds it strange when she sees her father crush a butterfly in his hands. She doesn’t think about it much but willingly goes with her father, who has told her that they are going on an adventure and that their mother will be joining them soon. Philip takes her to the shore from where she should take a boat. to the mainland, but terrible weather throws their plans in and they have to seek shelter in a nearby cave for the night. His exact intentions become clear later that night when Lou sneaks into the cave while Hannah tries to contact the locals. Bailiffs with the

Radio I found earlier. In the cave, Vee sleeps peacefully while Lou and Philip meet and share their backstory. Before moving to Orcas Island and in her prime, Lou had been a CIA agent and a pretty good one at that. As part of his job, he had to go undercover to get very close to a high-profile target in Iran. during the years of the Islamic Revolution. However, contrary to what may be the safest, she chose to take her baby with her to make her cover stronger and more convincing. Later, Lou also admits that she really wasn’t the best mother. and that she didn’t want to be either, and had always put her work ahead of motherhood.

During the years she lived incognito in Iran, there were some disputes between her and the men she was investigating, and in response, her son was taken away from her when he was an infant. Although Lou made sure that the boy was rescued from the terror camp, she never approached or tried to contact him herself. This boy, who turned out to be Philip, grew up in desperate hope that his mother would come back to him, and then joined US Army Special Forces as an adult. Meanwhile, Lou kept tabs on everything, knowing how his son grew up being a toxic man who often physically hurts his wife, and he found helping Hannah out of the situation easier than meeting Philip and being with him to talk.

While this may seem strange or far-fetched, it seems to be how Lou’s character was written as she still feels that the responsibility of being a mother is too overwhelming and she finds it easier to do spy stuff. He made Hannah move out. to Orcas with her daughter Vee, and then she went to them herself to protect them from Philip because she also knew he would return. However, Lou had also been fooled by the news of Philip’s death, believing that he was now dead and had therefore lost the will to continue living his lonely life. Deciding to commit suicide, he knowingly left all his wealth and possessions to Hannah, his daughter-in-law and granddaughter. They were finally safe when Philip suddenly returned and kidnapped Vee.

No matter how surprising ‘Lou’ wants these revelations to appear, the truth is that they could have been predicted from a very early point in the film’s narrative. The simple fact that a lonely person like Lou willingly agreed to help Hannah, and then her constant collecting of the notes Philip left at each stage, coupled with her age compared to the other characters, made it very obvious that she was the right one. Philip’s mother. Again, Philip makes his intention clear: He doesn’t just do it like that. He wants to punish his wife for running away from him with her daughter, but he also longs to get revenge on his mother now that he knows they both live in the same place. The film’s plot moves towards a final meeting between the three when the CIA also informs the local police that the agency is looking for both Philip and Lou.

While Philip was a wanted fugitive for his war crimes, Lou had in his possession personal documents (the papers and photos he burned at the beginning of the film) intended to prove the CIA’s involvement in the revolution in Iran. The three characters meet at a lighthouse along with Vee, and Philip attempts to blow up the whole place but learns that Lou has already defused the bomb. As Hannah, Lou, and Vee attempt to flee back into the woods with Philip still chasing them, a CIA helicopter flies overhead over the place, threatening in search of his two targets.

Is Lou Dead?

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Philip now catches up with the two women and Lou decides to stay behind and fight her son while Hannah and Vee make it safely. When the mother and son have a major argument, the CIA helicopter notices Philip collapsing and tearfully hugs his mother while Lou apologizes to him, and is then shot in the back by the CIA agents. It appears Lou is also being crushed as the two fall into the sea and are swept away. Sometime later, Hannah inherits Lou’s house and money, and two government officials are still asking him if he knows what happened to Lou or about his past.

Hannah denies knowing anything and is later seen boarding a ferry to a new life in Seattle. She is of course joined by her daughter Vee and Lou’s dog Jax, who is now part of her family. It’s Jax who first seems to be looking at someone on the ferry with a lot of intrigue, and then in the final shots., an elderly woman is seen looking at Hannah and Vee through her binoculars.

Although we don’t see this woman from the front, the casts on her hands, arthritis-ridden fingers, and a special bracelet on her wrist confirm it’s Lou. After all, she’s Philip’s mother who once faked her death, and now Lou appears to have done the same to get the CIA off his back while following her daughter-in-law and granddaughter like a guardian angel.

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