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Lost Bullet Ending Explained: What Was The Significance Of Lino’s Past?

Lost Bullet” is a gripping film with the makings of an action thriller. The running time (roughly 90 minutes)  keeps things from falling apart. The film offers what it promises to offer and therefore there is nothing to complain about. The film’s vision of justice is something we’ve seen countless times, but Lost Bullet’s narrative, while predictable, is fast-paced. 

ALino, a talented mechanic, and his partner Quentin

Lino, a skilled mechanic, and his companion Quentin, each thief, strive to interrupt into jewelry kept in an automobile withinside the center of the night. But withinside the process, Lino is captured at the same time as Quentin escapes. A few days later, Officer Charas visits Lino in jail and gives him a hazard to live out of jail. All Lino has to do is customize Charas’ cars so his team can catch the Go-Fast (the drug methamphetamine) dealers without their cars getting smashed. You spend a few months with Lino to fully explore his talent for customizing police cars. Charas and his team, including Julia, Areski, and Marko, are following two traders. The unit uses cars with custom fenders (push rods) designed by Lino. The dealer’s car hits the gas and almost manages to escape when Areski comes from the front and hits hard. The dealers are killed and the drugs are confiscated. However, Charas is unsatisfied when he follows the human traffickers or at least. Taking her alive might have brought her closer to the drug business. He also finds a wired red switch in the car and saves it for later. It’s the same switch he found in Lino’s car when he was arrested the night of the robbery. Lino has been working for Charas since Haras decides to take Lino and Quentin in his car and tells Areski and Marco to take Jacques and Kad to the police station. Charas and Lino are in his old car, a red Renault 21.

Charas takes Lino to a new workshop and gives him new cars to work on. He also offers him an early release for helping Charas’ team catch the drug dealers. However, he does show Lino the red switch, which he recovered from. dealer’s car. Lino tells Charas that it is an injection distributor that increases a car’s power by 300%. He mentions his doubts about Lino’s brother Quentin, who may be working for the merchants who use these injection deflectors. Lino takes Charas to the junkyard where he worked during his robbery days. Quentin is present there along with other people, Jacques and Kad. Charas calls Areski and Marco for support. They both arrive at the location. Charas decides to take Lino and Quentin in the car and tells Areski and Marco to take Jacques and Kad to the police station. Charas is about to start the car when he is shot by Areski, who is standing behind the car. The bullet pierced his chest and lodged in the dashboard. Charas is dead. Lino is shaken but manages to escape. Areski tells Kad, Jacques, and Quentin to burn the car and Charas’ body. Now all the evidence is against Lino. Areski shot Charas). He has the weapon of Charas. There’s also a voicemail on Areski’s phone, where Charas says he’s with Lino. Will Lino be able to prove he is innocent? If yes, how? His only chance is Quentin.

Why Did Lino Decide To Seek Justice For Charas?

Charas shows his trust in Lino by offering him probation in return for the work he has done for Charas’ team. While Lino is overwhelmed when Charas takes him to a new garage that has more cars for Lino to work in, he warns Charas that he trusts people too much, but that doesn’t change anything. But Charas just smiles at him. He believes in the good. ask for anything in exchange for his freedom of Service. It shows Lino’s love for cars and his work as a mechanic. Unfortunately, Lino’s words turn out to be true when he is stabbed in the back by teammates Areski and Marco, who would have worked with the drug dealers. and serve as moles in the police station. And it’s her death that motivates Lino to make Areski and Marco pay for their actions, even if it means going back to prison.

Why Marco Didn’t Tell Areski The Truth About The Car?

When Marco threatens to kill Kad, Kad reveals the secret Jacques Quentin told him to hide Charas’ red Renault. But Marco does not reveal this information to Areski. When Areski asks if Kad revealed something, Marco shakes his head. later he goes in search of the car. He must have guessed where Quentin hid the car or Kad could have told him. The first reason makes sense too since the place was where they sometimes hid their drugs (as we find out when Quentin gets a bag of drugs from the kitchen after taking Lino there). At the crime scene, he tells Lino that he just wants the car. Why? We don’t know exactly.

Maybe he wanted to keep it safe somewhere else and didn’t trust Lino or Quentin with it. He even kills Quentin. The reason we say she wanted to protect him is that she would have told Areski if she hadn’t. He knows full well that he and Areski would have been caught if they hadn’t killed Charas, who would no doubt have wormed the truth out of Quentin during interrogation. He even kills Jacques and Kad for the same reason. So it seems that somewhere deep inside Marco also harbored a grudge against Areski for killing his boss, Charas, and maybe had something else planned. It doesn’t come to fruition, however, as Lino shoots him, albeit not fatally, and then sets off to find the car.

What Was The Significance Of Lino’s Past?

An emotionally broken Lino covers Quentin’s lifeless body with a piece of cloth and finds Charas’ car hidden under a pile of cow dung. The car is the only evidence to prove his innocence and convict Areski. up, which in a way is a homage to Charas, who allowed Lino to experiment with cars. We see him driving the burning car to the body shop where he used to work on police cars. Department Chief Moss (Charas’ boss) and Lino’s assistant (at the police auto repair shop), Jeff, are there putting out the fire with fire extinguishers. With the car secured, it’s only a matter of time before the bullet is extracted and analyzed and revealed to be from Areski’s gun. Now it will prove that it was Areski who shot Charas. But unfortunately, Areski abandons his home and family and escapes before he can be caught. recovered, Lino does not receive Areski’s revenge. The meaning of the title “Lost Bullet” is that it was the only evidence for the protagonist (Lino) to protect himself and prove his innocence. A bullet fired is actually harmless, but it always looks menacing to the world. Lino was the bullet fired that had already committed its share of crimes and wanted to stay as far away from this world as possible. But no matter what future you long for, the past always catches up with you.

In Lino’s case, the authorities looked at him like a bullet that could ruin everything at the moment. He was branded a lifelong criminal, and when someone spread a rumor about him, the authorities wasted no time in pronouncing him a criminal, believing it was in his nature to commit a crime. Fortunately, Lino was able to acquit himself of all allegations with the help of a “lost bullet”. Lost Bullet: Back for More will likely prompt the police to issue a search warrant on Areski. We also have to remember that Marco is alive. Therefore, the police could use him and his contacts to track down Areski. Lino also has his contacts that will come in handy. As for Areski’s whereabouts, he left the state, if not the country. The sequel could also explore the romantic angle between Lino and police officer Julia. But one thing is for sure, Lost Bullet: Back for More will also have more cars as Lino has honed his skills and built his garage. full of custom cars.

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