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Lost Bullet 2 Ending Explained: What Happens To Lino, Marco, And Julia At The End?

Lost Bullet 2: Back for More is a direct sequel to the French action thriller Lost Bullet which was released in 2020, and the second part is not much better than its predecessor. The film continues the story of master mechanic Lino as he searches for the killers responsible for the deaths of his younger brother Quentin and former police chief Charas and still relies heavily on high-speed car chases to avoid serious crimes to lift loads. While there’s a greater sense of relationships here, Lost Bullet 2 is clearly not meant to be watched for drama and it’s just the action that counts a bit.

What is Lost Bullet 2 about?

Immediately after the events of the first part, Lino wakes up in a hospital bed after crashing into the windshield of Charas’ car. Julia, who seems to have taken on Charas’ role as chief of police, informs him of the fate of the two perpetrators. Areski, the corrupt chief official of the first part who killed chief Charas, disappeared because he left his wife and baby to flee the country. Areski’s partner in service and in crime. , Marco, was left handcuffed in a barn by Lino after killing the mechanic’s beloved younger brother, Quentin. At this point, Lino immediately questions Julia about Marco’s arrest, knowing that this man would be the only clue to finding Areski. However, Julia replies that when she arrived at the barn, Marco somehow got rid of the handcuffs and fled the scene. Six months pass and Lino recovers from all his injuries, but the man remains determined to find Marco and Areski. Almost obsessed with this very personal mission, he regularly stalks Areski’s wife Stella in hopes that her estranged husband will one day contact her.

Stella herself has given up hope and even knows about Lino’s deeds and urges him to end his obsession. The police also try to convince Lino, but all the stalking pays off when three armed men break into Stella’s apartment one night. Lino, keeping a close eye on things, steps in to save the woman and her child, while it turns out that the intruders were sent by Areski or the men he worked for. As a sort of reward for his actions, brings Julia  Lino back to the police command, and a year later he’s back on the road driving a repaired and modified Renault 21, the same legendary car he once owned. Lino is unaware at all times that Julia and her boss,  police officer Moss,  arrested Marco at the barn that day. Although they decided to keep this a secret from the vengeful Lino, they knew that Marco and Areski weren’t the only ones working with the criminals and now they hoped to bring down all the dirty cops.

How Does Lino Fight Against All The Corrupt Forces Trying To Cover Up Charas’ Murder?

The main villain this time turns out to be the corrupt head of the narcotics police, Alexander Resz, although Resz himself never appears. Instead, it’s always his trusted henchman Yuri who brings up all the troubles in Lino’s Way. It turns out that Resz was the main coordinator and let Areski and Marco do whatever they did, which is why he now wants Marco dead. However, since the police hid the man in a remote barn under witness protection, he must first use his to search for him and confirm his whereabouts. Once they do, one of them calls  Lino and tells him that his dying foster mother wants to meet him and gives him the address of the barn. You know very well that Lino couldn’t control himself and would kill. Marco, which would benefit them greatly. Lino goes to the crime scene and finds Marco, but pauses to seek further answers as to why his own police kept this from him. As they run to HQ and ask Moss about it, Yuri and his men arrive at the scene and attempt to arrest Marco by force as they report directly to the Narcotics Division.

Even though he wanted to, Moss couldn’t prevent it because the bureaucratic arrangement didn’t allow him to question his superiors. However, Lino remains ready for such an event and uses a  grenade to create a distraction and get Marco away from the police station. After a long action scene, he finally drives off with his new hostage, Marco, hiding in the back of his Renault 21. Lino makes new relationships and friends, the first of which is a new lover in the form of Stella. Ever since her husband left her and their baby and  Lino saved her from the invaders who wanted to kill her, Stella and Lino become close friends and later lovers. The man also takes responsibility for the baby, and Stella now gives him her approval to carry out the important mission he has set out to do. The other new accomplice and character introduced in this film is a Spanish policeman named Álvaro, who was also an acquaintance of Charas. By helping illegally traffic fast drugs (methamphetamine), Areski and Marco had also misled Spanish officials, as the drug had mainly entered Spain from France. For this reason, Álvaro is also looking for Marco. , and Lino uses this to get the man away from the French police who were trying to protect him. Meanwhile, Julia calls  Lino and asks him to give Marcoup as well, saying that the French police are preparing a case against Resz, for which they needed Marco to lead 

incriminating pieces of evidence. But Lino denies that he trusts the police more and intends to bring his brother’s killer to justice himself. He informs Álvaro that he has his target and then hands him over to the Spanish police fighting their way past the French border. Meanwhile, Lino is being pursued by Julia and her men, and when she catches up to him, the trunk of his car is empty and Marco is already being taken back to Spain. However, tight security at all borders causes Álvaro and his men to take a different route, and here they are intercepted by Reisz’s men. They’re being stalked by those corrupt cops, and Lino knows it from before.

To make sure Marco is safe, he uses the iconic blade extensions on his car’s bumper, which also appear in “Lost Bullet”. Only this time, the master mechanic managed to run electricity through these extensions and destroy all enemy cars in minutes. In the end, however, Álvaro’s van crashes and Marco escapes to be taken to Julia’s car. Fearing that this would mean Marco would not face punishment, Lino goes after Julia and tries to wreck her car as well, but the woman was also an illegal auto mechanic and racer before her time with the police and manages to steal Linos’ destroyed car. . The French police arrive and arrest Lino, although Julia doesn’t want that, but ordered them directly in Moss. Julia calls her boss and threatens to hand Marco over to the Spanish police if Lino is arrested, but in the end, she too is forced to do her duty. Julia is also now angry that a deal was made to protect Macro and forgive him if he helps the police. At the same time, however, Yuri remains in place and just as he is about to kill all three, a wounded Álvaro runs over and shoots Yuri and his partner dead. Marco gets into the police car that Lino was tied up in and drives off to save himself. But Lino manages to stop him, and now they appear to have crossed the Spanish border as Lino drags Marco to a local restaurant.

What Happens To Lino, Marco, And Julia At The End?

At the restaurant, Lino asks the waiter to call the police, but Marco has one last trick up his sleeve. Suddenly he stabs Lino twice with a knife. Although the wound is severe, Lino manages to stay alive and Julia now arrives at the scene with the shotgun cocked and ready. But Marco has already taken the server hostage and tells Julia to drop her gun. Since Lino also agrees, Julia has no choice but to agree to the lawsuit because they don’t want that. risking the life of innocent Viewers. In doing so, however, he manages to distract Marco and a fight ensues, during which he accidentally shoots the man in the chest. As Julia sits there in shock, contemplating what she just did, Lino shoots Marco a second time after fatally shooting the only one, putting an end to the corrupt cop. While Lino may be doing this to shield Julia from any official guilt, to make it appear like he was the one who killed the witness, Lino also in a way avenges his brother’s death by revealing his killer.

Back at police headquarters, Julia Moss tells the truth about what happened, but the officer insists that the report to be filed must mention that it was Lino who killed the witness and not the police chief himself. . However, Julia is fed up with lying for Moss and now she finally walks away and quits the police service. While Lino remains in custody, a man enters a junkyard and asks for a very specific item. A wrecked Renault 21, the same one once owned by Charas and later used by Lino, had been taken to the scrapyard and wrecked while the items inside were carefully stowed away. These items, including the talisman Charas carried in his car, are now carried by this man, who turned out to be Areski. The corrupt cop from the first film doesn’t appear in the second part, only to make a brief appearance at the end, suggesting that the Lost Bullet franchise isn’t over yet. Also with Julia now out of the police. Strength, he will likely team up with Lino to take on Areski and Resz in the next installment. Or, if there were more twists, Areski himself could regret his past crimes and join the two in a fight against Resz

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