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Look Both Ways 2: Will there be a Sequel to the Netflix Film?

Look Both Ways 2: Everything you need to know about, renewed or canceled, cast plot, and release date.

This article examines whether there will be Look Both Ways 2, a sequel to the Netflix film Look Both Ways (2022), and will contain spoilers. You can read our spoiler-free review by clicking on these words. Look Both Ways (2022) follows Natalie (Lili Reinhart) on the eve of her college graduation.

Her life falls into parallel realities: one in which she becomes pregnant and stays in her hometown to raise her child, and another in which she moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. Run. It is based on the novel by Jason Reynolds and illustrated by Alexander Nabaum.

Look Both Ways 2 Renewed or Canceled?

Image Credit: Netflix

As of August 17, Netflix hasn’t announced whether Look Both Ways 2 will be coming. However, I think it’s a one-shot film. Look Both Ways ended with no loose ends. In fact, it ends in a way that seems it was how it was doing to end. In the timeline where Natalie becomes pregnant, she was asked to attend a panel of successful animators at the South by Southwest Film Festival. It also ends with Gabe.

In the alternate timeline, Natalie’s animated short is selected for a competition at the South by Southwest Film Festival, and she ends up with Jake. Things are going well for Natalie in both timelines. She understands the boy and her animation career seems to be heading in the right direction.

However, there is a possibility that Netflix could greenlight a sequel to the film. If Look Both Ways gets a lot of buzzes and is seen by a good number of people, Netflix could give it the green light. Still not likely. I’ll just have to wait and see. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for new updates for Look Both Ways 2.

Look Both Ways 2 Release Date

The Netflix film premiered on Netflix on August 17, 2022. It is the first film that portrays both sides of a situation very well. The cursed statement “What if?” it can plague anyone, and this movie proves it all. If anything, it shows how you can move forward and take those risks to focus on your journey as an individual.

We still don’t know if Netflix will make a sequel to this film as there is also no sequel to the novel written by Jason Reynolds. Natalie’s story is also perfectly tied to the ending of this film.

Look Both Ways 2 Cast

  • Lili Reinhart
  • Danny Ramirez
  • Aisha Dee
  • David Corenswet
  • Luke Wilson
  • Andrea Savage

Look Both Ways 2 Plot

Image Credit: Netflix

What would be interesting in a sequel to this film would be Natalie choosing a side. The writer of the next movie needs to focus on Natalie and her family, or Natalie and her animation career in Los Angeles. The question is which would be more interesting.

To the audience? Or maybe they could show both sides again throughout the movie to see how much he’s learned in each part of his life. Anyhow, Lili Reinhart’s Natalie is a delight to watch and a sequel that does both. Looking back at realities maybe in five years’ time to see how much has changed would work well.

Is look both ways a movie?

Look Both Ways is split into two films. In one story, Natalie goes to Los Angeles with Cara, has a nice meeting with a handsome and sensitive aspiring producer named Jake (David Corenswet), and finds work at a studio as an assistant to her idol Lucy (Nia Long), a pioneering animator.

In the other version, Natalie moves in with her parents, Rick and Tina (Luke Wilson and Andrea Savage, great together), stunned at first but eventually loving and understanding, while Gabe settles into a nearby Apartment and proves to be a solid guy in charge, a good father and would marry Natalie if she gave him a chance of triumphs and setbacks.

There are no real villains in “Look Both Ways” (almost all of them are SO NICE) and there are no major tragedies in any of the takes; We only have two equally compelling and equally realistic stories, and it’s thanks to the writing and the actors that we’re not sure which path we’d rather have for Natalie. We’re getting two rom-com for the price of one here, with Lili Reinhart doing a great job and reminding me more than a little of the late lovely Brittany Murphy with her attractive, slightly goofy, and utterly endearing screen presence.

What is look both ways by Jason Reynolds about?

Image result for Look Both Ways 2 A collection of ten stories about different groups of children walking home from school and everything that happens to them along the way. This walk, Reynolds believes, is one of the few experiences children have where they can feel a certain sense of autonomy over themselves.

What is the genre of looking both ways?

Fiction is any creative work, primarily any narrative work, that depicts people, events, or places in a way that is imaginary or inconsistent with story, fact, or plausibility. More specifically, “fiction” refers to narratives written in prose, particularly novels, novellas, and short stories.

What happens at the end of looking both ways?

Image Credit: Netflix

“I am so devastated by what happened with Roe v. Wade because it affects so many people, not just in the US, but all policies that have been funded internationally as a result,” Kenyan Kahiu said. While this movie isn’t necessarily about choices, I love how it tells every young woman that it doesn’t matter how your life goes, if you really follow your heart, you’ll be good.

You make the right decision for yourself. Reinhart emphasizes the idea that the good intentions and perseverance of the human spirit will always win, regardless of systemic or other obstacles.

“There’s a happy ending here, and there’s no life that’s worse or better than the other,” Reinhart tells Variety. Options and your life don’t have to look a certain way for you to feel happy. As much as I’d like to believe that what Reinhart says is true, even as a relatively optimistic young adult, I found it hard not to flinch.

My way through Look Both Ways. Maybe I’ve seen too much to believe that everything always works out. In 2022, it’s hard, and maybe even a little naive, not to be cynical about lifeways. But pretending that everything always works out is not a solution either.

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