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Is Young Royals Season 3 Coming to an End? Was it Cancelled?

Young royals season 4 release date

The story of Wilhelm and Simon will conclude with Young Royals Season 3 ; this is the background to the Swedish teen drama’s 2024 finale. The Netflix season finale of Young Royals will debut on March 18, 2024.

  • The success of Young Royals was not the reason behind its closure; instead, the creator aimed to tell the tale in three parts. 
  • Young Royals will conclude with its third season as intended by co-creator Lisa Ambjörn, making it one of the exceptions in LGBTQ+ TV shows.
  • Even though Young Royals was not canceled, many are upset with the show’s third-season finale because there is less and less LGBTQ+ presence on television.

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Despite becoming an instant hit among Netflix’s non-English TV series, the teen drama Young Royals is scheduled to conclude with its third and final season. 

Here’s why. Young Royals’s primary setting is the fictional, opulent boarding school Hillerska. It chronicles the turbulent romance between Wilhelm, the heir apparent (Edvin Ryding), and Simon, a fellow student who can only attend Hillerska because of a scholarship.

Young royals season 4 episode 1

Along with intervention from Wilhelm’s second cousin, August (Malte Gårdinger), the two’s conflicts stem from their very different upbringings and lives.

Young Royals gained popularity fast; the week following its debut, season 1 of the show jumped to Netflix’s Global Top 10 of non-English TV series and was viewed for 9.8 million hours. 

In just two weeks, Young Royals season 2 surpassed the viewership of season 1, debuting third on the same list and holding the eighth spot for an additional week. During that time, the show received 25 million hours of combined viewing. Given its success, many were surprised to see Young Royals renewed for a third and final season despite the show’s devoted fan base. Nevertheless, the reasons for its cancellation are not as tragic as those of other TV series endings.

It Was Not Cancelled: Young Royals Season 3

Young Royals did not end, unlike many other LGBTQ+ TV shows that were canceled. Co-creator and head writer Lisa Ambjörn stated in a statement to Netflix at the time of the show’s announcement that she had always envisaged the story of Young Royals to be told in three parts, making the adolescent drama one of the exceptions in the landscape of LGBTQ+ TV shows concluding. 

young royals season 3 release date

Ambjörn also acknowledged in the statement how much the fans had contributed to the plot and thanked them for enabling them to “finish this saga as intended.”

On March 11, 2024, the first five episodes of Young Royals season 3 premiered on Netflix.

Lisa Ambjörn, the creator of Young Royals, had planned a three-season series.

This sets Young Royals apart from other TV shows, whose cancellation didn’t give them a chance to finish the story as the creators intended. Season 1 focuses on Wilhelm and Simon falling in love, season 2 handles the aftermath of August’s actions against them, and season 3 has them openly date each other. Young Royals tells its story in three acts, as it was always intended. Ambjörn also added in an Instagram post that one thing she knew in 2019 when she first started thinking about the story was “how it was all gonna end.”

Young royals season 4 cast

Why Is It Still Disappointing Not to See Young Royals Season 3?

The conclusion of Young Royals season three is a little less depressing because it concludes the plot the way Ambjörn always intended for the teen drama. The show will not only avoid ending on a cliffhanger, as several shows have done when they abruptly canceled before their time, but it will also wind down in the manner and according to the schedule that has always been intended to provide a satisfying resolution to its narrative. Even still, it is regrettable that there won’t be a Young Royals season 4, given how the show featured a fan-favorite LGBTQ+ pair and never shied away from tackling challenging subjects.

According to GLAAD’s 2023 Where We Are On TV study, tales featuring LGBTQ+ characters as protagonists were disproportionately impacted by TV show cancellations in 2023; of all LGBTQ+ characters counted in the research, 24% did not return to the screens the following year. Even though Young Royals was not canceled, the show’s refusal to return for a fourth season ensures that the complex, varied, and LGBTQ+-focused narrative acclaimed by both reviewers and viewers will not continue, even if it succeeds in achieving its goals. Thus, Young Royals’ demise adds to the disturbing trend of decreased LGBTQ+ representation together with the absence of new LGBTQ+-inclusive TV series.

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