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Inside Man Ending Explained: What happened to Janice in Inside Man?

The worst-case scenario, with Harry’s mission to protect everyone else, ends up causing heavy casualties. Over the course of four episodes, the local village vicar (played by David Tennant) is pushed to the brink of his own mortality after an inappropriate prank. On behalf of his son Ben, he tricked the math teacher Janice into believing that the boy had an interest in child pornography. 

He assumed it was normal porn for his father’s sake when Janice opened the files. Now, Harry is desperately trying to convince Janice that her son is not a pedophile, and his pleas only serve to reassure her that the teenager deserves it. reported to the police. It’s literally the worst series of unfortunate events since A Series of Unfortunate Events, as the outcome ends with Janice locked in the family basement and Harry reconciling himself to blaming himself for possessing child pornography in order to kill his son protect, and murder by carbon commits carbon monoxide poisoning (according to Encouragement from his wife Mary). 

Things get even worse when, unbeknownst to his parents, Ben finds himself locked in the basement with her. Meanwhile, in the US, British reporter Beth Davenport has hired a criminal psychologist on death row to track down Janice, who sent her a blurry but eerie visual message in the struggle before her kidnapping. Can she find out who took her from across the Atlantic? And will he ever solve his own crime? This is how the last episode went and what happened to our main characters.

What happened to Janice in Inside Man?

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Janice is definitely the worst woman to kidnap if you’re planning to kidnap someone. Cunning, cunning, and manipulative, she wastes no time spreading her DNA through blood and urine in the family basement, knowing it would secure her conviction if she found out. A loner by nature, her only commitments are work and a weekly video call with her sister in Canada. The vicar’s house when they find that she is missing. However, his intelligence does not extend to “listening for more than five minutes” and refuses to believe Harry and Mary’s protests that their son is innocent and that going to the police would ruin his life sooner. it has even started.

Eventually, they realize that if they release her, they won’t be able to stop her from going to the police and that their attempts to manipulate each other weren’t entirely successful, so they decide to kill her. Only Ben notices. She is in the basement before the plan begins, and Harry accidentally locks him in with Janice before sealing the door and allowing a malfunctioning space heater to do its job and fill the room with carbon monoxide. The room fills with poison gas, she tries to get Ben to call the police for her mother and father, but in her delusional state, he hits her with a hammer. When Harry comes downstairs to check on her, she appears to be dead. He decides to endure the heat for his son and discovers that she is still (barely) alive. He commits death and is stopped by Beth, who has finally found where Janice is.

​​What happened to Harry and Mary?

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We still can’t determine if Harry and Mary deserve the Best or Worst Dad award. They promise to protect their son, but they really do it in a stupid way. Harry gets a martyr complex once when Mary decides that Janice had to die. He springs back into action and decides to “do what’s right for his family” and kill them himself. He then drops Mary off in front of the house, handing her only a laptop and coat through a window, before settling inside the house and waiting. the gas to do his thing. He even ignores her multiple frantic calls and lies to Ben about what he’s doing, which is even more stupid considering Ben was downstairs and needed rescuing, but he didn’t bring it up.

Meanwhile, Mary finds Janice’s keys in her coat pocket and decides to hide there, putting her laptop there to hide evidence that she was ever in the house. But what he doesn’t expect is to run into Beth, who, with the help of a friend of Grieff’s, has broken into Janice’s house to track her down. Beth and Mary have a minor argument, but Mary is clearly terrified and not much of a killer and reaches for a bread knife. and severed Beth’s arm in one punch before helping with the wound. As they try to leave the house, Beth falls down the stairs and Mary uses them to escape, but Beth isn’t far behind.

When Mary calls Harry and leaves a voicemail, Beth catches up with her on the street. In an attempt to escape from the intrusive reporter, Mary steps out onto a street and drives straight into the lane of an industrial truck. die now, and now Beth has her phone to track where Janice is. (It’s not exactly ethical to steal a dead woman’s phone while she’s lying on the street, Beth, but go. When Beth and her new friend Morag drive to Harry’s house, things have completely escalated, and a blood-soaked Ben runs down the street away from the crime scene.

Beth breaks into the house just in time to stop Harry from killing Janice, but he turns against her and eventually pushes her to the limit after all her efforts at being “nice” have made things worse. In an attempt to kill her, he is stopped when an excavation team sent by Grieff arrives in the basement.

What happened to Grieff?

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Despite his captivity on the other side of the world, Jefferson Grieff is always a man with a plan. In fact, he was able to determine where Janice was fairly easily after his staff looked up her Facebook profile and tracked her down. Daily. The wily criminologist, who is in prison for the brutal murder and beheading of his wife, sent an excavation team to Harry’s house under the illusion that he  buried said woman’s head in his basement  because to this day he has never revealed where it landed in

Me just saying that if it ever came out, he would reveal exactly why he had to kill her in the first place. His wife was a gangster’s daughter, and even a brutal blow from him was not enough to get him out of the tomb. But lying about the position of his head meant he was guaranteed the death penalty and his time would be up in a matter of weeks.

He later arranged a phone call with Harry, who was arrested and is now in jail for everything he did to Janice. Together, the two reflect on their respective crimes, knowing they each had a “reason.” even if he was seriously wrong. Despite it all, Grieff still refuses to reveal where Rachel’s head is or what exactly prompted him to kill her the way he did. Instead, he says to Harry, “That’s a story for another day, maybe you’re the one who told it. You and I are now the same.” “There are moments when we all become murderers. And with that, the men are left in their separate prisons, each doomed in their own way.”

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