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I Hate Christmas Ending Explained.

I Hate Christmas Netflix Ending Explained.

It’s jingle bell season, but not everyone likes the sound. It’s easy to categorize Christmas haters as the grin of humanity. After all, why not get together with family, eat cake, receive gifts from Santa, and celebrate the love you share with everyone? But it can’t be ignored that we live in a society that focuses on only one kind of love: romantic, the kind you get from someone important. And the answer is in the same term: when you don’t have a “significant person,” you are assumed to be missing something “significant,” and your life is not as complete or your struggles are not as valid as those who formed a family unit. Singleness is not celebrated; it is tolerated. The guise of tolerance has, of course, changed over the years.

Think about it: Being in a relationship is celebrated on many holidays and seen as an achievement. But being single is considered “okay”. “ Is it an equal choice or a level playing field? Not to mention the accompanying pity or condescension that is not excluded from the conversation around the table during the holidays. No wonder so many people are afraid to go home because of this, Gianna is one of them. “I Hate Christmas” is her story as she tries to make her Christmas a little more bearable. Here’s how she does it.

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Gianna’s Quest To Find A Boyfriend

I Hate Christmas is about Gianna, a 30-year-old nurse who has been single for some time. Tired of her family’s constant passive-aggressive reminders of her singleness and the implications of her “taking her time,” she lies to her that she has a boyfriend she’s bringing to  Christmas dinner. Your search begins here: Find a friend in 24 days. Gianna’s friends Didi, Margherita, and Caterina decide to help her. Didi is a woman of the World that knows her stuff and is confidently single while living her life. Caterina hasn’t dated anyone yet, but she’s in love with  Thomas, a guy who works at the restaurant and Caterina believes is leaving origami for her. Margherita is Gianna’s sister,  an overworked housewife with an absent and ungrateful husband. Four women of the same age but with very different lives. Three years ago, Francesco broke up with Gianna, who is now married and has a child. But she hasn’t been with anyone since then, until now when she started dating again. He’s having some success with his endeavors, though it’s a wild mix. There’s a guy who feels a little inconsiderate and undermines her job as a nurse, then there’s another guy named Marco who gets obsessed and angry when she rejects him, and finally, there’s a third guy named Carlo who acts like a prince on dates feels a lock and that he is sending her nice clothes, but he proves too stubborn, which is why she leaves.

No one denies that dating is like swimming in a sea of ​​garbage, but Gianna is scared of showing herself out there. Her friends point this out to her, and when she agrees to “let her hair down,” she goes on a Tinder date with a guy named Davide. This goes surprisingly well and continues into the next morning when Gianna realizes she’s still in high school. Confirmed that he is 19 years old, which means that everything What she has done is legal and she is talking to her friends about it. Meanwhile, there is another person who takes an interest in her: one of her patients at the hospital, former Congressman Dante Crisanti. She looks forward to her date with him, but things only get worse when her parents end up in the same place as them, on a boat in the middle of the sea. As they all hang out together, it turns out that Gianna’s mother, Marta and Dante Cristani,  dated in college. Tired of everything Situation, Gianna leaves and finds herself at Davide’s house where she is spending the night. It looks like they have something, but luck isn’t on their side. He jokes about how he could have fallen in love with Davide. Brother.

It triggers something and he ends up not calling her for days. While we can understand that there are ups and downs in dating, what we don’t understand is how she can meet so many men. It’s a statistical impossibility to meet more than one decent man in a month, but she has no shortage of suitors, and that’s in 24 days, too. To make matters worse, Carlo (Prince Charming) reenters her world by sending over a hundred roses to her workplace. Even Dr. Umberto begins to take an interest in her, although Gianna doesn’t notice. It really might be the neatest pair you could make. Another person who is interested in Gianna is a woman in the hospital named Nina, although she hasn’t yet. to move something. Everything comes to a head at the Christmas party at his workplace when Marco, Carlo, Umberto, and Nina are all together in one place. Marco and Carlo get into an argument, leading Gianna to explode about how difficult it is to navigate this maze while trying to stay true to herself. That was the night Nina Gianna expresses her feelings. We can speculate that something would have happened if Gianna was in a better place mentally, but at this point, she decides to end it after those precious 5 minutes. One might wonder if love is really on the horizon for Gianna. But we think I Hate Christmas makes us question how we define love as a concept. Yes, we’ve all read and heard that there are different kinds of love in life:  love from parents, love from friends, and most importantly, the love you have for yourself. But it also cannot be overlooked that not all love is celebrated equally with romantic love. It is considered the highest emotional achievement.

The situation is even worse for women, who have always been viewed in terms of their relationships with other men and their roles as daughter, sister, friend, wife, and then mother. under the threat of a ticking biological clock. And haven’t we all heard the phrase that motherhood “makes a woman complete”? With all this pressure, how can anyone, especially a woman, learn and accept that being alone is enough? While they know they are good enough as independent individuals, there remains a deep sense of anxiety brought on by an overly commercial world that stamps their money and grants social acceptance to couples rather than individuals. And it’s a sad reality that individual acceptance doesn’t mean the world stops teasing or judging you. How not to feel the pressure? How do you start believing that being alone isn’t wrong after all?

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It’s a Journey in its own 

This is the journey that Gianna takes. She sees her sister Margherita doing all the duties expected of her and more, but it’s the facade of a husband taking her for granted, a reality of most women who have “found love” and “make love.” a ring on him.” There’s also Matilde, a woman in Gianna’s care who has lived a life on her terms without a single societal concern, and she wouldn’t change a thing. Then there’s Patrizio, an addict who died in blames the woman in his life for not doing the emotional work for him.

Gianna puts him in his place, making him concerned about these women’s mental health and limitations. And finally, there’s an absolutely lovely man named Diego who never wants to go back to Gianna until one day she does. he knows that he is deaf. Gianna has always been wary of her mother’s judgment, who has made it very clear several times that she doesn’t think highly of her single daughter, who is a nurse. She can’t believe  Dante Crisanti would date her daughter as he’s very successful which means she thinks her daughter isn’t. She also gives him expired yogurt for Christmas while his other kids get the flavors. So Gianna is reluctant to ask Davide to be her date for  Christmas dinner, but her father tells her to do whatever she wants. Gianna decides to follow her heart and bake a heart-shaped cake for her birthday. She gets there, and she finds him with another girl. Regardless, she tells him she likes him, but he replies that while he thinks she’s cool, he wants to explore the world instead of being in a relationship. Gianna is heartbroken and gets drunk with Margherita and Thomas. As they walk the streets of the city that night, he sees his father with another woman. She runs home crying, but her friends take care of her. a twist, they spend the night together.

Gianna is still heartbroken that she always treasured her parents’ marriage. Seeing that their relationship is far from perfect makes them reevaluate their entire mental compass when it comes to love. She accepts that her best friend Didi takes Marco seriously. But good things happen when he talks to his brother and realizes that no one lives a perfect life. There is also a degree of acceptance of reciprocity in love and the way it finds us. This happens to Diego, who turns out to be the one leaving the origami to Caterina, and they get together towards the end. Gianna’s head nurse, who is always hard on her, turns out to be in a benevolent Christmas spirit when she offers to cover her shift.

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Who Comes To Dinner With Gianna’s Family?

It was practically an open secret at Christmas dinner that Marta and Pietro would soon be breaking up. This is one of the reasons why this holiday was so important for parents because it is their last chance to express themselves to their children as a family and not as individuals as in the future. Marta finally shows her daughter some love, but we don’t think much of it. Gianna is an afterthought for her mother. Something that needs to be understood here is that Marta She had left home because she believed she had lost her life by marrying early. But then it turned out that he did love his family. That was the choice she knew and understood, and the memory of the alternative was filled with dread. Therefore, when he sees his daughter happy with her single life, he does not muster the wisdom to appreciate it. This will probably never change in his lifetime.

While people are waiting for Gianna’s boyfriend, the doorbell rings and it’s her friends Diego and Caterina. Then Marco and Didi come, followed by Matilde and also Thomas. They are all friends of Gianna and she invites them instead of her boyfriend. her statement that she is far from alone and has people in her life who care and care about her. It is a beautiful message and an example of how people can come together in love and are not constrained by the ideas of fellowship.

Just as everyone is about to calm down, the bell rings again. It’s for Gianna, and the smile on her face suggests her Christmas just got better. It doesn’t say anything about the person other than that it’s a romantic date. Now there are three possibilities: Carlo, who we thought had started to like him; Umberto, who confessed his feelings to her, and finally, although it’s an exaggeration, Davide. We can exclude Carlo because it seems too much to think that he would visit her at her house, especially after the misunderstanding. It could be Umberto, and he’s our favorite option. But there was something about the way Gianna smiled. It was the smile of love as if a part of her had wanted and allowed that person’s presence. Umberto would have bought a pleasantly surprised look, not the soft glow we saw, so we think it might have been Davide. He may still be planning to leave, but there’s no reason not to spend Christmas with the woman he likes before heading to Bali. Or we got Gianna wrong, and it’s Umberto after all. As I said, it’s our preferred option.

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Final Thoughts 

When we watched the overwhelming number of Christmas movies this season, we complained that this side of Christmas wasn’t shown. Christmas is supposed to be about love, but somehow that’s also reserved for romantic partners. It was a show like “I Hate Christmas,” showcasing the journey of accepting and celebrating the choices of choosing different kinds of love instead of just making the general gibberish about “it’s okay to be alone.” It’s fine more than that; In fact, it should be celebrated just like being with someone.

But we as a society still have a long way to go before we understand and appreciate the difference between loneliness and being alone. swing. “I Hate Christmas” is perhaps our favorite Christmas clock that we turn to not only every holiday season but whenever we feel the pressure of being with someone to reach out to us. We have a strong feeling that people in relationships  might not like it very much, but we would still recommend it. A great show for a pleasant holiday.

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