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House of the Dragon Episode 10 Ending Explained: Is Lucerys Velaryon Dead Or Alive?

It is often said that there is no greater misfortune than greed. Westeros bore the brunt of greed and lust for power. Otto’s mission had been successful. One of them now sat on the Iron Throne. The irony was that the house, which boasted of its moral superiority, had not only broken its oath but also manipulated the truth in its favour. The Hightowers didn’t want to accept that they had done anything wrong. The Greens had seized control of King’s Landing and made Aegon II Targaryen King of the Seven Kingdoms. Towards the end of the ninth episode of “House of the Dragon”, we saw that Rhaenys somehow managed to save her life and escape from the Red Keep. She was able to get past the guards and into the dragon pit.

He mounted Medleys and went straight to Dragonstone to tell Rhaenyra Targaryen what had happened. The stage was set for an epic showdown. The fate of Westeros rested in the hands of the few in power. Let’s find out. what drives the motivation of these powerhouses in the season finale of “House of the Dragon”?

Rhaenys Velaryon Arrives In Dragonstone With News Of Viserys’ Demise

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“We don’t choose our fate,” Rhaenyra said in the tenth episode of “House of the Dragon” as she calmed a terrified Lucerys. He feared that he could not fill in Lord Corlys Velaryon’s footsteps. He said he didn’t want to be  Lord of the Tides. Rhaenyra told her young man that she too was scared when she was told that she would become the heir to the Iron Throne. He was very young and I don’t understand the enormous responsibility he gave himself to it. There was a thoughtful expression on Lucerys’ face. He told his mother that he wasn’t as perfect as she was. In a world where everyone wanted to seize power, where people’s souls were steeped in greed. , there was a boy who wanted nothing for himself. He did not consider himself worthy of such an important and prestigious title.

He was honest with himself and also with others. Rhaenyra told him she would have his support every step of the way. She told him that like her father, she would never leave his side. Their conversation was interrupted by Ser Lorent. He told Rhaenyra that Princess Rhaenys Velaryon had just arrived at Dragonstone and wished for an audience with Daemon and Rhaenyra. Until that moment, Rhaenyra had no idea what had happened at King’s Landing. Rhaenys met with Daemon and Rhaenyra and told them that Viserys Targaryen was dead. She told them that Aegon II Targaryen had been crowned king by the High Septon in the Dragonpit in the presence of thousands of people.

Rhaenyra couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She couldn’t believe her best friend Alicent could betray her like that. Rhaenyra was pregnant at the time and went into labor, perhaps as a result of the heinous events. that had happened at Kings Landing. Daemon accused Alicent of poisoning his brother and cursed Rhaenys for not doing anything about Hightowers. He asked her why she didn’t burn her alive when she had her dragon Meleys by her side. Rhaenys was a sensible woman. He wasn’t like Daemon and other men who lost their temper and ended up doing irrational things. Rhaenys just didn’t want to be the one who start the war. I didn’t feel empowered. He warned Rhaenyra that the Greens would come for her and her children. He advised her to leave Dragonstone as soon as possible.

Rhaenyra Targaryen Becomes The Queen Of Seven Kingdoms

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While talking to Rhaenyra, Rhaenyra went into labor and realized her baby was brooding. He felt excruciating pain. She had been pregnant five times before, but this time it was excruciatingly difficult. In her condition, Rhaenyra was still thinking about her father’s death and the coup that Alicent and Otto Hightower had orchestrated. She still couldn’t accept that her own boyfriend had stabbed her so badly in the back. He called his children Jacaerys and Lucerys and told them about the situation. He told them that Aegon had been made king. Rhaenyra knew that in her absence, Daemon would wage war and ruin everything. He wanted his children to be in control of him. She told them not to do anything until the orders came directly from her. Daemon heard his wife’s screams, but never once tried to control her. She called out to him, but he was busy planning and planning. He was angry and now he had a reason to destroy King’s Landing.

He had a reason to vent his anger. Nothing was more important to him than killing Otto and Alicent. But Jacaerys came to court and told him  Rhaenyra ordered him not to do anything in her absence. Rhaenyra had given birth to a stillborn baby and it was a miracle that the baby survived. Unlike her mother, she took her fate into her own hands and decided to get the baby out. Rhaenyra was devastated by her loss. With her daughter’s death, she felt like a part of her had died too. After the excruciating pain, Rhaenyra had felt during her pregnancy, her body had become inaccessible to anything else. She felt numb. She couldn’t see anything. Ser Erryk came to Dragonstone during the funeral. He had brought the crown that Viserys used to wear. He recognized Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne and addressed her as the queen. Daemon carefully placed the crown on Rhaenyra as he once placed it on his ailing brother. They all knelt before Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen. A dream came true at that moment. The impossible dream a little girl saw to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Rhaenys had told him that the men would see the kingdom burn, but they would not. I accept no queen on the iron throne. Rhaenys stood and watched as Rhaenyra did something she had always wanted to do. Rhaenyra became queen, and Rhaenys won with her too. She had stood up for them from the start. She may not have said it explicitly, but she always wanted Rhaenyra to prove her wrong. The Lady of the Seven Kingdoms entered the room full of men and eventually took over.

Otto Hightower Comes With Terms To Dragonstone

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Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen wanted to assess the situation. He wanted to keep the kingdom together. He didn’t want to go to war before exhausting all his options. He hoped House Arryn would side with her, since his mother, Aemma Arryn, belonged to that house. Rhaenyra was also very sure of House Baratheon. She assumed that Borros Baratheon,  Lord of Storm’s End, would not act against her. Rhaenyra and Daemon knew that once the Baratheons swore allegiance to them, Winterfell would follow them as well. It seemed that Daemon was desperate to go to war. He said they had more dragons than the green ones. They had three adult dragons: Syrax, Caraxes, and Meleys, and Vermax, Arrax, Tyraxes, and Moondancer. Aside from these, they also had several unclaimed dragons; Vermithor is the eldest of them. Ser Erryk came and interrupted their conversation by telling them of the arrival of an unwelcome guest. Daemon Targaryen and Otto Hightower stand on the Dragonstone Bridge as they once did in the second episode of House of the Dragon. ” Rhaenyra made a dramatic entrance on the dragon’s back. Otto addressed her as Princess Rhaenyra, and she corrected him by saying that she is now the queen. Otto asked him to recognize Aegon as the only true king. If he did, he would be allowed to keep the Dragon Stone, which would then pass to his son Viserys. He also said that he would offer his sons positions of honor and respect at court.

Otto also offered to pardon all knights and lords who had conspired against the Iron Throne and committed treason. Daemon despised him and told him that he would rather feed his children to the dragons than ask them to serve the degenerate usurper. Otto said something that caught Rhaenyra’s attention. Otto said that he was in talks with House Baratheon, Tully, and Stark and that they had shown interest in accepting King Aegon’s generous terms. Rhaenyra knew that if what he had said were true,  she would be left without allies. Otto knew that Rhaenyra still had a soft spot for her childhood friend, Alicent. She had brought back a torn page from a book that reminded Rhaenyra of the good old days when she had a nice bond with Alicent. He told her that Alicent still held Rhaenyra in high esteem, so she wanted them both to be okay without fighting each other. Daemon was ready to kill Otto and his men on the spot, but Rhaenyra stopped him. Otto was a cunning man and could break through his subconscious. Rhaenyra told Otto that she would give him the answer within a day. Rhaenyra wanted to consider his offer. He wanted to save his people from anger. from war. He knew that when dragons went to war, everything burned down.

He was very clear that he did not want to rule a kingdom of bones and ashes. He wanted to preserve peace and unity. Daemon contradicted her. He told her that the Hightowers had taken away her birthright and that she should not kneel before them. Daemon was very hostile towards Otto. Rhaenyra knew her anger was keeping her from seeing the bigger picture. Rhaenyra asked everyone to leave and told Daemon about the oath she had made. When she told him about the Song of Ice and Fire, Daemon became violent and grabbed her by the neck. He told her that baseless dreams would not make them kings. That’s when he realized that Viserys hadn’t said anything to Daemon. He once asked his father if he really believed the prophecies of Aegon the Conqueror. She felt even more responsible when she realized that her father believed her to be the true heir to the Iron Throne and entrusted her with such a great responsibility.

Lord Corlys Velaryon And Princess Rhaenys Extend Their Support

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Corlys Velaryon had finally recovered. Rhaenys had many complaints about her husband. After losing her two children, Laena and Laenor Velaryon, Corlys moved against the triarchy. He didn’t know what to do now. All his life he had harbored his dream of sitting on the Iron Throne, but without an heir, he knew there was no point in pursuing it. He had left Rhaenys to fend for himself. He had no one to trust in times of need. Rhaenys told him everything that had happened in her absence. Corlys realized she had to end her endless hunt. Her headless ambition didn’t get her anywhere. I wanted to be happy At first, Corlys didn’t want to support Rhaenyra. He said she destroyed everything she touched.

But Rhaenys told her that she was the last thread that held the kingdom together. Rhaenyra was the only obstacle that kept unwise men from making war and destroying everything. After hearing his wife speak highly of Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, Lord Corlys made a decision to support her cause. Lord Corlys entered the room where all the members of the Black Council were arguing and looked at his grandchildren. He paused and said that the rule of Viserys was one of justice and peace. He said that the treason committed by the Hightowers could not be forgiven. The proud lord stood in the Chamber of the Painted Table and declared that House Velaryon would fight at the side of their queen. He bowed his head in awe. Rhaenyra was overwhelmed. He had the support of the largest and most powerful fleet in the Seven Kingdoms. Lord Corlys had other good news to share. He had defeated the Triarchy and taken full control of the Straits. a schooner and they could completely isolate King’s Landing and block all of its trade routes. Princess Rhaenys offered to come and block the esophagus herself. The mood in the room rose. The support of Lord Corlys had turned the tide of battle.

Is Lucerys Velaryon Dead Or Alive?

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In the tenth episode of The House of the Dragon, we saw that Rhaenyra wanted her eldest son Jacaerys to go first to The Eyrie,  seat of House Arryn, and then to Winterfell to meet Cragan Stark. She wanted Lucerys Borros to meet  Baratheon and remind her of her oath. He figured the Baratheons would pledge their allegiance easily and wouldn’t need much convincing. What he didn’t realize, however, was that Otto Hightower had already asked Aemond Targaryen. Visit Storm’sEnd and ask for the hand of one of  Lord Borros Baratheon’s daughters. Lucerys reached the end of Storm and suddenly felt like he saw a giant shadow. He turned and saw Vhagar already standing there. It sent shivers down her spine. At that moment he knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task. He reached the courtyard and saw  Aemond already standing there. Rhaenyra had made it very clear to her children that they would go to different houses as messengers, not warriors. But even if she had said otherwise, Lucerys would not have dared to fight Aemond. Borros Baratheon misread the tone of the message. He felt like Rhaenyra was trying to threaten him while Aemond on the other hand had offered her a marriage bond.

Aemond got there first, and that worked in his favor. Borros Baratheon refused to pledge allegiance to Rhaenyra and asked Lucerys to leave. But how could Aemond let him go without intimidating him? He asked Lucerys to give him one of her eyes. The two nearly got into a fight when Borros Baratheon intervened and told them to stop. A frightened Lucerys mounted her dragon, wanting to leave Storm’s End as soon as possible. But Aemond wasn’t done yet. He pursued the youth of Lucerys. dragon. During the pursuit, we found that neither rider was in full control of their respective dragon. Arrax spits fire at Vhagar of his own accord, which in turn angers the savage beast. Aemond did his best to control Vhagar, but it was too late. Thinking the danger was over, Vhagar came and tore apart both Lucerys and her dragon. The look Aemond wore after seeing Lucerys killed said it all. I knew I had spelled his undoing. News of Lucerys’ death reached Dragonstone. Daemon told Rhaenyra what happened. The last thread that held the kingdom together was broken. Lucerys’ death marked the beginning of the Dragon Dance. Rhaenyra had done her best to unite the kingdom and save her from impending death, but now she had no choice. His innocent son had been taken away. her and she was determined to make the Greens pay the price. In Season 2 of House of the Dragon, we’ll likely witness his revenge. We would know if the blacks are capable of taking over King’s Landing or the Greens are able to maintain and protect their stronghold.

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