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Heartland Season 16 Episode 6 Ending Explained

After two heavier episodes, this week Heartland delivered one that’s a little lighter but still packs a punch and moves the story along. During the episode, we saw a long-awaited reunion where Amy worked with an animal we hadn’t seen before. previously seen on the show and Jack and Lisa are having some ongoing difficulties in their relationship. YouDo you want to know more? Then continue reading this summary of Heartland Season 16 Episode 6!

That’s not a horse

At the beginning of the episode, we saw Amy walking around the youth center grounds with Logan when she received an urgent call from Parker. Parker is part of an online movement that helped shut down a nearby Wild Animal Adventure Zoo. that he abused and neglected his animals, along with a host of other animal rights abuses. And when Parker heard from the people at the animal rights group that there was a problem horse in one of the pens, she volunteered for Amy’s services. Parker misheard, it wasn’t a horse that caused trouble. It was a Zorse. Right, part horse, part zebra. Although the animal wasn’t a horse, at least not quite, Amy was able to get close enough to put a bridle on the horse. And spontaneously she asked the animal rights activist if it was possible to bring the animal to Heartland instead of one of her sanctuaries so that Amy could work with the Zorse and relocate it herself. The animal rights activist agreed, and so Heartland got a new exotic animal. But Amy was cut off from work because the zorse didn’t look like any other animal she had worked with before.

Yes, he is a half horse but also half zebra, a wild animal he knows nothing about. Additionally, years of neglect and lack of training left the animal shy at best. So Amy didn’t know how to gain the Zorse’s trust. First, he gave the Zorse some space and did some research with Logan. In addition, S he considered different options of what to do with the zorse, such as giving him to the wildling pack or giving him to Colette, a horse collector  Amy had worked with in episode 1305. But none of the options seemed right. And when Amy made little progress with the zorse and charged at Parker, who was nearby just about to mount his horse, Micky, things didn’t look so good. But after Finn cleaned the horse’s hooves, the animal seemed calmer. And Logan jokingly suggested the perfect home for the Zorse. Logan: “It’s like Downtown Kids, maybe put it there. Into the land of unwanted outsiders. So Amy released the zorse in one of the fenced fields that belonged to the youth center. It was the perfect place for the animal because there it could feel safe without pressure, a place where it could move freely. And since the zorse seemed to bond with Logan’s horse Challange while the zorse was still at the ranch, Logan followed his instinct and let go of Challenge for a while, also. Two loners who form their little herd.

Stuck between two worlds

Speaking of Finn cleaning the Zorse’s hooves, Heartland Season 16 Episode 6 also saw Amy and Finn seemingly making progress in their relationship. After all the animosity from episode 1604 which seems to come back at the end of that episode, it was still hard to tell where Amy and Finn stood when it came to their friendship and possibly more. And although we’ve seen some development in that regard in this episode, I’d say it’s still BC. big secret. At the beginning of the episode, when Amy was riding with Logan at the youth center, Clint approached her and showed Amy the offer the farrier had given him to re-shoe all the horses at the center. a high number, so Amy Clint suggested contacting a fellow farrier: Finn. And apparently, Finn took the job because Finn stopped by Heartland later in the episode to thank Amy for the job. Finn helped Amy take care of the Zorse’s hooves and opened up a little to her. Finn:: “It seems more like a  horse than a zebra. I kind of feel sorry for him. As if you were being pushed in different directions. I do not know. He has two sides: wild and tame. I get it. I see.

Amy: “Why fight between wild and tame? Finn: I know what it’s like to be caught between two worlds. This little chat seemed to shed some light on what’s going on with Finn this season. as it suggests that Finn is being pulled between two worlds and is trying to figure out which one he belongs to. What are these worlds? We don’t know exactly. But if he had to guess, it would be a wilder world in Kindersley, which made him wary of all the clients Amy got him earlier in the season, and a tamer one in Hudson with his grandfather and Amy’s farm. And since at the end of the episode we saw Finn pledge to financially help care for the Zorse after Colette’s donation to the center ran out, it could indicate that Finn eventually chose the tamer side of the quiet life in Hudson Has. But time will tell if it is true or not. Case. And knowing that Robert Cormier, who plays Finn, tragically died before he could finish filming Season 16, I’m afraid Finn will eventually return to his life in Saskatchewan. Anyway, I can’t wait to see how  Amy and Finn’s story unfolds and unfolds.

New York

Another thing that happened in episode 1604 was that Jessica found out that her old friend Ezra was putting on an art show of Jessica’s photos at a gallery in  New York. And since she was very nervous about the whole thing, she asked her husband Tim to come along. After helping reunite the estranged father and son in episode 1605, Tim reflected on his relationship with his son, Shane. And when he found out that Shane works for a law firm in Philadelphia, which is very close to  York City, Tim decided to make his trip to New York an opportunity to stimulate his meeting by contacting Shane. In this episode, we saw how the two spent some time in New York City hoping that their trip would be unforgettable. Jessica has a successful art show and Tim reunites with his son after years of estrangement. Let’s talk about Jessica first. Throughout the episode, we saw her worry about her art show, and when the day finally came, Jessica was a bundle of nerves. But when the guests from the opening party (mainly her friends) arrived, Jessica went into hostess mode: she greeted everyone, introduced Tim, and everything worked. But when Jessica left Tim with her friends in New York and wanted to say hello to some of the other guests, Tim began to suspect that his old friends weren’t on the same side as Jessica.

They kept talking about photography like it was just Jessica’s new hobby, not her new career. And things came to a head when Jessica found that none of the art critics or art collectors that Ezra said might be there had turned up, and the night was almost over. Jessica then asked Ezra about it and he eventually admitted that none of the art world people he had approached had responded after sending Jessica’s catalog. To soften the blow, Ezra turned the opening into a party for friends. Jessica was devastated to realize that people in the art world didn’t like her photographs, which consisted mostly of images of cowboys and ranch life. He had hoped it would be his big break, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. Tim, of course, tried to cheer Jessica up by telling her the pictures were selling like hotcakes back home. But it didn’t help. After all, Jessica had spent all that money on frames and free shipping. Now that New York was a flop, it will be interesting to see how Jessica recovers from this setback. Will she accept Lou’s offer to be her dude ranch manager, or will Jessica stick with photography as her career?? I’m hoping for the latter, but you never know after a failure like this (at least in Jessica’s mind).

The long-awaited reunion

While Jessica prepared everything for the art exhibition, Tim supported his wife in any way he could. She even joined Jessica’s friend Ezra as they ate steaks and shared stories about Jessica. However, Tim had concerns of his own during his time in New York. Ever since he contacted Shane at the end of the last episode, Tim has been waiting for news from his son. But now that Tim was actually in New York, he was more anxious than ever. So much so that Tim even contacted Shane’s mother, Miranda, to see if she had heard from her son. But when Miranda told Tim that she had heard about Shane and that she thinks it was probably Shane at the art show, Tim was understandably upset. Tim was looking forward to reconnecting with Shane and correcting his past mistakes. When Shane texted him on the morning of the art show that he couldn’t be there, Tim was devastated. Luckily, Shane changed his mind, and after the party was over and both Jessica and Tim had a little time to wallow in their misery, the gallery doors opened and  Shane, all grown up, walked in.

However, the meeting did not start so well. Tim was surprised and nervous to see Shane again after so long, so he wasn’t quite sure what to say. They exchanged a few pleasantries but the conversation was generally very awkward and by the time Shane left you could see he was disappointed and expected more from reuniting with his father. While the old Tim could have left it at that, the new Tim admitted he was wrong and didn’t tell Shane what he wanted to say after New York Street and the two finally had a real conversation. Tim: “I should never have let the distance between us grow like that. It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I should have tried harder, Shane. Shane: “Yeah. yes, you should have Maybe I should have left you. I mean losing touch, it wasn’t all your fault. I took part in that too. Tim: “No. I won’t let you blame yourself. I am the father. It was my responsibility. Shane: No, it goes both ways. I am an adult I let that happen too. I don’t know, we’ll both end up letting it fade away. Tim: “I took the first step by calling you, but you took the next step by coming over tonight. Thanks. Maybe we’ll take a step together in the future. Is that in order?” Shane: “Okay.” Tim was finally able to apologize to Shane for losing touch over the years and the two headed to a bookie to chat further over dinner. Does that mean we’ll be seeing more of Shane this season? I don’t know, but I  hope so. Finally, it would be great if Shane would visit Heartland later in the season and meet up with his sisters too!

If we’re being honest

Finally, the final story of Heartland Season 16 Episode 6 had to do with Jack and Lisa overcoming another hurdle in their relationship that only seemed to bring them closer. In the previous episode, we already saw how Lisa and Jack had a disagreement where Lisa thought  Jack wouldn’t support her dreams while Jack was sad that Lisa had to leave so soon after returning home from her last trip came. The two agreed to do so at the end of episode 1605, but the tension between the two seemed to grow in this episode. At the beginning of the episode, we saw Lisa coming back from a shopping spree in town and saying that she needed to buy some new stuff because all of her colleagues at the track had seen all of her outfits multiple times. while none of them seem to use anything twice. Of course, Jack couldn’t believe that the other people in the horseracing industry cared that much, but Lisa explained that if you want to represent the best horses, you have to look at your best too. The conversation ended with Jack saying he wished he could be with Lisa and see how beautiful she looked, but Lisa ignored Jack’s comment, which seemed to annoy Jack. Throughout the episode, we saw the two seemingly move in two different directions. Lisa packed for her next trip and spoke about how excited she was to show her friends at the racetrack photos of the Zorse. While Jack was planning his life at home, he went to the fisherman’s cabin. for a while and so on. And it didn’t help that Jack now seemed to think that Lisa had suddenly become a posh upper-class woman and wouldn’t mind having a say in her fisherman’s cabin because she was a little worse off.

Jack tried to get the two of them to dinner before Lisa left. But everything got off track because Logan and Parker stayed for dinner and Jack suddenly said that Lisa would be trying too hard if she had to cook dinner. for the family before you both go out to eat. In the end, Parker was the one who got Lisa and Jack to finally stop tiptoeing and talking. Parker saw something was off between Jack and Lisa, so he got Amy to fix dinner for the rest of the family while she crafted a romantic table for Lisa and Jack in the loft. And it turns out that  Lisa and Jack have misunderstood each other again. Seeing all the shopping and packing  Lisa was doing, Jack had taken it as excitement and thought  Lisa was dying to get back to work. Although the truth was that Lisa was afraid to leave the house. Although Jack’s behavior made Lisa feel like he didn’t want to spend time with her Fortunately, the two were able to talk, and by the end of the episode, we saw them drinking white wine with a side of fish by the ranch pond. Lisa’s big romantic gesture shows Jack how much she misses him while she’s gone. And hopefully, we won’t see any more misunderstandings between Lisa and Jack for a while because two episodes like this in a row is enough for the whole season and I’m ready to have my happy, content, and supportive Jisa (Jack + Lisa) behind. 

Final Thoughts 

It was cool to see Amy and Logan working with the Zorse. Not only because it’s such an interesting animal that we’ve never seen before on the show, but also because Logan recovered and trusted his instincts. with the Zorse and his horse Challenge. After all the difficulties Logan has overcome over the past few seasons, it was great to see him confident and in his element. And I loved how Jack  Parker said that “a happy ending to the story isn’t the end of the story, it’s kind of a beginning.” Parker feared that closing the zoo would create more problems than before. to let her know that making them all happy isn’t as easy as she might think. Not because it’s impossible, but because living a happy life is complicated and still requires work. And I think that’s a great message for everyone to remember. There will always be ups and downs, go ahead and enjoy every moment.

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