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Heartland Season 16 Episode 3 Ending Explained: what happened to Katie and Logan?

Another exciting episode of Heartland aired on Sunday when Amy, Caleb, and Sam trained a new rope horse, Jack and Tim disagreed on what to do with Blue, and Katie and Logan went rafting. Then continue reading this summary of Episode 3 of Heartland Episode 16!

New Purpose 

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At the beginning of the episode, we see Amy walking and we meet Caleb and Sam loading hay into Caleb’s truck. Turns out Sam donated leftover hay to the rodeo school. There, Sam admitted to Caleb and Amy that he doesn’t think the rescue horses that live on his property are of much use, so Caleb suggested that he could turn at least one of them into a rope horse for rodeo school. . And Amy agreed and said that one of the horses, Hawk,  definitely had the build of a rope horse in. First Caleb wanted to do the training. But after Hawk knocked Caleb over when he ran too fast and started swinging the rope before the horse got used to it, Sam asked Amy to help with Hawk. So the three got to work. Caleb, the cowboy I’m referring to, was about to get to the exciting part, but after seeing the Hawk in action, Amy knew there had to be some intermediate steps. First, Amy and Caleb got Hawk used to the rope, and then Amy made Caleb swing. the rope slowly and throw it to the doll. Only Caleb threw it at a Sam standing nearby instead of the actual address doll, which was another example of the lighter-hearted moments Caleb’s character always brings to the show and why I love him. much.

After lunch, however, Amy found Caleb accelerating again and wanted to see what Hawk can do along the way by strapping on a steering dummy while Sam drags him behind the ATV. But Amy felt that wasn’t the best idea. And of course, she was right. Hawk freaked out whenever Caleb moved, so Amy figured the horse might need to get used to being around cattle in a peaceful environment before you could start tying the oxen. Amy went for a walk with Hawk. Jack helped round up his herd and Hawk did a really good with him. Which means Amy could try to tie a bull the next day. And it was successful. Hawk seemed to have adjusted both to the controls and to his new task: the tethering. And although Caleb didn’t win his bet with Sam (that Caleb can turn Hawk into a lasso horse) since Amy was the one who actually worked with Hawk, Sam still kept his word and cooked lunch for Caleb, Amy, and Lyndy. Then, Amy Caleb, and Sam started talking. Eating hamburgers and Sam admitted he’s been feeling a little useless himself lately.

When Amy asked what Sam meant by that, he told Amy and Caleb that although Sam bought Big River Ranch for some privacy and quiet, lately he has been thinking maybe his life is too quiet. Luckily Caleb and Amy were there for their boyfriend and Caleb suggested  Sam help out at rodeo school so Sam would feel a part of something again. After all, Sam was a professional athlete, which meant the students at rodeo school would totally look up to Sam. And once they figured that out (they even got a thumbs up from Tim for Sam for volunteering at rodeo school), they decided to enjoy their meal, and then Caleb and Amy thought of Sam as a how-to Rope swing to prepare him for his new volunteer position. 

The Horse

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The other horse-related story in Episode 3 of Heartland Season 16  had to do with Blue, the cow-sense horse that Jack bought from Stumpy and placated him in Episode 1509. Since Jack bought him with money from Heartland Beef, Tim insisted that since they had Blue as a horse, they could loan them out to hired ranch hands if needed. However, when Tim wanted to give his horse Champ a rest and insisted on riding Blue only to be kicked out shortly thereafter, Tim saw that Blue was clearly not going to win. t worked for this purpose and started talking about selling Blue. Jack, of course, refused, saying that Blue just needed the right passenger. But Tim was also right.

Perhaps Blue wasn’t the kind of horse that could jump from one rider to another and just have to go to a house where Blue had a single rider that the horse trusted. Finally, what if Blue kicks out someone who’s really hurt? That could open Heartland Beef to a lawsuit. But instead of trying to talk Jack out of it further, in typical Tim fashion, Tim hatches a plan behind Jack’s back to find Blue a new home. Already determined to introduce Blue to other riders, Amy tells Tim that Blue isn’t just a ranch horse for Jack, he’s Jack’s horse.

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What was the plan? Well, Tim did tell Jack that he hired Russ to help them separate the heifers from the steers, only Russ was actually a potential buyer for Blue. Jack, of course, already sensed something was wrong because he knew they didn’t need the extra help. But Tim went ahead with his plan anyway. And since Jack thought it was just a test to see how Blue would do with another rider, he allowed Russ to help them. But as soon as Jack turned his back on Tim and Russ, Russ could be heard marveling at how impressive Blue’s horse is. Unfortunately for Tim, however, Russ wasn’t as subtle later that day. more and Jack heard Russ tell Tim that he could understand what Tim was talking about when it came to Blue being a great cattle horse. he felt ambushed by Tim’s plan so he drove to check the fence line to cool off and not yell at Tim at the time. Once Jack regained his composure, Jack and Tim started talking. And Tim finally told Jack the real reason he wanted to sell Blue. Jack. Jack: “You were trying to trick me. You put that guy under my nose to make him look at my horse. Tim: “You bought Blue with money from our store. I’m just trying to make the right business decision. Jack: “Give me a break, this is about Blue throwing you the other day. Tim: “It’s not about pride, Jack, my pride, your pride. I know you can train a horse! This isn’t… It’s about the possibility of you getting hurt, Jack. Or even worse what? have you thought about that? Jack: “No way. Blue is my horse, I rode him and I ride him. He wouldn’t behave like that with me. Tim: “Can you be sure of that? That got Jack thinking. And although he had to consider that possibility (even telling Tim later that he appreciated his concern), Jack also trusted Blue. So after Blue proved himself on the river (more on that later), Jack knew what to do. Jack gave Tim one hundred dollars, the same amount Heartland Beef Stumpy paid Blue, officially making Blue his personal owner. And the episode ended with Jack riding Blue to Paint’s final resting place (Jack’s horse, which he had to put down in season 9 after Paint’s arthritis got so bad the horse could barely stand) to introduce Blue Paint.

Adventure and Advice: what happened to Katie and Logan?

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Finally, Heartland’s 3rd Big Story, Season 16, Episode 3 was all about Katie and Logan going on the rafting trip shown in the episode preview. At the beginning of the episode, we saw Katie and Parker having lunch at Maggie’s. Katie complains to Parker that she thinks  Lou is only calling her because she has to and not because Lou really wants to connect with her daughter when Logan shows up. Logan seemed upset, and when Parker asked him what was going on, Logan admitted that his friend Myles had given up on his plans to celebrate his graduation by rafting. Parker and Katie knew how important it is to graduate from high school, so Parker suggested celebrating with a picnic. Logan wasn’t too keen on a picnic, of course,  but he agreed anyway. However, Katie had an even better idea: Why don’t the three of them go rafting? Logan liked the idea so he agreed. But Parker, always the person in charge of the group, immediately retired from rafting, telling Katie that not only did he not want to die, but Parker’s parents wouldn’t let him anyway. And Parker hesitated. that Lou wouldn’t mind if Katie left either.

Luckily for Katie, Lou was in Vancouver and was distracted by business emails during their late-night chat, meaning Lou wasn’t really listening to what Katie was saying. there was a cockroach in her fries at lunch, she obviously didn’t hear what Katie was actually saying, Katie could easily ask Lou if she could go rafting with Logan without Lou even realizing what she had actually agreed to. When Katie told Logan and Parker that Lou actually agreed to let her go in, Logan was ecstatic. And although Parker tried to talk Katie out of counting how many people die in the water each year, it didn’t work. Parker even tried to stop Katie from leaving by telling Katie that she might be the one who had a crush on Logan, but Katie brushed Parker off by saying she just wanted to celebrate Logan’s graduation by doing something special. And as a compromise, they would have Parker’s suggested picnic spot where Katie and Logan plan to end their rafting adventure. So, the day of the rafting trip came, and although Katie almost got caught by Lou calling her just before boarding the raft, Katie managed to convince Lou that she was only going to have a picnic with Parker and Logan. And Katie and Logan left.

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The beginning of the trip went well, they both got on very well and even got into a conversation about how their parents weren’t very considerate, with Logan encouraging Katie not to exclude Lou and Peter. Logan: “You know, I know how it is. Katie: Like what? Logan: Having a father who doesn’t take care of you. My mother died when I was very young, so it was just my father trying to improve my life.” But all I really wanted was your time. Instead, he always worked outside of his job, and when he wasn’t working, he was involved in these get-rich-quick schemes that eventually landed him in prison. Katie: “And here I am complaining about my life. Logan: I’m not comparing, it’s just… I’m really ruling him out. And I don’t want you to do that to your parents, because the truth is, if I could, I wish I’d taken care of him more while I  had the chance.

“But when they got to where Parker was waiting for them, the two found they had passed the retreat and couldn’t get out of the river. So they had no choice but to descend the rapids.” However, the rapids were too much for both of them and they eventually crashed into a log and fell over. Luckily there was another log to hold on to, but it didn’t seem like it like they’re going to last, so Parker called Amy for help. Amy and Sam,  still with Amy learning to throw a rope, ran to the river, but Jack, whom Amy called along the way and who was closest, got there first. After Logan helped Katie not to be afraid and  Jack arrived, he threw the rope at Katie and pulled her to shore. Amy and Sam had arrived by then, so Amy did the same and pulled Logan out of the rapids with Sam. to help the two teenagers out of the water. Katie and Logan were fine and their little rafting mishap was over with no one getting hurt. However, Katie got into trouble for taking advantage of the situation when it came to getting Lou’s rafting permit. Well, in future episodes we’ll probably see how this affects Katie’s summer vacation and how much leeway Lou gives her from now on.

Final Thoughts

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It was really interesting to see Caleb playing cowboy cupid and trying to connect Amy to Sam in this episode. We saw the potential for a relationship between Amy and Sam back in the last season, especially in episode 1508 when Sam seemed happy to see Amy. at the bar with Lou. And in this episode, it seemed to like Caleb finally got the hang of it and worked overtime to let Amy see how nice  Sam is. However, both Sam and Amy told her to stay out of it. First, Amy told Caleb to curb any urges to play the matchmaker.

And then Sam told Caleb to stop making things awkward when Caleb suggested to Sam that he and Amy got on pretty well as good friends and maybe even more. Even if Amy and Sam did become more than friends in the future, that would be entirely up to them and would have nothing to do with Caleb’s matchmaking efforts. Speaking of romances, it seems I was wrong when I said there might be a romance between Katie and Logan in the episode synopsis 1602.  Katie herself told Parker that she sees Logan as a cooler brother. So, for those of you worried about the age difference between the characters rest assured, it sounds like the show isn’t pushing a romance between Logan and Katie.

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