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Heartbreak High Ending Explained: What Is Happening Between Amerie And Malakai?

Note: This article discusses topics including sexual assault and harassment.

Almost a year after the release of Sex Education, Netflix Australia introduced Heartbreak High, a watered-down imitation of Sex Education. Although not a complete copy, Heartbreak High will remind you of the famous Netflix series from start to finish. A coming-of-age drama with a constant test of sexual insight and a dash of female empowerment doesn’t excel. Row. A slightly different endeavor is the rise and fall of the  Cold War between Amerie and her best friend Harper, which is the focus of the main story.

This series may not offer you great brain-twisting humor or “heart” moments, but the eight-part long journey of a group of precocious, usually uneducated teenagers is entertained with their love a little. , intimacy, pleasure-seeking resolutions, and sexually transmitted diseases. Let’s see what “Heartbreak High” has to offer to keep our time busy.

The Stairwell Map. Why is Harper Not Friends With Amerie Anymore?

At Hartley High in Sydney, Amerie (Ayesha A.Madon)  met her best friend Harper (Asher Yasbineck) when she was five years old. At school, they were like an irreplaceable duo that was difficult to separate. Achievements culminate the two’s pranks in pranks where they used to have at their fingertips each student’s story from love to connect. In fact, they were so memorized that they made a card on the school steps dedicated to these things.

With different colored pens, these names stand out and glow on the wall. But problems arise when one day this card comes into view. The Headmaster immediately calls  Amerie, knowing it’s her job since she’s the one seen there. However, Amerie doesn’t want to blame Harper for being an inappropriate person now.

Image Credit: Netflix

She said goodbye to her long blonde hair and now looks a lot like “Eleven” from Stranger Things, but along with her looks, her love for Amerie has faded and been replaced with hate, which is why she proposes to her as a best friend to everyone. Meanwhile, on the Stairwell map, Dusty (Josh Heuston), Amerie’s childhood crush, is linked to Amerie by the gold line. everyone avoids each other. Another minor character in the story is Darren (James Majoos), whose pronouns confuse his family and whose school friend doesn’t recognize them at all.

However, we see Darren, conflict-free, seek closure from his creepy friend, but his sweet and compassionate childhood friend Quinni (Chloe Haydon) accompanies her through all the ups and downs. Even after seeing Amerie being shunned and harassed by everyone across the map, Quinni is the one who stands by her side,  though Amerie makes a salacious reference to their physical differences. When the students’ ruthless intimate relationship comes into view, the principal, Mrs. House, decides to educate her about sex education, so she asks for help

from English teacher Jojo (Chika Ikogwe). Although Mrs. Woods doesn’t want to enlighten Jojo, she prefers to explicitly give misinformation about sex and mention an SLT class. An example of this is crabs or genital warts. It is spread by touching hands. Although he wants to teach about prevention or protection, Jojo doesn’t think his technique is very effective, but what else can you do? That’s all the director said.

Amerie, who attends a late-night party at the cemetery, forms a good bond with  Malakai (Thomas Weatherall), an unpopular kid at school who has just transferred to the school. But midway through, Dusty kisses Amerie, causing thousands of butterflies in her stomach. Amerie has every reason to be happy, but she is disappointed that her best friend Harper left her. Harper tries to cut off any possible interaction with her. Head, UTI, and Aggressive

Attitude, he is clearly preoccupied with his life of not returning home but spending some time with another family. She goes insane trying to figure out what happened that night, even though her head is now filled with a hundred balloons due to her romantic encounter with Dusty. The school kids’ illegal drug activities turn into a nightmare when the police pursue them and take them home from their late-night party.

We see Dusty helping Harper escape, but the scene ends with the stair plan already being repainted by the school authorities. It looks like someone on this card is referring to Dusty and Harper, who are said to be physically close.

Whom Does Dusty Fall In Love With?

Our idea becomes even clearer when Quinni sees a map of Harper and Dusty’s intimacy drawn under a bench in  SLT class. She talks it over with Darren, but both want to hide the truth from their new best friend, Amerie. By now, the SLT class has already become the school’s eyesore, and everyone blames Amerie. Then Amerie feels all sorts of compulsions that lead her straight to meet Mrs. Woods and ask that this class be postponed.

But Mrs. Woods has made it clear that she will not fail the class in any way. Although Dusty invites Amerie to her concert tonight, Dusty’s friend Spider (Spencer) refuses to give Amerie a  (slap band) ticket to the party. , although Amerie doesn’t want to miss a chance to be close to Dusty. We see Quinni deepening her friendship with Sasha.

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She takes a lot of courage to confess her feelings to Sasha, who in turn proposes dinner, but Quinni, who has autism, becomes afraid to go out, leading Sasha to believe she isn’t even interested in her is. Absolutely. Darren’s mother puts his father in charge of his son, but his father asks her to pay the rent to stay home, humiliating Darren who believes his father made this decision out of shame for his son. But that is not the case;

his father is actually a novelist and suffers from financial difficulties due to a lack of reputation. Darren has struggled long enough with a part-time job at a restaurant, but they help her father by raising money.

We are aware that Darren feels connected to Douglas, a student named Cash (Will McDonald) from the same school. Eventually, Amerie, accompanied by Darren, makes it to Dusty’s house where, since she doesn’t have a headband, she needs Malakai’s help to drop the cast, causing her to fall straight into the pool and injuring her leg. kiss When Amerie arrives at Dusty’s room, Dusty avoids her a bit and leaves the room for her concert.

Poor Amerie still thinks that Dusty could be the one who loves her, but before the concert, Dusty clears all her doubts by singing a song dedicated to Harper in front of everyone, which breaks Amerie’s heart. Just as Amerie leaves the party. and walking down the street alone, Malakai comes to her side. Malakai puts ice on Amerie’s broken ankle, talks to her, and makes her feel better, but Amerie comes home heartbroken and destroys all of her and Harper’s old memories.

What Is Happening Between Amerie And Malakai?

Meanwhile, we see Cash robbing a clothing store with some of his rogue friends, a gang led by Chook (the leader), who is on the run for their lives from the police. Although Cash’s grandmother lives with Cash, he agrees to hand over the bag he stole from the store, eventually entrusting the bag to his potential crush, Darren. Cash. We see that both approach each other.

Meanwhile, Dusty repeatedly approaches Harper and doesn’t speak her mind because Harper wants to apologize to Amerie to save her image. I don’t know how strong their friendship really was, but Harper has become a completely contradictory person since Harper Amerie knew it. Dusty approaches Amerie and asks for a trick to impress Harper, and Amerie tells him to go the opposite way. In fact, Harper doesn’t like to talk too much, while Amerie asks Dusty to do just that.

Image Credit: Netflix

But poor Amerie’s plan goes awry when Dusty seduces Harper with his good looks and sweetness. Amerie tries to cope with Dusty’s heartbreak and makes a new decision to hit herself every time she thinks about intimacy, which she hilariously does. in class and outside the home. But eventually, Malakai got his attention. Most likely, Amerie is starting to fall for him, or maybe it’s just a coming-of-age crush. The distance between Amerie and Malakai is slowly closing, and

They start having “butterfly moments” together. Meanwhile, Harper confronts Amerie about apologizing for her pointless relationship with Dusty, who forgives Amerie for the sake of friendship, but Harper remains adamant in her decision not to mend their broken relationship. Friendship confuses Amerie as to what could be the reason for this hatred.

Why Did Harper Take Malakai Away from Her Best Friend?

In addition to the SLT course, an external course is also added where the director calls some security officers to take the defense course. The class is divided into two parts where the girls are taught “Rack Off” which is a defense activity. against an attack, which is questionable for all students present. Meanwhile, boys are being taught the need for exercise because they all know the importance of consent and contraception, which they feel makes them feminist enough. However, with Harper it is

She was summoned to demonstrate at the Rack-Off course and defended herself by shooting off the officer’s hand with a lighter. Harper’s discomfort suggests she has been mugged in some way before, compelling her to take such action. Amerie and Malakai’s romance reaches its climax, but Amerie doesn’t really want to turn the relationship into a bond. When she is about to tell her friends Darren and Quinni, she meets her “keep it cool” friend Malakai, who proposes to her in front of students from the whole school.

Surprised, Amerie stays cool, but in an outside class, she finds her boyfriend talking to his friends about his intimacy. In fact, Malakai is the victim of an unwanted situation where his friends bully him about his personal life. Enraged, Amerie pushes Malakai away, but Malakai doesn’t give up. He arrives at Darren’s room, where Darren, Quinni, and Amerie are preparing to attend an LGBTQ concert. Things are settled between Amerie and Malakai.

Meanwhile, with the help of Darren, Cash loses his loot bag that he was hiding on the school roof. As a result, Cash’s gang boss hits him, which changes the color of his face. We realize Cash can’t get away with it even if he wants to, so he accepts his fate. Eventually, they each come to the concert with their own partner, where Quinni becomes uncomfortable with Sasha doing drugs with her ex-girlfriend, but Sasha melts her. , suggests his love.

Darren and Cash are finally getting romantic, while Malakai still hasn’t gotten an answer to his proposal from Amerie. When the police finally arrive, a police officer misbehaves and Malakai hits him from behind, which is caught on video by a child. Amerie takes the video to her phone and posts it on social media to expose the cop’s wrongdoing, but Malakai’s ego is bruised. He yells at Amerie and runs away, but Amerie can’t stop him.

Finally, Harper and her boyfriend Dusty take Malakai to their room, where the three of them get high and intimate.

Who Is Diagnosed with Chlamydia?

A few days after Harper, Malaki, and Dusty become intimate, the real conflict begins. Video of Malakai being attacked by the police officer is broadcast around the school, traumatizing him. Still, his insecurities with Amerie escalate to a cliffhanger where Dusty simultaneously begins to avoid Harper. Hesitant and traumatized, Malakai can’t focus on any task. He doubts his sexuality and thus remains distant in his current relationship.

But eventually, the elephant leaves the room. SLT class activities catch Dusty and Malakai getting intimate with Harper that day. Amerie strangely has to accept that Harper also took her current boyfriend away from her. everyone at school blames Harper, she doesn’t even feel guilty even because Dusty avoids her in front of everyone.

He takes a big step into the basketball game where he expresses his pain that the disclosed intimacy was initiated by Dusty, but now he gets selfish when he sees his girlfriend had the real pleasure. But Harper doesn’t run away. in order to. She somehow avoids being suspended from school entirely. Meanwhile, Cash and Darren have torn apart when Cash said he wasn’t ready for intimacy.

Darren is getting impatient and needs to stop. Cash’s relationship with Darren eventually sours, causing them to go from lovers to each other’s only friends. But the twist in the story comes when Harper is diagnosed with Chlamydia. Tell her ex-partner Dusty and Malakai, but she doesn’t have the courage to stand up.

Quinni and Sasha’s differences and bad moods are already leading to their breakup. However, despite all these difficulties, Amerie throws a themed party at her house, where she becomes intimate with Dusty and completely ignores Malakai. Meanwhile, Malakai attempts to commit suicide but is saved by one of Missy’s friends. Harper gets to Amerie and Dusty’s most intimate moment, but she lets Amerie escape, shuts the door, and tells Dusty about her chlamydia. Not to be jealous of her ex, but to save her best friend from an impending illness.

What Did Jojo Do with The Students?

The next day at school, with Amerie continuing to blame her luck and Harper, the police occupy the SLT room. They talk to Amerie privately and Darren and Quinni discover the class bench map. which states that Jojo, the SLT teacher, attacked Amerie. Mrs. Woods, who wasn’t by Jojo’s side, even forbids him from going to school for a few days. Amerie thinks that since Harper has become her worst enemy lately, she might make a fake call to the police about Jojo.

When confronted by Amerie, Harper coldly blames herself, resulting in her being expelled from school. Harper may have made this decision himself to avoid trouble at school. Jojo returns to school but has to quit. due to his extreme humiliation, which the director admits. Knowing she was losing the only good teacher in the school who wanted to point the students in the right direction, Amerie began to protest.

She unites all the schools and takes over the building, kicks out the principal, and demands they don’t leave until Jojo comes back. Meanwhile, Darren continues his friendship with Cash, and Malakai goes to Missy’s country to distract himself for a while. Meanwhile, Amerie and Dusty cross paths when Amerie learns from Anthony that it was none other than Dusty who slandered Jojo. He clarifies that neither of them wanted the SLT class to continue, so Dusty made a plan and tried to get away from Jojo. her embarrassed.

In fact, this big truth also comes to light on the night of the festival when Harper and Amerie broke up. That night, Amerie was intimate with Spencer aka Spider, but when Harper knocked on her door, she didn’t even answer. She pulled Spencer out of her room. We can understand why Spencer has since started hating Amerie. After learning the truth, Amerie confronts Dusty and vents her anger at him, but Dusty is forced to reveal that Harper gave him chlamydia.

When Amerie hears this, she runs to Harper without a second’s hesitation, but she is already sitting in her house covered in blood and house is surrounded by the police.

Harper Begin to Hate Amerie

Eventually, Harper agrees to reveal the darkness to Amerie, revealing that Amerie lost her in the crowd at the Summer Riot festival, causing her to pass out from an overdose. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in Cash’s gang. – Lord Chook realized something bad was about to happen, but luckily, when Cash was in the car, he opened the car door and Harper escaped. While hiding from them, he was injured upon reaching Amerie’s door. with Spencer, didn’t let Harper in as she didn’t want to be caught with him.

Image Credit: Netflix

Harper was traumatized by her best friend, so she went back to her room, where she saw her fathers alter ego. Harper’s father, drugged and brutal, refuses to even acknowledge his daughter. Harper was rescued by police the next morning, after which her life took a drastic turn. Amerie realizes how Harper’s actions justify this strange behavior towards her. She sympathizes with her best friend for what she went through.

Harper and Amerie erase the memories of their fight and cheat on each other, becoming friends again and hanging out at school like the perfect best friends they used to be. But there are also surprises waiting for them at school. Jojo returns to the SLT  and the Headmistress realizes her mistakes. But Amerie asks Harper to take legal action against Chook, which Harper refuses for her own safety.

In Amerie’s words, she goes to the police, but even there she is disappointed that the legal system is not at all impartial. They are unable to arrest him due to Chook’s power and lack of proper evidence against him. Eventually, Amerie confronts Cash because she wants her friend to get the justice she deserves, so now Cash has to take precautions, so she fakes Chook’s boyfriend Jayden’s phone and secretly broadcasts Chook’s car video on Harper’s phone during the night of the festival, the

doesn’t work. There is no evidence for his alibi. Although Chook’s face is not visible in the video, he survives and the other three, including Cash, are arrested by the police.

Before Cash goes to jail, he tells Darren how much he loves her. Harper and Amerie eventually showed disgust with the current legal system and set fire to Chook’s car in Chook’s absence to avenge his humiliation and enduring trauma. Harper and Amerie get back together and now have Quinni, Darren, and Malakai on their side.

Heartbreak High Season 1 Ending Explained

Let’s talk about the chess pieces of the game from the beginning to that captivating end with all the intimate moments and drug addiction endings. As Amerie, Ayesha exaggerates Madon, you have to last almost 8 hours. Amerie appears to be a hot-blooded girl of rising age who is a character heavily inspired by Devi (“Never Have I Ever”). She’s accident-prone and stubborn at the same time, but eventually, you’ll come to think of her as the most logical character Harper die.

On the other hand, she is the most difficult character to assess as she misunderstands her longtime friend and breaks up with her within seconds, even humiliating her by beating her up in front of everyone where their little conversation ended in the last episode of the series clears the fog. So it doesn’t take long to think about why it takes Harper eight episodes to reveal her trauma. Harper was depressed from the start, as a result of her father’s wild behavior due to

poisoning, but we still can’t consider her a forgivable character for what she did to her best friend. She takes responsibility for taking Amerie’s love out of her life, for which she doesn’t even apologize.

He even gets chlamydia, which nobody knows about. Even the series ends with a blur of everything about her. Chlamydia is a serious illness that shows up as a randomly transmitted disease during episodes, which is not recommended. Other teenagers’ desperate need to be placed in the episodes and their lack of moral support put this series on the average list of existing “awakened” teen dramas, at least in my opinion.

If Heartbreak High season 2 ever comes out, I would advise you to wait for the new season of Sex Education rather than taste this inspired piece of history in a new glass.

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