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Harry and Meghan Vol 2: Ending Explained. Is it really a Happily ever after?

The last three episodes of the docuseries, which set a viewing record for the streaming service when volume one launched last week, dropped on Thursday and offered several revelations about the docuseries’ feuds, relationships, and domestic politics that have been the subject of much speculation in recent years. Episode four dives right into the royal wedding, a moment most viewers will fondly remember. away from the pomp of the St. George’s Chapel ceremony. There’s Elton John on the piano, Idris Elba on the decks, and some pretty impressive dancing from Prince Harry. Meghan revealed she was feeling very calm on the morning of the big day.

“I just wanted to play a mimosa, a croissant, and the song Going to the Chapel,” he reveals. “And I did. Meanwhile, Prince Harry shared his thoughts as he watched Meghan walk down the aisle. ‘Look at me,’ he said. ‘Look what I have. But like her life as a royal bride and groom, the episode’s light-hearted tone is short-lived.

The jealousy in the Family

Meghan heartily opens up about her first engagement to Queen Elizabeth II and her only engagement, calling it a great day. “, she says. “And we sat in the car with this blanket and I said, ‘I recognize and respect that you’re the queen, but right now I’m so grateful that there’s a grandmother figure because that feels like one family.'” However, as the couple’s popularity, and Meghan’s in particular, has risen in, it does point to jealousy behind the scenes.

“The problem is when someone who’s getting married has to be a support act, steals the limelight, or does the job better than the person born to it, it upsets people, it shifts the balance,” says Prince Harry. No names are given, but it is not necessary. That’s when, says the couple, things started to change. Several headlines are shown side by side, comparing similar situations between Meghan and Kate, then the Duchess of Cambridge. From avocados to cleavage to cleavage, the media’s polarizing treatment of Meghan and Kate is laid bare.

“If you don’t see the difference and don’t understand why it’s being reported that way, I can’t help you,” laughs Harry. “I just can not”. Meghan explains the comments she made. in her interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 when she revealed she was contemplating taking her own life and there are emotional moments as both her mother Doria Ragland and Prince Harry speak about the impact this is having on her had. “I was angry and ashamed. I wasn’t very good with it. I saw it as an institution, Harry, not as a husband, Harry,” he says, adding that he was raised to care more about what people would think when he wasn’t at an event participates than what he means to Meghan. In these moments and several more in the episodes, we are shown footage of her late mother, Princess Diana, and are reminded of the mental health issues she faced as a result of constant media intrusion and bullying.

What happened between Princes Harry and William?

Ahead of the Harry & Meghan airing, everyone was wondering how much the couple would reveal about the implications for the royal family and particularly Prince William and Harry, the siblings the world has grown up with. In this second part, some of these questions will finally be answered. Describing the palace’s media relations tactics as a “dirty game,” Prince Harry explains that media teams not only leak the press and spread stories about other family members, but also feed the press with stories about other family members so they can shed the negative stories about their ” Main thing” remove. . I’d rather be smashed in the press than get involved in this game or trade.

And to see my brother’s office copying exactly what we promised never to do was heartbreaking. Given the care with which Prince Harry himself had danced around the subject with Winfrey, it feels like a great moment to hear such blatant revelations about how things came to be and not the most shocking thing to say either. When he spoke about the now infamous meeting between Princes William and Harry, King Charles III. and the late Queen Elizabeth at Sandringham to discuss the resignation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as senior royals, accusing his father of lying and yelling at his brother. “It was scary having my brother yelling at me and yelling at my dad and me saying things that aren’t true. , and my grandmother sit quietly and take it all in,” he says.

“But you have to understand from a family perspective, especially hers, that there are ways to do things and their ultimate mission and responsibility to cut goals is the institution. After this meeting, there were stories in the British media that Prince William had “bullied” Prince Harry and Meghan from the family. These were quickly challenged by the brothers in a joint statement. However, Prince Harry reveals he was never asked to put his name on such a statement and was “stunned”. “In four hours they happily lied to protect my brother, but in three years they were never willing, to tell the truth, to protect us,” he says. He also accuses the monarchy of “institutional enlightenment” and describes the couple’s farewell tour of Britain, and in particular the Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey, as “living in a soap opera”. “It looked and felt cold,” she says.

Is it really a Happily ever after?

In the final episode, we meet Tyler Perry, who offered the couple his home in Los Angeles after they broke security and left Canada. Perry is portrayed as something of a savior for the couple, as he never met her before they took what Prince Harry calls their “freedom flight” to move to the City of Angels. They later rewarded him by asking him to sponsor their daughter Lilibet, we learned. While all is not well in the US. Meghan opens up about her miscarriage and the media incursion is far from over – the final episode paints the couple’s life there as idyllic. And while the couple strives to advance the low-key life they say they’ve always wanted with hikes, beachcombing and gardening, we also get a glimpse of their A-list world, in which Meghan reveals text messages, which she receives. by Beyonce.

Even those who view Harry and Meghan with the most neutral attitude towards the couple and the royal family will find it hard not to leave this series with a sense of conflict. The Duke and Duchess have certainly been through a lot through the media and seeing the genuine and very human impact this has had on Meghan as a new mother, Prince Harry, the boy she just lost to his mother, and the couple as a new couple trying to find their way and enjoy their love is hard to see and hard to understand. This may serve as a reality check for those wanting a royal reconciliation,  which hopes have been raised in the weeks following the Queen’s death. Prince Harry as we once knew him is gone and I think it’s fair to say he will never return.

The line the brethren originally laid out that they were “in different ways” could not be clearer, and these ways lie on different sides of the Atlantic. And as for opinions on Prince Harry and Meghan, will this documentary help? That remains, there are contradictions that those opposed to the couple will cling to, like the clip of their meditation teacher saying, “If you’re trying to prove you’re not what they say you’re the bait, they are feeding to the beast. It is not your job to prove your goodness. You know who you are. But the couple says, “In order for us to move on to the next chapter, you need to finish the first chapter. So will this be the end of the chapter, or is this the start of a new unleaked couple? That too remains to be seen, but with Prince Harry’s autobiography Spare due out in January, that chapter doesn’t seem to be over yet.

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