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Glass Onion: A knives Out Mystery Ending Explained. Will Helen Get Justice?

Written and directed by Rian Johnson, Glass Onion is the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed and financially successful 2019 film Knives Out. Here he follows Claire (a politician), Lionel ( a scientist), Birdie (a fashionista), Peg (Birdie’s assistant), Duke (a social media influencer), Whiskey (Duke’s girlfriend), and Andi Brand (a former colleague). owners of Alpha) when they are invited to a crime weekend on a remote island during the pandemic by, their mutual billionaire friend and Alpha’s current and sole owner, Miles Bron. Along with them, the world’s greatest detective Benoit Blanc joins the party, and just like in the first film, he doesn’t know who hired him to patrol this weekend. But when someone drops dead, it becomes clear there is a real killer among them and they challenge Blanc. to solve the puzzle.

Benoit Blanc Exposes The Problem With Overintelluctalism

After spending the whole day trying to figure out what Miles really does and how everyone but Benoit and Andi owes Miles a debt of gratitude for funding their respective jobs, they arrive at the dining room for the murder mystery party to start. Benoit finds out in seconds, everyone is confused about what to do for the rest of their vacation. Benoit plants the idea in Miles that one of his friends is trying to kill him. Miles has already murdered Andi (the real Andi) to prevent her from revealing the fact that she came up with the idea for Alpha, not Miles. So Miles not only targets the fake Andi (who is Andi’s twin sister, Helen) but also goes after Duke because he believes their existence will expose the fact that he killed Andi. Luckily, Helen survives when the bullet from Miles’ gun (which he stole from Duke) lodges in his notebook. Duke doesn’t, and he dies of an allergic reaction because Miles spikes his drink with pineapple juice. The genius that World desperately needs looks like the victim, while his desperate friends look like would-be murderers.

Blanc notes that Miles embodies the crystal onion because the layers around him are performative and allow you to see his greedy, malevolent core. Once Helen reveals how Miles took over Andi’s circle of friends and then her company, it becomes pretty clear that he’s the killer in the room. But Rian Johnson, through Benoit and Helen, intellectualizes everything about Miles and the film as a whole too much to emphasize how obsessed we are these days with layers of untruth instead of factual truth Making billions, talking about colonizing Mars, creating a virtual world that will be better than the real world, or like NFTs and Cryptocurrencies are the future. That’s because they know it’s enough to distract the general population and their investors from the cases of racism, sexual assault, or fraud charged against them. And since people are so desperate to discover the next Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, or Albert Einstein, they consciously believe in this scam. It only takes a moment of clarity (get it?) and the courage to be independent to realize that you don’t have to associate your existence with the success of fake intellectuals like Miles.

Benoit Blanc Tells Us To See What We See Instead Of Seeing What We Are Told To See

Benoit Blanc addresses how someone like Miles becomes ensnared in lies, but also points out how people like Miles distort our perception of reality. Before Duke’s death, we see Miles drink something, bring it to Duke, and Duke take the glass from Miles. Once Duke drops dead, our knowledge of crime films kicks in, and we assume the “poison” Duke consumed was meant for Miles. But since the goggles were replaced, Duke has bitten the dust and survived

Miles. When Miles essentially confirms our delusions by saying aloud that Duke drank the drink that was meant for him, the image in our mind changes from Duke taking Miles’ glass to Duke accidentally Miles takes the glass. Rian Johnson plays us off by inserting a  scene where Duke accidentally takes Miles’ glass as well. But then, at Benoit’s urging, we get the actual scene (which matches the original scene from earlier in the film, which you can rewind and see for yourself) where Miles clearly hands over his glass (which has pineapple juice laced with it). ) to Duke to kill him. And then there is the same device, Duke’s cellphone, that is responsible for distorting our perceptions in real life.

One can say that the comment is quite direct, but maybe it needs to reach several generations of people who are constantly online and bombarded with misinformation whose reach is so wide that people should be jailed. Therefore. A certain social media platform was responsible for the rigging of the United States election. The same social media platform was responsible for doing the same in several other countries, allowing them to share anti-minority hate videos. The owner simply changed the name of the site and avoided any consequences. A tech mogul bought another social media platform that offered significant levels of democracy just to make sure their users were convinced He saw the world through his lens. Thankfully, it backfires for him. But the damage that has been done is irreparable. The governments of certain developing countries have been accused of buying up the owners of major news channels and advertisers so people can only see what motivates them to run for another term. This works great and there doesn’t seem to be an official cure for this type of cancer. The unofficial remedy is: stay alert, stay alert, and don’t let the rich manipulate you.

Will Helen Get Justice? Is Claire, Lionel, Birdie, Whiskey, And Peg’s Realization Too Little Too Late?

So the big fight between Andi and Miles came about when Miles was trying to push for a hydrogen-based compound (later called Klear) that would seemingly revolutionize the way humans use fuel. Andi opposed it because it posed a health and fire hazard, and she said she would go out of business and keep half of the company’s ownership if Miles didn’t stop that plan. is behind Alpha and that had written the company idea on a napkin (which was fake), not Andi. Lionel, Birdie, Claire, and Duke all lied and confirmed Miles’ claim. Andi found the original napkin and threatened to expose Miles. That’s why Miles killed Andi and stole the envelope with the napkin. Helen found the envelope  Miles had been keeping an eye on. But Miles just burned it,  destroying the only piece of evidence that proved Miles wasn’t the genius he made out to be. That’s it

Why did Benoit give the piece of Klear (that Miles had given him earlier) to Helen, who started a fire and then threw that piece in, causing the fire to bloom? Because the entire building was air-conditioned and powered by Klear, the fire spread easily, destroying everything. In doing so, Helen Miles’ plan to bring Klear backfired because not only did he prove dangerous, but he also destroyed the Mona Lisa that had been preserved for the Louvre. Also, this whole burst of action gave Claire, Lionel, Birdie, Whiskey, and Peg the courage to tell the truth and rightly frame Miles for lying about Alpha’s creation, killing Andi, and then destroying the evidence supporting him. Helen claimed to have finally received justice. From an optimistic perspective, it’s safe to say that Helen avenged Andi’s death. His brave and reckless actions have given the people who have relied on Miles the courage to finally fight back. And Miles will probably go. to prison for killing Andi, Duke, and destroying the world’s most popular painting. But if you look at it all from a realistic and slightly pessimistic perspective, do you really think  Miles can’t get out of there? Didn’t we see that people who aren’t as rich as Miles gotten away with worse? Because too many people want them to be successful and lasting. Do we really trust these five puppets when they testify against Miles in court? , especially when her entire career depends on him and he can still decimate her? I highly doubt it, and perhaps that is the dilemma Rian Johnson is trying to convey to us.

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