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The Boys Spinoff Series ‘Gen V’ Renewed for Season 2


It would appear that people enjoy viewing depictions of exploding genitalia, muppet massacres, and similar content. Quite surprisingly, The Boys was aware of this fact.

Amazon declared Thursday that, due to its success in reaching the apex of the rankings with its initial portion of season 1, The Boys college-set spinoff Gen V will be receiving a season 2.

At the start of this year, a writers’ room was set up with showrunner Michele Fazekas at the helm. Eric Kripke, executive producer and the one in charge of the ever-growing Boys-verse, has released a statement in conjunction with Fazekas that “the writers are already working on the new season.”

A joint statement declared that sophomore year will be remarkable, featuring the usual array of surprises, emotions, humor, and exploding genitalia associated with the show.

Patrick Schwarzenegger exudes a smoldering appearance as his character Luke Riordan, alias ‘Golden Boy’, in the show ‘Gen V’.

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Jaz Sinclair, Lizze Broadway, Chance Perdomo, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann and Maddie Phillips are all part of Gen V, which follows the events of season 3 of The Boys. Marie Moreau (played by Sinclair), who has the ability to manipulate and utilize blood, has aspirations of becoming part of the Seven when she arrives at Godolkin University, America’s premier college for young supes. There, she meets Emma Meyers (Broadway) who can change her size, Andre Anderson (Perdomo) who can manipulate metal, Jordan Li (Thor and Luh) who can shift genders and have different power sets for each form, and Cate (Phillips) who can mentally push people to do what she wants.

The opening episode turned heads by introducing Luke Riordan/Golden Boy (Patrick Schwarzenegger) as a major character, only to have him take his own life due to emotional turmoil, beginning a season-long puzzle. Marie and her peers sooner or later discover the Woods, a hidden center beneath Godolkin where super kids, including Sam (Germann), Luke’s long-lost sibling, are detained and employed in experiments.

The cast of ‘Gen V’ includes Lizze Broadway, Jaz Sinclair, and Maddie Phillips.

With Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy set to appear in Gen V and season 4 of The Boys on the way, Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, previously told Entertainment Weekly that the two shows should keep crossing over. Sanders stated that the response to Gen V has been positive and that they plan to have many more seasons of the show. He added that Eric, Michele, and Tara have a master plan for the series and that the shows will be able to communicate with one another in interesting ways.

Fazekas and Kripke are delighted to be making a second season of Gen V. They have a deep fondness for the characters and stories, and it’s amazing to know that others do too.

Every Friday, viewers can watch Gen V on Prime Video. The season 1 conclusion is scheduled for November 3.

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