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Fakes Season 1 Ending Explained: Will Becca and Zoe Kill Tryst?

The setup for Fakes, a Netflix CBC import, in the first two episodes is from the perspective of the two main characters, Zoe (Emilija Baranac) and Rebecca (Jennifer Tong). The latter is a social influencer; the name is his best friend, the schulnerd. (Apparently nerds aren’t as “cool” as they are in the US, since they’re still portrayed in Canada, don’t they have The Big Bang Theory there? The show begins with Zoey driving her best friend Rebecca home after she is drunk and going through some family troubles.

Rebecca finds the fake library card she created so she could go to college. While drunk, she asks Zoey to make a fake ID for her so she can make it. However, in Becca’s mind, Zoey started charging Becca for a fake ID and starting a business.

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Why? Well, it’s the Zoe-focused episode; She needs the money, which makes sense. Anyway, Zoe had the plan in different contexts and the project went smoothly. Download an Internet search engine that does not display search results from the content farm. Then look for a template with the word “News ID Photoshop” in it and fill in the information and screenshot.

So, any old photo printer with a decent pixel-per-image (PPI), a PVC PRV tray (less than $20 on Amazon) and a stack of PVC cards will do for pennies on eBay. The point is that the series jumps ahead with Zoey in prison, but Rebecca is a full-fledged social media influencer living her best life. However, her friend Tryst took what the girls said and sold pre-orders of 200 fake IDs for $150 each., are owed $30,000.

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(You would think you would pay the money back, but Canadians are so ruthless.) The girls don’t want to go to the police for some reason. (I mean, she made one for fun and never used it.) Becca’s credit card gets blocked for supplies. Then they lose their only chance to get out from under this thing.

The girls only game is a bunch of high school girls telling them to get off their turf. They produce an ID they had no idea was from the late 90’s. The girls convert them and help create all 150 in one day and rake in a massive payday from Tryst. Just like Walter White, Zoey doesn’t want to give up and forges a business plan. Tryst accidentally meets up with a notorious crime boss named Guy and leaves him in his attic to print fake IDs.

This brings us to the subject of subordinates. Zoe and Rebecca each hire a girl as a go-between to sell fake IDs to college students. Rebecca chooses Sophie, a handsome teenager who blends in with all the boys. cliques and mobs. However, Zoe decides that Sally is a bold choice as she is a drama nerd, extremely outgoing, flamboyant and craves attention. Later he loses a bag of ID cards and when the girls manage to get them from the police auction they find everything. Many fake licenses are missing with a note confiscated for investigation.

Here we see the rift between Becca and Zoe, and they start to fall apart. Even after the police confiscate the issue of her lost belongings, Sally doesn’t take the threat seriously. Most of the episode is about getting Sally to practice a script when the police are questioning her. But when Becca’s “boss” mom comes home, Becca takes her frustration and depression out on Sally and Zoe. Best friends argue with each other.

All of this, however, has unintended consequences from Zoe’s point of view. She takes her life into her own hands. Zoe places her most important order with a printer that Becca single-handedly bought. She confronts her brother and her mother, and when Becca’s boyfriend breaks up with her, she comes to terms with her feelings and kisses him, putting an end to their fruitless flirting.

Will Becca and Zoe Kill Tryst?

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The girls don’t tell Tryst about Sally’s arrest, but Tryst finds out when Guy informs him. Guy runs a counterfeiting company and owns the penthouse. Without telling her, Tryst lets Zoe and Becca settle in. his operation in the attic but after Sally’s arrest Tryat tries to get the girls out of there but they keep coming back in. When Guy expresses an interest in the quality of the fake IDs, Tryst claims he made them. He knows what the dangerous guy is like, and that

It seems like his way of protecting the girls. Despite Tryst’s best efforts, Guy spots the girls and realizes they were behind the fake IDs. In a last-ditch effort to protect her, Tryst calls the police. in the attic, hoping that if they are arrested, they will escape Guy and his minions. However, Tryst has been proven wrong. Guy frees the girls from police custody and tells them to shoot Tryst. when the season ends. While we see the two girls getting arrested at the beginning of the season and catching up at the end of the season, at the end of the episode we also see Zoe in an orange jumpsuit and Becca on vacation. The latter has not yet happened. More importantly, the murder allegations haven’t surfaced anywhere, so it’s safe to assume that at least Zoe and Becca will not kill Tryst.

Will Becca and Zoe go to Jail?

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In the season finale, Tryst calls the police so Zoe and Becca can protect her from Guy, but before they can take her to the police station, Guy’s people release her and take her to her boss. The beginning of the series coincides with the season finale, but that’s not the only flashforward scene in the show.

Towards the end of season two, we see Zoe in an orange jumpsuit while Becca is having the time of her life. It’s also obvious that the friends from before have fallen out. This means these things haven’t happened in the show’s timeline yet. So, while none of them have gone to jail yet, at least Zoe will in the future.

Who is lying Becca or Zoe?

The creators of Fakes make masterful use of the plot’s unreliable narrative device. As mentioned above, the point of view changes from Zoe to Becca throughout the season. The same scenes are shown from both perspectives. In their respective narratives of what happened, they predictably portray themselves as reluctant partners, if not outright victims. The reality probably lies somewhere between their stories. He’s not particularly the villain, nor are they lacking in both blames.

At the end of the day, they’re just two young women who are desperately beside themselves. The two characters regularly break the fourth wall throughout the season. However, something interesting happens in the season finale. In the final scene, when Guy instructs Tryst to be killed, both Zoe and Becca stare at the camera, implying that what we see here is the most accurate version of that event.

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