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Extraction 2: Release Date Cast Everything you need to know

Extraction 2: Coming to Netflix in 2023 and a Look Behind the Scenes

Extraction, one of Netflix’s biggest films to date,  is back with a sequel! Chris Hemsworth will return to reprise his role as Tyler Rake. Coming to Netflix in 2023 we’ll get our first look at  Extraction 2’s awesome stunts, thanks. to exclusive footage from Netflix’s TUDUM event. That’s all we know about Extraction 2 on Netflix so far. As one of Netflix’s highest-grossing original films, it should come as no surprise that a sequel is in the works.

With over 99 million households tuning in, the film eclipsed even the likes of Bird Box, Murder Mystery, and 6 Underground. Sam Hargrave has returned to direct the sequel, along with the Russo brothers, who are executive producers on the film. However, only Joe Russo is credited with writing the story.

The production status of Extraction 2

Extraction 2 was originally scheduled to be filmed in Sydney, Australia, but due to Covid restrictions, production has been moved to Prague, Czech Republic. Chris Hemsworth also confirmed on his Instagram account that filming would begin in late November 2021. 

On March 19, 2022, Extraction wrapped filming and is now in post-production. At Netflix’s last TUDUM event on September 24, Netflix released amazing behind-the-scenes footage of Extraction 2.

What is the plot of Extraction 2?

After narrowly surviving serious injuries while on assignment in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tyler Rake is back and his team is ready for the next assignment. Tasked with rescuing a family at the mercy of a Georgian gangster, Tyler goes undercover into one of the world’s deadliest prisons to rescue them. But when the extraction escalates and the gangster is killed in the heat of the moment, his equally ruthless brother pursues Rake and his crew to Sydney for revenge. 

Who are the cast members of Extraction 2?

Image Credit: Netflix

When the Extraction sequel was announced, it was confirmed that Chris Hemsworth would be returning to reprise his role as Tyler Rake. It has also been confirmed that actor Adam Bessa (Mosul) will return to reprise his role as Yaz. 

Actress Rayna Campbell (Maleficent: Mistress of Evil), who previously starred in Extraction as Nik’s team’s radio technician, has now been cast in the role, named Ruthie. Georgian model and actress Tinatin Dalakishivili joins the cast as Ketevan.  Actor Patrick Newall, who previously starred as an unnamed mercenary in Extraction, will now take on the role of Seb. Dato Bakhtadze (Wanted) will play the role of Avtandil.

When is Extraction 2 coming to Netflix?

The film has been in post-production for several months, but we recently learned at TUDUM that the film will not be released until 2023. An exact release date has not yet been announced, but we hope that it will be published. early 2023.

Extraction 2 Teaser

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