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Enola Holmes 2 Ending Explained: Who Was Moriarty? Who Did Sarah Chapman Want To Expose?

Harry Bradbeer, the director of Enola Holmes 2, seriously tried to make the film more gritty than the first part. The story once again follows the adventurous journey of teenage detective Enola Holmes, only this time the events are inspired by a true story. In 1888 girls working in a match factory in London went on strike led by Sarah Chapman. It was probably one of the first acts of defiance in the country orchestrated by women workers. Enola Holmes 2 is the story of girls who refused to bend and endure any form of oppression. It’s the story of how brave girls refused to be part of a misogynist society and fought for their rights. Let’s see if Enola can help disadvantaged girls and prevent their further exploitation.

Enola decided to open her agency.

After Enola solved the Tewkesbury case, she decided it was time to open her agency. He loved solving cases and wanted to increase his credibility as a detective in English society. She was smart and skilled, and she knew jiujitsu, but there was one thing that contradicted her: she was a woman. The misogynist society didn’t believe that a woman was capable of solving a case on her own or doing anything like that. Sometimes people mistook her for a secretary. Or Junior Assistant to Sherlock Holmes. People didn’t feel safe depending on her. Enola was disappointed. She realized that maybe she was just as delusional as her mother, who believed in the concept of a just society. He began to question his worth. He knew he was different, but the world insisted on making him believe he was. not worthy enough. His dream of joining the pantheon of great Victorian detectives was dashed. But she also had to put aside her desire to prove herself to her brother, Sherlock Holmes. But one fine day the unimaginable happened. A girl named Bessie walked into his office. She wanted Enola to find her. missing sister. Enola knew this might be the opportunity she had been waiting for. But the case wasn’t as simple as he thought it would be. There were many dark and filthy secrets of the world and the men who prevented it that Enola knew nothing of. He didn’t know the dangers of the job he had chosen as a career.

Finding Sarah Chapman And A Challenge For Sherlock

Sarah was a kind-hearted girl and there was no plausible reason why she had been kidnapped. The girls worked in the match factory, and Bessie told Enola that a week ago Sarah had gotten into an argument with Mr. Crouch, the foreman. in the factory. Enola was shocked to see the girls’ poverty-stricken lifestyles. He met Mae, who also lived in the same building as Sarah. Mae knew Sarah, but she had a very hostile attitude. She didn’t want Enola snooping around, but since Bessie loved her, there wasn’t much Mae could do about it. Enola asked Bessie to go to the match factory and take her along. , where she posed as a new employee. Enola went into the main office when no one was looking and found a record kept in the vault. He noticed that some pages were missing from this log and that someone had torn them up. Enola heard a conversation between Henry Lyon, William Lyon, Charles McIntyre, and Mira Troy. Someone had stolen something valuable and the match factory management was being blackmailed. Henry Lyon and others came to meet their staff and we learned that many girls had lost their lives due to typhus that had spread through the community. Management was very concerned about his health and seemed to want to do something about it. Enola, observing Mae’s behaviors, realized she was up to something. Later realizing that Mae had caused a distraction, she helped Sarah into the office, where she picked up the pages of the log. Enola followed Mae to a theater called Paragon where Mae used to work. Enola argued with Mae and discovered that Sarah used to work there as well. Enola found a letter on the table where Sarah used to put her makeup on. It had poetry written on it, but Enola knew there was a hidden meaning she couldn’t decipher. That night, Enola was being pursued by an anonymous man, and when she tried to run away from him, she also bumped into his brother Sherlock Holmes.

Enola discovered that there was a hidden direction in poetry. He went to 28 Bell Place in Whitechapel and found Mae who had been stabbed to death by someone. Before something could happen, Inspector Lestrade and Superintendent Grail arrived at the scene. Enola had her suspicions that Grail was the same man who had followed her last night. Enola had found a piece of paper with musical notes in Mae’s pocket. Before Grail and others could stop her, she escaped. Enola went and hid in Sherlock’s house, knowing that this was the only place she would be safe. The brothers bartered. It was decided that Sherlock would tell him about the financial fraud case he was investigating and Enola told him about Sarah Chapman. Sherlock informed Enola that there were unrecorded money transfers at various banks. Separate filings were made through five different accounts and all went through a treasury to a private bank. Sherlock had discovered that whoever was behind this was a genius who knew how to cover his tracks. It wasn’t that Sherlock didn’t have clues, but he still hit a dead end every time. the Treasury a week before the first transaction. There was a man with a conical top hat who stole some very important documents. Sherlock did not know how the burglary was related to the money laundering case. Enola told Sherlock about the Sarah Chapman case. He showed her the letter and the paper with musical symbols on it. Sherlock went to the crime scene and knew immediately that his case and Enola’s were connected. There was a cryptic message hidden in all the evidence and the perpetrator wanted Sherlock to find it. Sherlock converted the original account number into the equivalent English language alphabet and discovered that the schemer’s name was Moriarty. It was a challenge. , and Sherlock knew straight away that Moriarty was doing it simply because he was fairly confident in the plan. Things. William sent that cryptic letter to Sarah Chapman. Enola went to a dance organized by the match factory owners. At the ball, he met a suspicious woman named Cicely, who was keen to speak to Tewkesbury. Enola got jealous that Tewkesbury was getting so much attention from women. Before Enola could get any further leads, police arrested her and took her to jail. Sherlock was afraid for his sister. He was a pragmatic man and didn’t want her to be like him. His obsession with the job scared Sherlock. Enola wanted to work independently, but Sherlock knew he would need all the help he could on the case since there were many big players involved. Reality darkened and death was imminent.

Who Did Sarah Chapman Want To Expose? Who Was Moriarty?

The match factory has doubled its profits in the last two years. Enola also knew there was something fishy about the whole typhoid situation. Sherlock contacted Edith (Eudoria Holmes’ girlfriend from Part 1) when Enola was arrested by the police. Eudoria and Edith broke into the prison and helped Enola escape. Once again, Enola returned to Bessie and told her to find somewhere else to stay until the case was resolved. Enola feared that Bessie’s life might be in danger. Enola spotted something she couldn’t see until this moment. Everything was right under his nose. He went over all the details in his mind. He discovered that the woman he met at the dance, who called herself Cicely, was Sarah Chapman. Sarah and William Lyon were in love and together they set out to expose Henry Lyon and the others involved. in crime. The phosphorus used to make the white match heads was the cause of death for several workers. The government blamed the typhoid plague, but the pandemic was just an illusion, a cover to escape blame. William Lyon was a radical, as was Tewkesbury. He had invited Tewkesbury to the ball. He wanted your help to reform factory laws. Enola went to the match factory and there she met her brother Sherlock again. They found out that William had been murdered. Sherlock realized that William Lyon was the one who broke into the Treasury and stole these important documents. The Inland Revenue was under the command of Lord McIntyre,  the Treasury Secretary. Henry Lyon and McIntyre conspired together, and the evidence was hidden in these stolen documents. White phosphorus was cheap and factory owners knew they could make huge profits using it in production.

Though the evidence led her to McIntyre, Sherlock knew it was just an attempt to trick her. Enola found a torn piece of paper with the same musical symbols she had previously found in Mae’s possession. The piece of music was called The Truth of the Gods, and Tewkesbury thought it might refer to the top tier of the theater audience, often referred to as the gods. Enola had something of a revelation. He realized it wasn’t music, it was a map. The map led them to the theater room, where Enola found something under one of the seats. Sarah, who was also in the auditorium, told Enola that she had the papers that were stolen from the Inland Revenue and also the torn pages of the factory register, which had the names of all the girls killed by phosphorus. Henry, McIntyre, and others knew it all, and they chose not to talk about it all the time. McIntyre arrived at the scene and attempted to take Sarah away. arrested on extortion charges steal personal information i.e. H. the original contract documents proving he was conspiring with Henry Lyon. But McIntyre was wrong. Sarah wasn’t his blackmailer. It was his assistant Mira Troy who orchestrated everything. You see, Troy was Moriarty, an extraordinary accountant who had challenged Sherlock. Moriarty was very arrogant and had always believed that his intellect was unparalleled. She’d been employed by McIntyre for years, but it hadn’t gotten her anywhere. She thought she was a genius. She wanted a share of his wealth and also wanted to teach him a lesson. He used the corrupt  Grail Keeper for his purposes. Moriarty had been oppressed for years and denied what she thought she deserved. the shadows of incompetent men. He grew weary of serving men who undermined his authority. Although McIntyre burned the contract documents and could not be charged with conspiracy against the workers, Tewkesbury exposed his corruption and was arrested.

Enola Holmes 2 End Credit Scene Explained

Although McIntyre’s direct involvement in the girls’ deaths could not be proven, Sarah convinced all the factory workers to leave the factories and protest against the corrupt lords. Sherlock Holmes offered Enola a job. with him, something he had wanted all along. But Enola turned down the offer. She felt it was imperative to establish her credibility. She wanted to prove to herself that she could solve cases never mind. She wanted to put her stamp on society. Perhaps in the future, we will see the brothers open an office together, although unofficially they will continue to help each other. Sherlock had also learned to respect and admire his younger sister’s extraordinary abilities. He saw a flare in her, unlike anyone he had ever met. He knew that one day she would be a great detective. In the credits scene, we see that Enola sent a roommate to find her brother. Enola felt that Sherlock desperately needed company and that being alone wasn’t enough. very good. The work took its toll on him, and at the end of the day, he was a human too. He had to trust someone and share the baggage he was carrying on his shoulders. This person’s name was Dr. John Watson (whom we all know from the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), a former army doctor who eventually becomes Sherlock’s best friend and trusted ally. It is necessary to speak out against oppression. It’s not easy. What Sarah Chapman did was nothing short of an act of bravery. William Lyon supported their cause, even though he knew it would slander his father. William sacrificed his life while fighting for a good cause, and Enola made sure his sacrifice wasn’t in vain. Hopefully, we’ll see the militant feminist again in the third part, who fights against all odds and becomes the voice of the oppressed.

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