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Elite Season 8 Release Date, Cast, and Everything you need to Know


If you’ve already finished watching all eight episodes of Elite, it’s natural to be wondering if there will be another season. Have no fear – we’ve got you taken care of.

For anyone interested, here is an overview of the upcoming TV show Elite season 8.

Is there going to be an Elite Season 8?

A shot of Ivan Mendes as Dalmar, Omar Ayuso as Omar, and Fernando Líndez as Joel can be seen in the series Elite.

In July 2023, it was announced that the popular show, Elite, would be returning for an eighth season, prior to the release of the seventh.

It is anticipated that, as with past seasons, all of the new episodes will be released simultaneously.

Will there be Elite Season 8 the Final Season?


Credit: Netflix

In Elite, Omar Ayuso portrays Omar, depicted here standing at the foot of the school stairs with a backpack.

In October 2023, it was made known to the public that the popular show would be concluding after its upcoming eighth season, unfortunately only days before the premiere of season 7.

At a press conference, the creator of the show, Carlos Montero, revealed that they are filming the 8th and final season of Elite. He along with Jaime Vaca, the co-showrunner for season 7, and Netflix have determined that the show should end on a high note.

It is with sorrow that I must say this since it has been an amazing number of years filled with terrific actors, the capability to collaborate with the directors of our dreams, and the last two seasons’ privilege of having Maribel.

When is the Elite Season 8 Release Date?

It’s difficult to predict precisely when Elite season 8 will be released on Netflix, yet we can anticipate that it will probably come out in 2024.

Production for the new season has been going on since July 2023. It was preceded by the 6th season, which was released in November 2022, and the 7th season, which came out in October of 2023. This implies that we could potentially expect the 8th season near the same time next year.

This page will be modified when we acquire more concrete details about when Elite season 8 will be released.

Who will be in the Elite season 8 cast?

Many familiar faces from previous seasons of Elite will be making a comeback in season 8, including Mina el Hammani as Nadia, whom we last saw in season 4. Additionally, the new season will feature Ane Rot and Nuno Gallego as part of the cast.

A comprehensive roster of the actors expected to be in the eighth season of Elite can be located here:

  • Omar Shanaa is played by Omar Ayuso
  • Sonia is portrayed by Nadia Al Saidi
  • Valentina Zenere is Isadora
  • Ivan is Andr e Lamoglia
  • Roc io is Ana Bokesa
  • Didac is Á lvaro de Juana
  • Nico is Ander Puig
  • Carmen Arrufat is Sara
  • Ra ul is Alex Pastrana
  • Chloe is Mirela Balic
  • Eric is Gleb Abrosimov
  • Joel is Fernando L indez
  • Dalmar is Iv an Mendes
  • Carmen is Maribel Verd u
  • Jessica is Anitta
  • Emilia is Ane Rot
  • Nadia is played by Mina el Hammani
  • TBC is Nuno Gallego

Is there an Elite season 8 trailer yet?

At present, no trailer has been issued for Elite season 8, but we’ll make sure to amend this page when one is made available. In the interim, you can view the season 7 trailer again here:

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