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Elite Season 7 Ending Explained: Who dies in Elite season 7?


A warning to be noted: a suicide attempt.

In “I’m Gonna End This Forever,” the 8th episode of Elite’s 7th season, the police locate a corpse and conclude it to be a suicide. As Eric suddenly disappears, Nico and his family become frantic. Upon his return in an altered state, Nico reprimands him and orders him to leave.

Isa is very angry with Didac and informs her of Luis and the inquiry. They meet up at the police station and Luis states he had gone undercover after the episode of gunfire. She is still infuriated and declares she will not betray the people close to her.

What could be the reason for Sara to choose to sleep with Raul?


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Sara observed Chloe and Raul being affectionate in the hallway, which led Jessica to think that she was envious. She goes on to say that Raul understands that Sara is fond of him and he relishes this fact. He will keep engaging in this behavior as he will never let her go. Jessica suggests that the only way to break free is to attend another school.

Carmen sends a text to Chloe, only for Raul to intervene and forbid contact, claiming it is for Chloe’s benefit. Sara is an onlooker to the exchange and then sends a message to Raul to come with her. Without hesitation, he follows and they engage in sexual activity in the lavatory. Unknown to him, Sara is recording the entire event.

Carmen takes Ivan’s money and sends a message to Chloe for a restart, but discovers she is blocked. Later, Sara arrives and cautions her about Raul. She informs her that he used to keep her secluded, make her feel inadequate, and mistreat her. He is an expert at manipulating and even someone as independent and determined as Chloe can be tricked. After that, Sara sends the video to Chloe.

What causes Isa to alter her perspective on the inquiry?


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Rocio is not able to put out of her mind the misdeeds of her mother and attempts to discuss it with Isa. However, Isa refuses to listen, believing that naivety is joy and it is best to ignore the sins of their family. In spite of this, a determined Rocio insists that those who have committed wrongs should be held accountable no matter who they are, which worries Isa.

Isa relates to her parents about Luis’ investigation, to which they already know and are apathetic as there is no proof. She comes to the realisation that the shooting and Amazona’s passing are all their doing to gain the advantage in the war with Didac’s family. She contacts Duran to return the trafficking papers and Martin is incensed. Roberta has compassion for Isa and states this is why she wanted to keep her daughter away from any of their complex matters.

Rocio attempts to communicate with Duran who remains silent. Isa is arranging their appointment; Martin, without being seen, sends Duran a message informing her the site of the rendezvous has been shifted to the roof of the edifice. Despite Rocio’s pressure, Duran finally yields.

How do Ivan and Joel interact?

Joel appears to be in a state of duress, so Ivan proposes that they take a trip to South Africa and that Joel bask in the positive moments that he is deserving of. Afterwards, Joel returns home and contacts Omar, telling him that he requires the counsel of both him and Dalmar.

When Omar arrives, he suggests to Joel that if he cares for Ivan, he should go. However, Dalmar objects, asserting that Joel should not let others dictate his life and instead stay put and live his own life. He further recommends that when Ivan returns, they can resume their relationship. This leaves Joel with a confounding quandary.

What befalls Eric?

Nico meets with Didac, but is filled with guilt for having left Eric behind. Meanwhile, Eric attempts to call Nico but fails, making him fear that everyone despises him. He ends up in a squat house and begins weeping. He climbs to the roof, texting on a self-help app asking to talk before taking his own life. Sonia answers.

Is Raul unable to restrain himself when he is with Chloe?


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Chloe notices that Ivan has everything packed up, but Raul diverts her attention. Right then, Sara sends the sex tape and an infuriated Chloe slaps him before attempting to leave. He prevents her from phoning her mother, throws her phone, and then slaps her. Carmen shows up and declares that she will not depart until they open the door. Raul cautions Chloe to act as normal or he will lose control. Terrified, Chloe pretends to be okay, however Carmen sees her expression and the phone on the ground.

When Ivan comes back to his home to collect his items for the trip to the airport, Carmen instructs Chloe to go along with him. She then invites Raul to have a beverage with her up on the roof.

What is the strategy of Isa?

Isa gave Roberta instructions not to attend the gathering and then informed Martin that her mom was not attending as she was suspicious of Isa. When Duran failed to appear, Martin said he had lied to Isa, and that Roberta had been accurate in her assessment that Isa could not manage their venture. As Martin had already completed his task with Duran, they no longer required her services.

When Duran sent a text to Isa notifying her that he had reached the rooftop, she was concerned and forwarded his location to another person. She then told her father that he was correct in saying that she should focus her attention on the business and not waver in her choices. He seemed upset and asked her to hand over Duran’s papers to him. She replied that she had already given them to the police and that she had a microphone on her. Once the police heard what was going on, they arrested Martin and quickly went to where Duran was.

Is Nico capable of assisting Eric?

Sonia is overwhelmed as she attempts to console Eric. He reveals that the one he adores had forsaken him and Sonia swiftly recognizes that it is Eric after remembering Nico and Didac’s dialogue. She quickly goes to inform Nico.

Nico reaches the top of the squatter house and attempts to get Eric to stay. He admits his own frustration, as he is unsure of how to be of assistance. He offers Eric solace, noting that he would not be in his current situation without him. Nico then expresses his worry that Eric leaving would leave a sizeable gap in his life, and implores him to go back home. The two embrace in a hug.

Is Joel accompanying Ivan to South Africa?

When Ivan’s cab arrived, he sent a text to Joel inquiring about his whereabouts. Chloe attempted to have a conversation with him, but he neglected to respond. Eventually, Joel appeared with his luggage, yet he seemed perplexed after seeing Ivan’s message.

Once Dalmar arrived home, Omar noticed his worried expression. Later, a sorrowful Joel returned and they embraced. Even though it was evident he was suffering, they were pleased he had done what he felt was necessary. Joel requested Omar to stay, but Omar decided it would be better if he went back to therapy.

Is Martin responsible for the demise of Judge Duran and her daughter, Rocio?

Duran was by herself on the rooftop when, suspecting something was amiss, Rocio joined her. Duran attempted to send her away, however Martin’s assailants arrived with firearms. They divided Duran and her daughter and brought them to the edge of the roof. It was then that the police showed up and apprehended the men. They likewise arrested Duran for her wrongdoings and Rocio’s expression was one of sadness.

What is the end result of the seventh season of the show Elite in terms of fatalities?

Carmen went up to the rooftop to confront Raul about striking Chloe. She kept prodding him and he attempted to explain himself. Carmen responded by pushing and hitting him, and then inquiring what happened between him and Chloe. Unexpectedly, he lashed out and seized her by the throat. She requested some ice for the whiskey, leaving him befuddled.

He mocks her for being mad and she queries what he should do when a lady requests ice for her drink. While he concentrates on her line of questioning, she pushes him over the edge of the roof and states he should go and get some. When she peered down from the rooftop, she noticed a lifeless body of Raul.

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How does Elite Season 7 end?


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Nico escorts Eric back to his parents, who are overjoyed to see him. Roberta is flabbergasted at the recent events, and Isa feigns ignorance as to why Martin was arrested. At school, Didac stares at her intently, but she demands he keep his distance.

Carmen and Chloe show shock and fear when the police arrive to recover Raul’s body. The authorities then interrogate the two, and Carmen states that Raul was an abuser and had issues, while Chloe insists she had been with her mother the entire time.

At the conclusion of Elite season 7 episode 8, a flashback reveals that Dalmar was nearby the edifice when Raul was murdered. He captures a video which showcases Carmen gazing from the rooftop following Raul’s plunge. He watches the video and appears fearful.

Elite Season 7 Episode 8 Finale Review

The Elite season 7 finale is what brought back the same captivating mystery format that had us all hooked to this Spanish Netflix Original in 2018. It only took 7 episodes to take us back to the beginning! Isn’t it funny how it all worked out?

The scribes had to hastily tie up the plot, but this resulted in a character that is level-headed, which is presumably Dalmar, coming in the next season. On the other hand, it was pretty impressive when Carmen got rid of Raul.

The suspense in the eighth installment of Elite was intense. There were five distinct individuals on the rooftop, and at first, the corpse appeared to be Raul’s. Rocio’s entrance shifted our perspective, however, and eventually, he got his just desserts.

Carmen’s conclusion was less than ideal. Why did she assume the police would not suspect her and Chloe if she told them Raul was an abuser? Didac and Rocio were overshadowed, though they are not said to be coming back for the upcoming season. Anitta was featured in a role as Jessica, although it is unclear why they would utilize her in such a way. Fans desire the return of Ivan, as he was the only bearable character this season. It would be unjust if he cut ties with Carmen and Chloe without any resolution.

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