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Doona Ending Explained: Do Doona and Won-jun End Up Together?


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First off, it’s clear that K-drama Land had great casting choices for Doona when they picked stars with tremendous chemistry. Additionally, they managed to make Doona an appealing character, not just by referencing her difficult past. Thirdly, the narrative of the show is fantastic, depicting not only how people coping with mental health issues manage relationships but also how their partners are impacted. Despite its melodramatic vibes, the series manages to hit the mark on many points, while also remaining adorably engaging. This is a summary of the series that we simply couldn’t get enough of.

What Came About in Doona’s History?

From early on in her life, Doona had been living with her grandmother after being abandoned by her father, and her mother was too preoccupied with her dubious activities to care for her. This had made for a very isolated childhood, and she was just scraping by when she was noticed by a talent agency in eighth grade. The manager, In Wook, was initially met with skepticism by Doona as if she thought it was some hoax. After he persuaded her of the genuine nature of the agency, she eventually decided to join and become an idol—driven more by a desire to flee from her mother’s neglect than anything else.

Doona’s life revolved around singing and dancing once she began training to become an idol; however, the environment she was in was not conducive to her mental well-being. As she experienced abandonment issues and anxiety, her bandmates, one in particular, were hostile toward her. Additionally, her manager took advantage of her feelings for him by making her do more work for the agency. This led to her not being able to sing at a pivotal concert, and as a result, she was kicked out of the group. The agency told her to take a break, but it was evident they were no longer involving her. She was allowed to go if she did not sign with anyone else and given her share of the money, but her mother used a lot of it to pay off her debts and incur more. The public was aware of her mother’s fraudulent activities, and Doona received hate for it. Furthermore, people were displeased by the fact she was living a normal life while her former bandmates were struggling without her. She was the butt of much online hate, and so opted to remain a hermit and avoid being hurt again. That is where Won Jun entered her life.

What Brings Won Jun and Doona Together in Love?

When Won Jun arrived in the dorm room, Doona mistook him for a devoted fan of Dream Sweet, her ex-band. After he cleared up the misunderstanding, she found him amiable and non-judgmental. She had already developed an affinity for him, but she didn’t want to meddle in his life. The first time he felt the depth of their connection was when he confided in her that he liked the distance he had from his family because it meant he could take a break from worrying about his ailing sister. That was the first time he had shared that with anyone. Then one day, her emotions for him intensified, leading her to kiss him. Taken aback, he asked her about it, but she rejected the notion it meant anything. He made it clear that he had felt something at that moment, and if she wasn’t serious, she should not do it again.

At the time, Jun Ji had said something to Doona, which made her attempt to move on from Won Jun by attempting to find someone else. This only caused the two to be brought closer together, as Doona understood that her feelings for Won Jun were much more powerful. Even Won Jun became possessive when he saw her with another person. They kissed, and it was clear they had feelings for each other, though they would not admit it. The two went on a trip where they ended up spending the night. However, Doona’s ill-advised move caused things to go downhill again. In Wook, her manager and first love showed up and attempted to take her away. She went with him, leaving Won Jun behind and it deeply hurt him. He waited for her until the very last moment, but she didn’t appear, so he had to go back home without her.

Wook had sought out Doona after he had seen her at Dream Sweet’s comeback presentation. The group had failed to gain the same level of recognition without her, so he wanted her to return and was still trying to pressure her into doing so. However, Doona had developed greater strength and understanding and chose to decline. Being on her own and receiving love from others had made her more stable, and she made decisions based on that. When she met Won Jun, Doona confessed to him that her momentary lapse of judgment had made her understand that she loved him more and she was sorry for leaving him in that way. Thus, the two were reconciled, but they still had many difficulties ahead.

Is The Finale Of Doona And Won Jun Joyful Or Melancholy?

Won Jun has to abruptly leave to attend to his ailing sister. Doona is left to handle the difficult situation of her agency sending her a legal notice because they said she had unfairly ended the contract. She knows she has no other option but to go back to her band. When Won Jun returns, Doona has a conversation with him, asking for advice. He encourages her to follow her heart and take the stage since he has always thought that was her true calling. However, Doona knows it is not that simple. She had left the agency due to their controlling behavior, and if she returned, the circumstances would remain the same. Plus, the agency wouldn’t allow her to have a relationship with Won Jun, and people online would try to ruin his life since that comes with the territory of being an idol. Even Won Jun becomes aware of the complexity of the situation when In Wook outlines the issues and the money involved.

For a while, Doona had been unable to reach Won Jun, as her phone had been taken away by the agency, leaving his messages unheard. Although they were not officially broken up, they were living separate lives. Eventually, Doona managed to escape and meet Won Jun to discuss their future. He was going to the army, and Doona would be occupied for two years. She thought that when she achieved some success, the agency would lay off and they could start dating again. Nevertheless, Won Jun wanted to terminate their relationship. It was not due to her fame, as Doona believed, but because he did not know if he fit into her life at all. He was scared of all the emotional pain he expected, and he chose to be secure from them. It is a particularly heartbreaking moment in the show when Doona waits for Won Jun to chase after her in the subway, but he doesn’t, making their breakup final.

It had been some time since Doona and Won Jun had separated. Doona was doing incredibly well, and Won Jun was getting ready for an interview to become a civil servant. Additionally, I Ra was living with Jeong Hoon, and Jun Ji had a successful life from traveling around the globe. One day, Doona unexpectedly returned to Won Jun’s life. Initially, they were just two old friends reuniting, but then Doona became angry that Won Jun was not being more forthright with his feelings. She went to his house and asked him why he didn’t made it known that he had missed her and wished he hadn’t let her go. All she was looking for was for him to say it, and as soon as he did, they embraced.

The series finale of Doona reveals she is in Japan for work. Won Jun is also there, helping someone professionally. The last image implies they are aware of each other’s presence, and it’s likely they are together but keeping it a secret. We can assume that after the time they spent apart, they decided to make the relationship work, no matter what. Won Jun’s smile when he looks at a pastry shop is proof of his commitment. It is likely a place that Doona likes, given her fondness for sweets. Thus, it could be their next date destination while in Japan. We can conclude that they have a happy ending, as Won Jun was not just Doona’s free therapy.

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