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Did Hale Die? Tessa Thompson leaving Westworld?


The fourth season of HBO’s sci-fi series Westworld follows Charlotte Hale’s efforts to destroy humanity in order to establish host supremacy. People using their tower. As the final step in her plans, she aspires to move the hosts to the sublime, leading William to question Hale’s tyranny and his choices. both.

Of course, given the fate of the amazing character and Tessa Thompson’s dedication to the show, viewers should be alarmed. Well, here’s our take!


Did Hale Die?


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When Hale decides to transfer the hosts to the Sublime, William resolves that he must not place the fates of humans and hosts in the hands of their creator. He kills her, assuring them that the principle of survival of the fittest will dictate fate. of the world. Meanwhile, Hale is rebuilt by her soldiers and learns through a video taken by Bernard before his death that the Sublime must be rescued from William. She follows his creation to the dam where the door to Sublime

is and kills him. He also transfers Dolores to the Exalted. After transferring Dolores, Hale cuts open her head, pulls out the pearl, and destroys it herself. Her action ensures she is dead. Hale has spent his entire life trying to make his species superior to humans. However, her methods have turned her into a tyrant as a person who treated the hosts like puppets. His efforts to increase the power of the hosts have led them to question his authority, which has led to chaos.

While William destroys the world of humans, Hale has no world to conquer, which spells the end of his quest. So, he decides to commit suicide. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Hale will never live again. Since creating his body is extremely easy, anyone can insert a pearl into his body and rebuild Hale. Since Dolores, the original version of Hale, is alive, she might even consider recreating Hale for her final test/game if the need arises. So, it might not be true to say that Hale is dead forever. But as things stand, following Hale’s death, fans must have been wondering if Tessa Thompson left the show. share what we know.

Tessa Thompson leaving Westworld?


Image Credit: HBO

Neither HBO nor Tessa Thompson has revealed the actor has left Westworld. Hale’s death could be a stunning narrative development conceived to wrap up the show’s fourth season. back, suggesting that Thompson could remain part of the show’s cast if the network greenlights the fifth season.

That being said, Westworld has never shied away from ending the storylines of the main cast’s characters. With the departure of either Rodrigo Santoro (Héctor Escaton) or Anthony Hopkins (Robert Ford) from ‘Westworld’, the show doesn’t usually shy away from saying goodbye to the main cast and their characters if necessary. Unless Dolores’ version of Hale, or Hale herself, is necessary for Dolores’ final test, we may not see Tessa Thompson in the possible fifth season.

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