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Did Emily Go Back to Gilead? Why Did Alexis Bledel Leave the Handmaid’s Tale?

The fifth season of Hulu’s dystopian series The Handmaid’s Tale follows the aftermath of the murder of Major Fred Waterford. After killing the perpetrator, June Osborne searches for her friend and former maid, Dr.

Emily Malek, only to find out she returned to Gilead without telling June. When Emily returns to the place where she suffered immeasurable suffering and came face to face with death, viewers must want to know the reason behind it for themselves.

We also found out if Alexis Bledel’s absence from the first episode of Season 5 is an indication that she has left the show. Well, here’s what we know!

Did Emily Go Back to Gilead?

After murdering Fred, June tries to meet up with her accomplice and friend Emily, only to find out that she returned to Gilead “for Lydia”. Emily must have returned to the totalitarian regime to take revenge on Aunt Lydia, who oversees the education, sexual re-education, and maid duties. When Emily serves as a maid to Lydia in Gilead before fleeing to Canada, the latter has made the former suffer greatly. When Lydia discovered in

that Emily was a lesbian, she forced her to undergo clitoridectomy to prevent the doctor from experiencing sexual pleasure.

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After her clitoridectomy, Emily swears revenge on Lydia. He even managed to stab Lydia but couldn’t kill her. Given that she has returned to Gilead, where Lydia continues to lead and lead the handmaids, it can only mean that she wants the latter dead, just as June wanted Fred dead. With Gilead and the power of the country’s commanders being called into question, Emily must have thought she should pursue her dream when the regime is at its most vulnerable.

She must have thought that if she told June about her plan, June would stop her. However, Emily may not be able to kill Lydia. After Fred’s assassination, the commanders of the totalitarian regime fear that the former Handmaiden may be looking for them. They can increase their security and surveillance measures in and around the Regime to prevent a minion from attacking. If they find

Emily, your life is under threat. Does that mean he’s going to die? Will we ever see Alexis Bledel’s character again? Let’s find out.

Why Did Alexis Bledel Leave the Handmaid’s Tale?

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Yes, Alexis Bledel has left The Handmaid’s Tale. In May 2022, Bledel confirmed her departure from the show. “After giving it a lot of thought, I felt like I had to leave The Handmaid’s Tale now,” the actress said in a statement. “I will always be grateful to Bruce Miller for writing such truthful and resonant scenes for Emily, and to Hulu, MGM, the cast and crew for their support,” she added. Bledel left the show after winning a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance in 2017. The actress did not explicitly reveal the reason for her departure either.

With Bledel no longer part of The Handmaid’s Tale, it will come as no surprise to see Emily die off-screen in one of the future episodes of the series. Emily’s return to Gilead must also have given the writers a chance to complete the character’s story arc. Though fans of the actress may miss her appearance in the dystopian series, we can catch Bledel in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 3, which appears to be in development.

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