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Delivery By Christmas Recap & Ending Explained: Netflix

Delivery By Christmas: Ending Explained.

When we first started watching “Delivery by Christmas” we weren’t expecting much. Wasn’t it just another Christmas movie? What could be better or different? But it turns out that within that film industry tradition of churning out as many over-the-top thrills Christmas movies as possible that stopped being cute over a decade ago, “Delivery by Christmas” is a genuine love of the Christmas festival that it is expressed through a sincere and effective. Write. This is how it all works.

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The Mix-Up

Maria is a single mother who works as a delivery person for a courier company. Krzysiek is an office worker who fights with his grandfather to give him his grandmother’s ring. Maria, who is making a delivery at Krzysiek’s office building, meets him while looking for her son. She discovers that Max has shredded many of Krzysiek’s essential papers and agrees to get him a package from his grandfather in return. But things get complicated when Maria’s boss is insecure and upset because he refused your advances, and mixed up the addresses on your packages, causing you to deliver them to the wrong people, which means even Krzysiek didn’t receive what he expected. When you get confirmation of this mess, you need to set about correcting it. To his surprise, he finds Krzysiek in his van. She stays with him until she gets the ring. On the way to their first stop, they are held up when Maria has to stop for gas. In the scene that unfolds, we see that the creators were trying to convey that Krzysiek is a bit of a curmudgeon, but we couldn’t help but side with him. What good is a fuel pump that is stuck and not working? exceed a certain limit? Isn’t it the job of the gas station to make sure that their customers don’t have such problems? Either way, apart from this injustice, Krzysiek accidentally fills Maria’s truck with gas. Diesel and fixing caused them an undue delay. Meanwhile, Mirek, the person they were supposed to meet, is in crisis because of the wrong delivery. He believes that the person who sent the gift, Milena, is telling him she is pregnant. -She finished her job and still lives with her parents. This is bad news for him. However, she is waiting with her parents for Milena to come home, but she doesn’t want to open the door when the doorbell rings. Of course, it’s not his fault and if he does it’s Maria with the right package and it’s a Christmas miracle that he won’t be a father soon.

As Maria and Krzysiek drive to the next stop, he says some offensive things. Then he really becomes a villain, the kind we can’t like. Maria is injured and, on the pretext of asking him to check his exhaust, leaves him in the middle of the street. We’re honestly surprised she didn’t give it a good shout, too. He comes back after a while and tells him that he has to go home to pick up his son from the neighbors. Krzysiek didn’t even have the sense to apologize. So far we haven’t found a single reason to like this guy. Anyway, back at Maria’s house, when she’s a little late because of Max, Krzysiek runs out of patience. because his girlfriend is waiting for him and he has to go home soon. Just take Maria’s truck. Obviously, he can’t drive or park, and it’s really fun when he takes the van up the steps of a park, but his luck isn’t good that day. The patrolling police see him and arrest him. She lies that it’s her car and tries to pose as Maria, but it’s such a pathetic facade that even the officers who are clearly not very good at their jobs can tell. But before they can arrest him, he escapes and returns to find an angry Maria waiting for him. You have loosened some parts of the truck through your negligence and Maria is angry. Krzysiek not only apologizes for the van, but also for his behavior throughout the day. Given what we know about him, we wonder if he would have apologized if Maria hadn’t been so upset. Krzysiek is a selfish man and will not do much good at Christmas. Anyway, Maria forgives him and they head off to their next stop. Surprisingly, even this mishap has led to an interesting story. Estera is a woman whose husband has stopped being interested in her. His advances are ignored. , even if it’s as direct as possible. When she rips the seam of her dress, she runs to the tailor. Now the wrong package has gone to the tailor and it’s very suggestive. He gets the impression that this is a message from Estera, and as she approaches him in her dress, he makes his move, which is returned.

If Maria and Krzysiek put together the right package, it’s already the beginning of two wonderful relationships, one of love and one of friendship. Happy Accidents! But all is not well yet, because it turns out that Krzysiek’s grandfather didn’t give him a ring after all. However, with their growing friendship and the  Christmas spirit, Maria gives him her old wedding ring to propose to his girlfriend. That was a bit much, something that could have been skipped in the movie but ok. The angry puzzle pieces continue to fall into place, and Maria’s drunken boss admits his mistake and apologizes. She also ends up with her friend. In fact, it’s the end of the day, and the “Delivery by Christmas” section below explains why it’s such a beautiful story. Mirek’s parents have a warm conversation and realize they’ve grown apart due to the inappropriate caring responsibilities of an adult child. He is then forced to move out of the house to live his own life. As they begin to rekindle their romance, Mirek finds something of his own when he meets Milena at the bus stop. When she comes to Estera, she tells her husband Eryk about their new relationship. She tells him she wants to “feel alive,” and if that means they don’t stick together, then so be it. He even encourages Eryk to pursue his lifelong dream. to travel.

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What Happens To Maria And Krzysiek?

Back to Krzysiek: his girlfriend broke up with him and his grandfather is not so sad about it. Krzysiek grew up with his grandfather, and by the looks of it, he may have been an eccentric man. When that happens, the people you mentor turn out to be interesting or stubbornly normal. Krzysiek obviously fell into the latter category. But the day he got him to see the value in people loving you without being filtered. Yourself. That’s what the film wants us to believe. We think Krzysiek was trying to save on rent when he decided to move from his girlfriend’s house to his grandfather’s house. a bit late of him, we don’t know if he has any redeeming qualities. Anyway, Maria comes home to return a small model ship that Max took from them.

But grandpa has good Christmas cheer and gives it to Max. As they leave, Krzysiek is standing on the adjacent street and sees the police following his van. He understands what’s going on, but before he can tell her more, they are both arrested. Seriously, why isn’t Maria mad at him? As they are being taken away, they ask the police to stop them so they can release Maria’s carp into the river. After that, they sit for a while and Maria also throws her ring into the river. , which means letting go of your emotional baggage. Can we say that we’re delighted they didn’t bring these two a romance storyline? We would have hated that a lot more than  Krzysiek. But on that soft, slightly comical riverside note, “Delivery by Christmas” ends.

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What Works For ‘Delivery By Christmas?

We think what worked with “Delivery by Christmas” was the author’s realization that it’s not just about two people finding love. It could be an older couple rediscovering their romance or someone deciding to start a new chapter in their life. , fulfill long-cherished dreams, or just be friends with each other. Basic human emotions and their stories are lost in the over-commercialization of the holiday. for Christmas”, but he managed to impress us with his subtlety and insight. We don’t need 20 Christmas movies; we just need one that is sensitive in the right way. And we will see that with our friends during the holidays.

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