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Dead to Me season 3 Ending Explained: How did Dead to Me season 3 end?

Dead to Me season 3 Ending Explained

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It’s been a long time coming, but the third and final season of Dead to Me is out on Netflix. The series finale will be bittersweet for most viewers because as excited as we are to finally have Dead to Me Season 3, we will also be very sad to say goodbye. The final episodes bring Jen’s (Christina Applegate) and Judy’s (Linda Cardellini) rollercoaster ride to a close with some surprises. And we’re talking big, you haven’t seen surprises ahead. 

From the opening scene in the hospital to the closing scene that leaves you wanting more, we break down how the Emmy-nominated, fan-loved series comes to an end.  How do Dead to Me season 3 and the whole series end? If you’re looking for more clarity on Dead to Me’s ending, or if you’re looking for spoilers while watching (no judgment here), we’re diving into all of the series’ finale Q&A. .Here’s your final spoiler alert!

Do Jen and Judy get away with it in Dead to Me?

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Yes! It was a bit messy for a while, but Jen and Judy got away with murder in Dead to Me Season 3. They were concerned when the FBI became involved in the investigation into Steve’s murder because of its affiliation with the Greek syndicate and money laundering. Jen and Judy try to placate Agent Glenn Moranis (Garret Dillahunt) and throw him off their trail. When Judy tries to blame the Greeks, Jen “confesses” to Moranis that she slept with Steve, leading to her pregnancy to explain his DNA on her body. In addition to Moranis, Jen and Judy also had to deal with Nick, who was getting closer to the truth thanks to the discovery of the wooden bird as a suspected murder weapon. (Steve’s cause of death was later revealed to be drowning.) We can thank Perez for keeping Nick in line. In the end, Moranis ends up dead in his hotel room, either by Jen’s poisoned buns or by the Greek syndicate (or both? But authorities believe the Greeks are officially responsible for the deaths of Moranis and Steve in, acquitting Jen and Judy as Persons of interest.

Does Judy die in Dead to Me season 3?

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In the wake of the hit-and-run car accident in the season 2 finale, tests performed on Jen and Judy at the hospital in the season 3 premiere bring shocking revelations. Although Jen currently believes the doctor gave her cancer. The diagnosis reveals that she is in Judy’s hospital bed and that the diagnosis was intended for her best friend. Judy discovers that she has stage four ovarian cancer that has spread to her liver. He is undergoing chemotherapy treatment and although he feels fine and in good spirits, the doctor tells him that the chemotherapy didn’t treat cancer.

Jen insists on taking Judy to a test, but Judy prefers to enjoy the time she has. In the series finale, Jen and Judy finally get their long-awaited Mexico vacation, but it’s a bittersweet getaway. They need to find closure to break up forever, no matter how heartbreaking it is. On the last day, Jen wakes up without Judy by her side and she knows that her best friend kept her from seeing her end.

Do Charlie and Henry learn the truth about their dad’s death in Dead to Me?

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Unfortunately, Charlie and Henry never find out the truth about what happened to their father. However, there is a close connection with Charlie as he discovers that Judy and Ted had some kind of connection that he was previously unaware of. Jen and Judy quickly invent a story that Judy and Ted were having an affair. Since Charlie has a hard time processing this information, they keep the truth from him for as long as possible. Judy has a brief crisis of conscience in which she considers telling him that she is responsible for his father’s death but continues to protect him from it, which would hurt him further.

Does Ben find out who killed Steve in Dead to Me season 3?

One of the biggest questions of the last season revolved around Ben’s knowledge of his brother’s death. Jen and Judy actively withhold information about their involvement in Steve’s death because they see how difficult the death was for Ben. Lying to Ben is no good, and it’s not admirable that Jen and Judy don’t forgive Ben’s feelings while taking it upon themselves for what they’ve done, especially after Ben shows up and admits to hitting her with his car. It’s not good for anyone. After Judy’s death and her daughter Joey’s birth, Jen experiences a new sense of clarity.

As much as she enjoys her quiet life with Ben and her kids, she realizes that keeping this big secret from Ben doesn’t let her enjoy it to the fullest. In the final scene, Jen sits down with Ben and gets ready to share what happened to Steve, and we can assume she does. What do you think of the Dead to Me season 3 finale? Did you like how the series ended? 

What does Jen tell Ben?

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Season 3 of Dead to Me ends with Ben, Charlie, and Henry playing in the pool while Jen watches while she tends to the adorable Joey. Ben gets out of the pool and sits next to Jen. He says he thought he would never be happy again when Steve died. Jen looks at Joey, then at the cat kicking the inn door. Then Jen looks at Ben and has something to say.

What does Jen say to Ben in the Dead to Me season 3 finale? He says, “Ben, I have something to tell you.” And so ends Dead to Me season 3. We can only assume Jen will admit to Ben what happened when she murdered her brother in a fit of rage because he was such an emotionally abusive asshole. The ending made me think someone should have worn a Sopranos-style members-only jacket.

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