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Dark Winds Episode 4 Ending Explained and Recap


Dark Winds Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

Dark Winds follows the tale of Joe Leaphorn, a tribal police officer investigating a double homicide. Since the crime happened on Native American territory and was passed off to Native Americans, Leaphorn takes it upon himself to clear it up,  even though he is going beneath neath. beneath the jurisdiction of the FBI.

Again and again, the investigations lead him to the robbery  3 months earlier than the murders. Leaphorn is satisfied that something sinister is occurring on the reservation. lengthy sufficient to initiate the audience. In the fourth episode, he begins off evolving giving a few answers. As the portions start to fall together, it’s found out that rather more blood has been spilled because of the raid.

If the case isn’t always solved quickly enough, it may cause greater tragedy. for humans on reserve. Here’s what the occasions of the fourth episode imply for the relaxation of the season.

What Happened with Wanda in Coma

While the 0.33 episode started out straight away after the theft, the fourth episode offers the viewer a glimpse of the intent. Benjamin Tso meets BJ Vines and warns him about his plans concerning the drilling site. He is aware that the web page may be really well worth a lot. But what truly matters is what is underneath. His diffused threats towards Vines move unnoticed.

And then the theft takes place. Back withinside the present, Wanda falls right into a coma after the spider bite, leaving Chee and Leaphorn with not nothing to do. However, quick communication with Father Tso leads Leaphorn to analyze his past. It is determined that Father Tso is really James Tso. Benjamin’s dual brother.


It stays to be seen why he’s posing as a priest. His personal mistake isn’t always misplaced on Tso and he tells Frank to take a seat down idly through. When the police come to arrest him, Frank has to kill them both. We rewind a piece and research that Raymond, who nonetheless controlled to attain the lowest of the lake, became killed through Tso.

The helmet she determined with inside the lake finally ends up in the flea marketplace and is sold by a boy who catches his attention of Bernadette. She is going to the lake to search for Raymond, however, comes across a gunshot instead.

Finally, the Mysteries are over

The mysteries accrued withinside the first 1/2 of the season started out to be unraveled withinside the second 1/2. Sally’s tip works wonders for the case and offers it a lift that extensively advances the investigation. When Sally instructed Frank Nakai, neither Emma nor Joe knew who he became. Chee, on the other hand, already knew the call.

It seems that Nakai has been concerned in preceding robberies, one in every of which crossed paths with Chee. Now that his call is attached to the armored truck robbery, Chee realizes that a few family names may be related to the case.

Despite understanding precisely who Nakai is, Chee does now no longer proportion the records with Leaphorn, which became formally agreed among them. Chee saves the records for Whatever, who’s very satisfied with his performance.

Now all Chee has to do is sign down Nakai, arrest him, and feature the FBI who are available with a warrant, and investigate. Solving this example approaches plenty to him as he’s determined to get off the reservation and get the advertising in DC that he became promised. His ambition receives withinside the manner of Leaphorn, who is nevertheless centered on double kills and expecting a surprise.


Father Tso’s misstep confirms Leaphorn’s suspicions. When he and Chee arrive at his door to impeach him, they locate that Tso is already awaiting their arrival. He plans an ambush with Nakai, which might have labored in his want had Bernadette now no longer explored the lake unscheduled.

When Nakai is arrested, he acknowledges Chee, who is famous for his secret. Bernadette is taken aback that Chee is  FBI, and at the same time Leaphorn feels betrayed for hiding Nakai’s identity from her. This later ends in combat between Leaphorn and Chee, who now no longer compete on proper terms.

Chee guarantees Leaphorn that he’s going to maintain to assist him to resolve the double murder. But Leaphorn’s enjoyment indicates that the FBI has by no means proven a hobby in  Native American life and that they might not begin now.

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