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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 12: Everything you need to know about, Renewed or Canceled, Cast, Plot, and Released Date.

Expect the Season 8 opening to pick up right where we left off, revealing the fates of our characters. Expect more interpersonal drama, too, balanced with bigger questions like Will Jo, Dylan, and Will survive? And who is the corrupt cop? If you’ve been following these for weeks, you might be curious to see when the next episode premieres. Don’t be surprised anymore!

Here’s everything you need to know about Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 12, including the release date, time, and where to watch.

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 12 Release Date

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 12 will be released on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. while catching up. Episode 12 is also expected to be approximately 44 minutes long, consistent with the time frame for the rest of the series.

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 12 Plot 

The trailer for Season 8, Episode 12, “We All Know What They Say About Assumptions,” was released on Thursday, January 12, 2023, the day after episode 11, entitled “It Is What It Is Until It”. The 13-second clip, We All Know What They Say About Assumptions will be about human versus machine, in which tech guru and hospital executive Jack Dayton plans to use AI around the world. Hospital. dr Dean Archer, a veteran trauma surgeon, is so against it that he refuses to use OR 2.0 technology during surgery. The climax of the trailer comes when an irate Dayton Archer announces, “You’re fired!

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 11 Recap

In Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 11, Hannah and Archer run into trouble with a new AI program designed to identify opioid users when their pain patient is flagged as a potential user. Meanwhile, Charles and Justin work together to help Justin’s gym buddy, who is having memory problems after a terrible fall. Maggie and Will help a boy who has been shot and realize he is a robbery suspect and do whatever they can to help him. Archer visits his son Sean in prison and Sean reveals he’s getting out! Archer is stunned when Sean tells him he’s out tomorrow on good behavior. Sean has no set plan as to what he’s going to do when he gets out, but Archer is excited nonetheless. Justin teaches Hannah to climb a rock. wall but can’t. As Justin helps her down, they hear someone ring the doorbell, indicating they’ve reached the top of the cliff. It’s someone Justin knows named Omar. He doesn’t latch, however, and bows his head while constantly ringing the bell. Justin senses something is wrong, so he rushes to grab the rope to help  Omar down, but he’s not fast enough. Omar falls over and lands squarely on his feet with a sickening crunch. Justin and Hannah rush to her aid.

Crockett catches a glimpse of Omar once inside Med and can almost immediately smell the alcohol on his breath. Justin believes that only under the influence of alcohol would Omar make the rookie mistake of not attending. Crockett informs Justin through Omar that he has nothing visible, but Justin said his blood alcohol level was only about 2 beers, so there was no way he was drunk. They are called to speak to Omar, who is really confused about what happened. Justin reminds him that he fell at the gym, but Omar doesn’t seem to remember. A few seconds later, Omar forgets what he’s already said and tells Crockett to pull Justin aside. Crockett wonders if he’s in some sort of memory loop, but Justin says that Omar didn’t hit his head when he fell, but he did. Again and again, he mentions that he rings the bell. Hannah receives a message to help a woman with endometriosis named Jodie Dunner who is in great pain. She wasn’t officially diagnosed, but her sister was. Your pain occurs in your back, as opposed to your pelvis, where endometriosis pain typically occurs. Hannah still wants tests and Jodie asks for something for the pain. Hannah only gives her Tylenol, she doesn’t want to give herself anything stronger right now.

Will examines a patient named Aaron who has severe abdominal pain. The x-ray shows there is a bullet and they see there is a gunshot wound in his back that is a few days old. Aaron remains silent and doesn’t reveal anything when Maggie and Will ask him what happened. Will tells Aaron he doesn’t need surgery and Aaron is excited because he thinks he can walk. However, Will warns him that it’s not that simple, plus they’re required by law to report gunshots. Wounds. Maggie assures him that she can tell him, but Aaron isn’t ready to reveal what happened just yet. Hannah talks to Archer about a new AI program that assesses a patient’s risk of opioid abuse to determine if patients are prone to faking illnesses in order to receive opioids. She passed Jodie’s name on and she was a red rag and apparently, she got a lot of opiates from previous patients. She tells Archer that if Jodie really does have endometriosis,  she won’t be able to get her meds, but Archer can overwrite it.

Hannah says it takes one to meet one and she doesn’t think Jodie is a user. Will and Maggie talk to the officers who questioned Aaron about his gunshot wound. They discover that there is an investigation into a robbery and manslaughter. , and Aaron agrees with your (very general) description of the perpetrator. They plan to keep an eye on him until the lead investigator arrives. Both Maggie and Will don’t believe Aaron is responsible because he seemed genuine in wanting Maggie’s help. Charles and Justin are talking to Omar, who can’t remember what he and Charles were talking about just a moment ago. Omar is irritated because he can’t remember what happened, but Charles calms him down. Charles also realizes that he disassembled his sandwich but didn’t eat it. Charles asks Justin for more information about Omar and Justin says that he is very good at rock climbing. Charles wonders if Omar had a nervous breakdown from trying too hard, but wants to run more tests. be sure. Archer examines Jodie and doesn’t think it’s endometriosis, but he wants to perform surgery to examine her abdomen and find out what’s causing her pain. Once he leaves the room, he and Hannah consult that she appeared to be drugged during the exam. Hannah wonders if her toxicology report was a false negative. Archer thinks  Jodie plans to escape before more people get involved, but Hannah wants to believe Jodie. Justin and Charles look at Omar’s MRI and see a brain injury and bleeding. You need to get him operated on as soon as possible to help him. Cuevas informs Archer and Hannah and says that Jodie seemed able to agree. and as if he understood what was going on. Hannah is upset that she is almost let go because the AI ​​program tagged Jodie. Cuevas assures her that the opiates are a problem, but at least they were able to keep Jodie from falling through the cracks. Maggie, Will, and Crockett consult Goodwin, who says  Med only needs surgery if Aaron’s life is in danger. Will says it doesn’t look good, but Goodwin wonders if there’s a way to operate without taking the bullet out. Because if there’s no bullet, the detectives can’t have it. Crockett thinks there might be a way to bypass the bullet in surgery so it doesn’t have to come out. Hannah and Peter argue about whether or not the Opioid AI Bullet is useful. Hannah reveals that Jodie’s bookmarked recipes were actually for her cat, so there are many issues with the data the AI ​​is using.

Goodwin tells Peter that he asked how  AI works and where they get their data from, but the company didn’t tell him. She doesn’t trust the AI ​​if she can’t even explain how her program works, so she will ask for it to be removed. Peter warns him that he is at odds with Jack Dayton, which Goodwin accepts. Crockett is working with Aaron on  OR 2. 0, and they can stop the bleeding while the bullet stays in. Charles and Justin talk to Omar, who promises it won’t happen again. She wants to go back to physical therapy and yoga, but Justin wants her to take time to heal. Archer congratulates Hannah on fighting  OpioHealth, the AI ​​program, but Hannah says the program is still everywhere. She even ran her name through the show and was immediately flagged in red. She tells Archer how bad it is that no matter how long she’s been sober, this program has marked her as a user forever. Archer comes in to talk to Charles and the next day they talk about Sean’s parole over scotch. Archer wants his son to have a fair chance and worries that Sean will be defined as a convict for life, just as Hannah was defined as a user of the AI ​​program. Will finds Maggie and tells her that P. arrested a prime suspect in a robbery-homicide, so Aaron is off the radar. Will notices Maggie’s behavior and Maggie reveals that she and Ben are broken up at this point, she has no idea which path they are going to take. Archer greets Sean when he’s released from prison, and Sean says he wants to do things right this time. Sean asks for his father’s help and Archer hugs him and promises they will do it against the world. 

Chicago Med Season 8 Episodes Guideline

Chicago Med Season 8 is scheduled for 20 episodes, with one episode per week. With that in mind, we have 8 more episodes after this one.

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