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Blackout (2022) Ending Explained: What happens in Blackout?

Blackout is an action thriller film which is directed and produced by Sam Macaroni. Josh Duhamel stars as John Cain (“Jupiter Legacy”), a man suffering from memory loss. Cain wakes up in the hospital with no memory of his past. 

Cain soon finds himself in a fight for survival as the leader of a dangerous cartel and DEA agents target him. Cain discovers something that may be the cause of their conflict. Viewers are very curious about Cain’s past and their whereabouts. That’s all you need to know about completing Blackout.

What happens in Blackout?

‘Blackout’ begins with Ethan McCoy and Nick Nolte (DEA team leader) searching for John Cain in a burned-down house. John Cain wakes up in a Mexican hospital. Cain has no memory of his past. Cain struggles to remember his identity and meets Anna Cornish (Abbie Cornish), who claims to be his wife. Eddie, a known cartel leader, claims  Cain is his friend. Eddie and Anna try to retrieve Cain’s memories, but Cain is unsure if they can be trusted. Soon, Cain is attacked and taken hostage by some thugs posing as hospital staff. He soon realizes that the hospital has been closed. Low. 

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With the help of Eddie and Anna, Cain decides to escape the hospital. Eddie threatens Dr.Garza to take care of Cain to regain his memories. However, Cain is injured in a fight in an elevator and encounters Dr. Garza. dr Garza informs Cain that Eddie and his cartel want a case that Cain stole. To find the location of the fall, they attempted to use memory drugs on Cain. dr Garza erased Cain’s memories to render him useless to the cartel and saved his life. Anna Cain later reveals that the CIA  recruited him to steal the case. 

This case contains highly sensitive information. On the other hand, McCoy leads Cain to believe that he is a DEA agent. Unsure of his reliability, Cain must use his wits to survive the dangerous pursuit of the case. Hints from her past about the location of the fall and her relationship with McCoy, Eddie, and Anna. It’s unclear if Cain will regain his memories and track down the case of the rest.

Can Cain Regain His Memory After The End?

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Cain’s amnesia is key to the film’s imagination. Cain, a man with a mysterious past, remembers almost nothing of his life. Cain can only remember the basic elements of human life, not his identity. Cain wants to know answers about his past. Cain learns of his mortal danger and the connection to the basket fall. He realizes he can’t trust anyone. McCoy, Anna, Eddie, and Anna give parts of their past to Cain to help them find the missing briefcase. As the story progresses, Cain’s search for his past is intertwined with his search for the case. It is clear that the case could provide information about Cain’s identity.

Cain decides to save the case and end the incontinence of not being able to access his memories. Cain fights the cartel in a dramatic ending to his quest. Cain battles Eddie, and despite glimpses of his past friendship with Eddie, he realizes he can’t be trusted. Cain kills Eddie, but it doesn’t affect his memory. Anna comes at just the right time to save Cain during the climax. Anna’s help awakens a memory of Cain’s past and Cain realizes they have a special bond. Cain is convinced that Anna can be trusted. Regards. Cain’s memories were removed to save his life. It is possible that Cain knew important the information. Cain’s memories are not restored. Cain can only remember the essence of his relationship with Anna. However, you can remember a small part of Anna’s story. It makes Cain feel safe and gives him the strength to fight for his life.

Is Cain The One Who Finds The Case? What’s Inside It?

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During the film’s final scene, Cain worries about Eddie and his men. Anna manages to locate the case. Dr. Garza hid the case in the hospital. It saves Cain’s life. The doctor also knew that if Cain defeated Eddie and the cartels, he would rid his hospital of their criminal activities. That’s why he had carefully hidden the briefcase. Anna could only find the briefcase by following the clues provided by Dr. Garza carefully studied. The contents of the briefcase remain a mystery to Anna until the end. McCoy’s team hunts down Cain and Anna after defeating the cartel. McCoy arrives in a car with the couple and asked the case returned. However, Cain demands to see the contents of the suitcase before handing it over. 

McCoy says the briefcase contains all the addresses and names of the world’s largest brokers. The briefcase also includes the puppeteer’s details, suggesting these names belong to an Illuminati-type group. McCoy decides to kill Cain because his inside information is too important for one person to keep. Anna saved Cain and kills McCoy’s men. In the end, Cain and Anna keep the suitcase but don’t open the contents. They discover that McCoy wanted to sell the contents of the suitcase on the black market to make some money. The pair foil McCoy’s plan. 

Cain rescues McCoy, likely due to their history together, which Cain only briefly remembers. The case contains confidential information that could cause danger around the world. Therefore, the purpose of fighting the case is to restore balance in society. Each of the three main characters has their own take on this idea of ​​balance. Cain wins the case and decides to keep it secret to avoid further conflict.

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