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Black Adam 2: Release Date Cast and Will there be a Black Adam Sequel?

Black Adam 2: Everything you need to know about, Renewed or Canceled, Cast, Plot, and Release Date.

Black Adam 2 is yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros and DC, but Dwayne Johnson has big plans ahead.  If the credit scene didn’t make it clear enough, Johnson has called Black Adam the start of a “new era in the DC Universe” which, barring the film not flopping at the box office, will surely see the return of Black Adam. “I’ve been listening for many years and I always wanted to speak to the fans. Because I was waiting for someone to come up and talk to the fans and say, ‘Hello, who owns,'” he told CinemaBlend. “So, after many months of hard work, that turned into many years, we finally ended up with what we ended up with.

And the whole aim and purpose now is this new era, a new time. Now we build. While Black Adam is a standalone origin story for both the main character and the Justice Society, there are clues as to where this new era of the DC Universe is headed, even with this major DC comeback. So while we wait for the official news, here’s everything you need to know about Black Adam 2. (Warning, major  Black Adam spoilers to come.

Is Black Adam 2 on the table?

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Ah yes, the million-dollar question, or more specifically the $200 million question. That’s the cost of producing this blockbuster, which is quite a  change even by Hollywood standards. Additionally, a commonly cited rule of thumb is that a film must recoup two-and-a-half times its production budget to account for advertising costs and cinema chain cuts. So Black Adam must be a  box office hit with a global rush. $,450 million to guarantee a sequel of similar epic scope. Fans should keep an eye on the numbers over the next few weeks for a clear indication of what the future holds for Dwayne Johnson’s fledgling superhero franchise.

For what it’s worth,  The Rock’s crew doesn’t lack enthusiasm, as Hiram Garcia, production president of his company Seven Bucks, clarified in an interview with Collider earlier this year. Plans and visions for a story we would like to do with this character, as well as planning how we will use the other characters in this universe,” he said.

Black Adam 2 Release Date

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As mentioned above, Black Adam 2 is yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros and DC, so there is no official release date yet. Even if it had been confirmed, it would be unlikely that we would have seen it in 2023, as four films are already planned: Shazam! We’re looking at 2024 at the earliest, and most likely 2025, unless the movie starts filming next year. Keep an eye on this space and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything concrete.

Black Adam 2 Cast

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Since Black Adam 2 has not yet been confirmed, there are no official casting announcements, but Dwayne Johnson will return as Black Adam. Aside from Johnson, however, no guarantee else will return in the sequel, which may not even star the Justice Society: Aldis Hodges Hawkman, Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher, and Quintessa Swindell’s Cyclone. 

When the Justice Society returns, they will likely lose a member, as Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate sacrificed himself to prevent the’s Hawkman from going to his death. Since Black Adam is now the protector of Kahndaq, Sarah Shahi should return as Adrianna (who becomes Isis in the comics) and Bodhi Sabongui should also return as Adrianna’s son Amon. Expect to see Henry Cavill’s Superman again, along with a slew of DC crossover cameos including Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller and Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt.

Black Adam 2 Plot

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With  Black Adam 2 currently confirmed, we can only guess what the plot would involve, but we’d be willing to bet that any storyline for an action movie sequel would involve Henry Cavill’s Superman in some way. At the end of Black Adam, we saw the main character confront the Man of Steel, and it looked like the two would clash just before the credits rolled. Many fans will want to see these two superheroes go head-to-head. on, and Dwayne Johnson has strongly indicated that fans will be heard. Also at the end of the first film, we leave Adam at a sort of crossroads in his journey. It’s clear he learned from the Justice Society and people like

Adrianna and Amon, and it looks like he might be a little more pragmatic with the villains from now on. Could we see Black Adam take more steps to become a real hero? Well, probably not quite. We know how much Black Adam loves tearing people in half and electrocuting baddies until you can see his skeleton, and Dwayne Johnson prides himself on being the worst antihero in town, so it’s unlikely that we will ever see him. In, Adam will completely leave his ultra-violent roots behind in a short time.

Black Adam Recap

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We’re about to start with spoilers for Black Adam, so look away now if you haven’t seen the film yet. last warning. After Black Adam and the Justice Society defeat Ishmael (or so they think), Black Adam agrees to say “Shazam” and promises never to say it again. In this version of the story, he was given the powers of his son, the true champion, and once his son transferred the powers, he was killed. In revenge, Black Adam killed those responsible and was imprisoned. Wracked with guilt, Black Adam turns himself into the Justice Society and is voluntarily imprisoned in a secret Task Force X base commanded by Emilia Harcourt. The day is saved, there’s nothing else to do. Unfortunately, Ishmael wanted to kill him so he could finally transform into Sabbac, Black Adam’s evil opposite. The Justice Society fails to prevent Sabbac from taking the throne in Kahndaq, and Doctor Fate is killed by Sabbac. But before he died, Doctor Fate approached the imprisoned Black Adam and convinced him to break free and prove himself a hero.

 He does so and goes to Kahndaq where he kills Sabbac with the help of the Justice Society. The Justice Society allowed Black Adam to remain in Kahndaq, and he chooses to destroy the throne by becoming Kahndaq’s “protector” rather than its ruler.  On the credit scene, Amanda Waller warns Black Adam not to leave Kahndaq or anything else. that no one can stop him leads Superman to talk to Black Adam. This scene is the biggest allure of the future, but if you think it’s going to conjure up a fight between Black Adam and Superman in the sequel, it might not be a fight. No, it’s about so much more. then that,” producer Hiram Garcia told CinemaBlend. “We want to create a story that shows how these two characters exist in the same universe and will often interact with each other, either on the same or opposite side. “Hopefully they’ll face each other at some point, but it’s not just a one-time thing. It was never on our minds. 

That doesn’t reward the fans. Fans want a story between these guys, knowing that these guys exist in the same universe. Of course, it’s not just Superman that Black Adam will cross paths with. in the DC Universe. We assume that at some point he will encounter Shazam and maybe even the other members of the Justice League. Will this happen in the sequel? No one knows right now, but after a series of largely standalone films, Black Adam certainly sets the stage for a more connected universe in the future.

Black Adam 2 Trailer

Not surprisingly, as mentioned, Black Adam 2 has yet to be confirmed let alone start filming. 

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