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1923 Trailer Breakdown & Episode Guide | Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren

1923 Trailer Breakdown 

A variety of wars is brewing. The first full trailer for 1923 shows a dangerous start to the 20th century and the Duttons struggling to rule it. Just when we thought 1883 would be impossible to top, Paramount+ releases the 1923 trailer. This next chapter in Yellowstone’s Dutton Origin Story series brings to life the struggles of the #1 TV family at the beginning of the 20th century, all of them Ford circle around Helen Mirren and Harrison as our leads. How about a benefit?

And the trailer doesn’t stop either. Much more so than the original trailer, the 1923 full trailer gives us a solid idea of ​​the plot, the overall setting, and how a plethora of new characters (both heroes and villains) pour into each. That’s exactly what you’ll find in our full 1923 trailer breakdown below. Get to work!

The Duttons of ‘1923’

Image Credit: Paramount+

We also hear Helen Mirren for the first time as Cara Dutton in the 1923 trailer. Cara is Scottish and has the same ancestry as the Duttons (as we learned in the preview). How she met American settler Jacob Dutton (Ford) is unclear, but what is clear is that these two are a perfect match,  each of them badass. like Creighton trying to bring him down with a six-hitter.

But Jacob has support in the form of his family. For the most part, John Dutton I is his right-hand man as he is always by his uncle’s side. James Badge Dale will play John Dutton I in 1923. This is the same John Dutton we met in 1883 through the lovable 5-year-old actor Audie Rick. Now Dale John Sr. will play at its best. As the Dutton family tree works, John Sr. of Dale is the great-grandfather of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton III. Right next to it is  Jack Dutton, son of John I, played by Darren Mann, who features prominently in the 1923 trailer. This is no doubt due to his future role as Yellowstone heir.

1923 Plot

Image Credit: Paramount+

We learn early on that  Donald Whitfield, Timothy Dalton’s villain, is at stake for the country. “I want the whole valley,” he frowns menacingly. While this may look like a copy of Yellowstone. According to the plot, this is entirely intentional. 1923 will show how long the Duttons fought to keep the land they originally settled on in this prequel in 1883. the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

And who does he enlist as his henchman other than Game of Thrones veteran Jerome Flynn as Banner Creighton, a “strong-willed Scotsman, and leader of the local shepherds,” as Paramount+ puts it? Somehow bought into the villain Dalton’s grin, Flynn’s Creighton becomes the Dutton’s low-to-the-ground opponent. This gives the series an almost Hatfields & McCoys feel as it erupts in an all-out “widespread war” over the Duttons’ land.

Early 20th Century America & Beyond

Image Credit: Paramount+

Spencer, Juan I’s younger brother, will also play a key role in 1923. As a veteran, Spencer witnessed the atrocities of World War I; something we will witness in suspenseful flashbacks. We only met Spencer Dutton as a kid (and very briefly) in Yellowstone’s flashbacks. But 1923 aims to change that, as Brandon Sklenar from The Offer and Westworld has joined the cast as an adult version of the character. In the trailer, Spencer is also a world-renowned hunter, and we’re ready to see his African exploits in detail.

How it affects the larger legacy of  Dutton Ranch, however, is unknown. Speaking of ranches, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Homestead can be seen in its early form in the 1923 trailer. A fantastic shot of the family at the legendary Porche Ranch completes the trailer. Before that, we see that the series’ mastermind, Taylor Sheridan, will also incorporate the story of the American Indians in 1923,  as he has done in all of his Yellowstone properties. By 1923, the forced assimilation of indigenous peoples by Christian schools is another environment we will visit. And we’re going to do it with a Rainwater ancestor at the center, a young woman we’re sure to learn more from.

1923 Trailer

If you know what we’re up to, take another look at the trailer below, and be sure to subscribe to Paramount+ to catch the full first season of 1923 when it releases on December 18th.

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